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									    The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
                               is seeking highly qualified candidates for the position of

                                            Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                                                                                FINANCE OF

                                                                                                                                                            ASSISTANT FINAN

                                                                                                                                                                FINANCE MA

About HACLA                                                                    sight and responsibilities may be expanded to also include Information
                                                                               Technology. Serving as an advisor and liaison for fiscal matters for the
The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) is a state-           Board of Commissioners and Authority management, this at-will posi-
chartered public agency. It provides the largest stock of affordable           tion serves at the pleasure of the Authority. This position reports directly
housing in Los Angeles and is one of the nation’s leading public hous-         to the COO and will be a key contributor to the executive management
ing authorities. It is also one of the oldest, providing quality housing op-   team.
tions and supportive services to the citizens of Los Angeles since 1938.
With an annual budget is $850 million, its funds come from five main           Responsibilities of the CFO include:                      Revised 11-20-09

sources: HUD’s annual operating subsidy, HUD’s annual Capital Fund,                  • Planning, organizing, coordinating and directing through sub-
Section 8 administrative fees, rent from public housing residents, plus                ordinate division heads all finance functions and related sup-
other program and capital grants from various sources. HACLA con-                      port services;
tinues to explore alternative funding sources and has built numerous
key partnerships with City and State agencies, nonprofit foundations,                • Advising the Authority on long- and short-range financial plan-
community-based organizations and private developers.                                  ning; managing Authority resources to include investments,
                                                                                       grants, and asset management;
HACLA owns and operates a citywide portfolio of approximately 9,300
units and administers monthly housing assistance payments for more                   • Developing and directing the implementation of goals, objec-
than 100,000 family members throughout Los Angeles. HACLA pro-                         tives, policies, procedures, and work standards for the Fi-
vides more than just a place to live – it offers a range of programs spe-              nance Department;
cifically for low income, homeless, disabled, children and seniors such
as self-sufficiency and homeownership programs, among many others.                   • Directing preparation of the Authority’s budget and Compre-
                                                                                       hensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR); developing long-
The Housing Authority is governed by a seven-member Board of Com-                      term financial plans and forecasts; coordinating the diverse
missioners that is responsible for policy, fiscal management, and ap-                  financial and budget reporting activities relating to Section 8,
pointing the President and Chief Executive Officer. Five Commission-                   grants, assets, and other entities as appropriate;
ers serve four-year terms, while the other two Commissioners serve
two-years terms and must be residents of the Authority’s housing                     • Directing the maintenance and monitoring of the Authority’s
projects. The President and CEO of the organization is Rudolf Montiel.                 cash flow projections, the posting of daily receipts and expen-
Ken Simmons, Chief Operating Officer (COO), oversees the day-to-day                    ditures, and the directing of deposits from federal, state, and
operations of the Authority. Total staffing of the organization is approxi-            other sources to obtain total monies available for investment
mately 1,000.                                                                          purposes;

                                                                                     • Developing and maintaining an integrated accounting system
The Position                                                                           based on the law, HUD rules and regulations, and other ap-
                                                                                       propriate standards; directing and participating in the review of
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees HACLA’s Finance, General                    all financial transactions; controlling the expenditure of appro-
Services and Internal Audit Departments. Currently, staff oversight is                 priate funds; enforcing compliance with standard accounting
approximately 50. Based on the skill set of the incoming CFO, over-                    systems and fiscal procedures;
                                      w w w . H A C L A . o r g

      • Arranging for and coordinating regularly scheduled outside             ity within public or private agencies, which includes responsibility for,
        audits; coordinating the review of the audit findings by Au-           and participation in, the full range of financial management activities
        thority auditors and outside audit agencies for compliance;            including budget preparation, execution and control. Four (4) years of
        analyzing revenue-generating and cost-reducing proposals               this experience must have included responsibility for supervising Con-
        for capital and operating programs and preparing revenue               troller and/or Finance Director/Manager and professional accountants.
        projections; conducting management research and related
        studies as required; preparing and directing the preparation           Education – Graduation from an accredited university with a Master’s
        of periodic and special reports; making presentations to the           degree in Business Administration or a closely related field is strongly
        Board of Commissioners on the Authority’s financial status             preferred.
        and related matters;                                                   Certification – Possession of a certificate as a Certified Public Accoun-
      • Maintaining a comprehensive debt management system; en-                tant (CPA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is preferred.
        hancing the Authority’s debt rating; acting as internal financial      Ralph Andersen & Associates in combination with the leadership of
        advisor for all short- and long-term financing needs;                  HACLA reserves the right to determine the best combination of experi-
      • Administering the Authority’s investment operation to maxi-            ence, education and overall career history that will serve the needs of
        mize high investment return; reviewing the Authority’s invest-         the organization.
        ment policy and making recommendations; maintaining ad-
        equate cash flow to meet all budgetary and financial needs;            Compensation and Benefits
        overseeing the deferred compensation and retirement pro-
        grams, including investment options and enrollments; moni-             The annual salary range for this position is $150,000 - $180,000 plus
        toring developments related to investment trends;                      an excellent benefits package, including 2.7% @ 55 PERS retirement,
                                                                               with an 8% new employee contribution. HACLA does not participate in
      • Supervising the organizational unit that performs billing and          social security except for the mandated Medicare portion.
        collection for the Authority;
                                                                               HACLA offers HMO/PPO insurance, dental insurance, life insurance,
      • Directing the Authority’s procurement and liability claims ac-         long-term/short-term disability insurance, and deferred compensation
        tivities; and                                                          programs. The additional benefits are as follows:
      • Establishing and maintaining effective working relations with                • $900 monthly allowance (or cash out if other coverage)
        rating agencies, the investment community, funding agencies,
        HUD, private non-profit agencies, vendors, landlords and ten-                • 176.4 hours of general leave accrued annually at 6.80 hours
        ants, Authority staff, and the public.                                         per pay period

                                                                                     • 100 hours annually of Professional Time Off (or cash out)
The Ideal Candidate
                                                                                     • 14 paid holidays
The ideal candidate will be an exceptional professional with strong fi-
nancial management and communication skills comfortable in leading                   • 12 floating holiday hours (must be used within the calendar
and mentoring staff in a dynamic and robust environment. This CFO                      year)
position will require the ideal candidate to have a unique combination         The Housing Authority offers three local travel options to and from work
of interpersonal skills, people skills, technical ability and fiscal acumen    for executive level staff (car allowance, vehicle provided or Ride Share
that not only recognizes and strives for improved systems, procedures          Program).
and best practices but eagerly seeks to contribute to entrepreneurial
and strategic direction for a public sector organization that is constantly
evolving and always addressing a challenging and heavily monitored             To Be Considered
regulatory environment. Being a key member of the executive leader-
                                                                               Candidates are invited to submit a letter of interest and their resume
ship team, this highly skilled individual will be results-driven and orient-
                                                                               detailing education completed, positions held, current salary, profes-
ed toward achieving both fiscal and operational milestones to support
                                                                               sional qualifications and accomplishments to Ralph Andersen & Asso-
this organization in current and future endeavors.
                                                                               ciates via email at Electronic submittals
                                                                               are required. Confidential inquiries welcomed to Heather Renschler,
Experience and Education                                                       (916) 630-4900. Apply immediately. This position will be considered
                                                                               open until filled. Review of submittals will be done upon receipt. Ideally,
Experience – The successful candidate will have significant fiscal ex-         the new CFO will begin work in January/February 2010 or sooner.
perience in an executive, senior manager or advisor/consultant capac-

                                 The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles is an equal opportunity employer.

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