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Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 What is Virtual PC ? Microsoft’s virtual PC 2007 is a free, downloadable application that is optimized especially for Windows Vista. It enables you to create separate virtual machines on your windows desktop, each running its own operating system while using the hardware of your physical PC. With Virtual PC 2007, you can install and run any number of licensed operating systems in virtual machines on a single computer and switch between them with a click of the mouse. Applications can be installed and run in a virtual machine as if they were running on the physical PC. Because of this, it’s possible to run your legacy and custom applications while still enjoying the substantial benefits of deploying Windows Vista across your organization.

Why use Virtual PC ? 0:49 Suppose your vital legacy or custom applications aren’t currently compatible with Windows Vista. With Virtual PC 2007, you can run your legacy applications on previous licensed versions of Windows in virtual machines until they are made compatible… while still enjoying the benefits of migrating to Windows Vista. You can even pre-test your OS migration plans using virtual machines instead of actual physical computers. The ability to create multiple configurations on a single PC offers significant benefits in other enterprise scenarios as well. For example, in Help Desk applications, Virtual PC 2007 enables a worker to set up numerous user-specific configurations on a single computer and rapidly switch among them, reducing call times and operating costs. Virtual PC 2007 also enables you to configure and test new software in a simulated environment before actually deploying it throughout your company. And in training situations, Virtual PC 2007 enables you to train employees on multiple operating systems and virtual networks instead of purchasing and supporting additional computers. Virtual PC in action 2:03 Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 offers a simple process for setting up and running your legacy applications. The Virtual Machine Wizard guides you through the process one step at a time. Once you’ve created and launched Virtual PC on a host machine, you simply install the Windows versions of your choice and then install the desired applications as you would normally. Virtual PC 2007 offers a high level of integration between the host and guest operating systems, including dragand-drop copying, integrated mouse, time synchronization and folder sharing. It also supports a number of networking options, controlling the virtual PCs’ access to the host’s network connections. Virtual PC 2007 supports enhanced virtual disk features that can be used in a number of powerful and flexible ways by the guest PCs and it fully supports both Intel and AMD Hardware Virrtualization technology. Click the Download now button to put Virtual PC 2007 to work for your organization or click Find out more to explore white papers, case studies and technical discussions at the Virtual PC website.

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