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Virtual EMS Handbook v1.0

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Virtual EMS Handbook

Using Virtual EMS Room Requests in Virtual EMS
Room Request
Room request can now be made online using our Virtual Events Management System (EMS). Room request functionality is used to submit a space request that can be reviewed and processed by the reservationist. The request can include resources and services needed for the event as well as notes pertaining to the event. This guide was created as a supplement to the usage instructions contained in the Virtual EMS website. To submit a request using the Room Request form, go to and follow the instructions for logging in. Once logged in, click Reservations – Room Request. For a single-day event, enter the date or select it by clicking the calendar icon next to the Date field. For a multi-date event, select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Random. If you click Random, the system displays calendars on which you click the dates of your event. To deselect a date, click it again. To see more months, click the Next button. If you click Daily, Weekly or Monthly, enter Recurrence Pattern and Range of Recurrence information. After selecting your date or dates, enter the Start Time and End Time for your event.

Entering basic information in the Room Request form

Attendance is required in order to make a request and as a criteria in searching for available space. Enter a number in the Attendance field. The figure you supply is applied to the reservations that are created from this request as their Setup Count. Select a Setup Type from the drop-down box that most closely matches your desired setup. You may use the Features box to select additional features that may be needed for your event. Click Search if you want to see information on room availability. If any of your requested dates is a holiday, an Information icon is displayed next to the link; click it to review information on the holidays. To request a room that is shown as available, click its Request, shopping cart). , entry in the left column (the icon that looks like a


Virtual EMS Handbook

The next screen displays a summary of the bookings requested. The main options are Start Process Again, Request More Rooms/Spaces, and Continue. Start Process Again deletes all previous request information and returns you to the Room Request form. If you are satisfied with the current request, click Continue.

Enter an Event Name and select an Event Type for the event that most appropriately matches your event. The Organization Name will be preset for your. Please select the first Contact Name from the drop-down box. Contact phone and email address should automatically fill in. Fax number is optional.

Entering basic reservation information in Room Request form

An IDT number is required for each event; please enter your IDT Account # into the appropriate space provided in the Payment Details section.

The Internal Notes field may be used to ask questions or make comments regarding your event; these notes are only viewable by the Reservationist and are not publicly displayed. 3

Virtual EMS Handbook

After making all entries for your event, click Submit. The system then takes you to the Reservation Details window where you can review the information that has been submitted and print, cancel, or add other services as appropriate. Please note, at this time your event has only been Requested (as indicated by the Status associated with each booking). You may return to this page at anytime to review the status of your event by using the View My Requests link at the top of the page.

Requesting Services
To add services or notes to a booking, go to the Reservation Summary for the event, under View My Requests. Find the booking, and click the Add Services “plus sign” icon.

Icons for viewing and adding services

At the Add Services page, click the category of notes or resources that you want to add. For notes, simply enter your text and click Add Note. At the Select Additional Bookings page, click the Include box beside the bookings to which the note should be applied (or click Check All if appropriate) and then click Save. Back at the Reservation Summary page you see that there is now a View Services, option for the bookings to which you applied the note. Click that option to review your entry or to add another note to the booking.

Selecting a resource item

For other categories, click the category name and enter service information (time, etc.) if required. Use the plus icon, , to expand groupings and select individual items from the list as necessary. To select an item, click it, indicate a quantity, enter notes if appropriate and click Add to Cart. Repeat the process for all the items you need and then click Checkout.


Virtual EMS Handbook

My Account
There are two options under the My Account heading: Log Out, Edit My Account. Log Out To log out of Virtual EMS, click the Log Out option. You are then viewing Virtual EMS as a visitor rather than a user. Edit My Account Clicking the Edit My Account link displays the Account Management window, where you can change the information entered when your account was created. (See Accessing Virtual EMS as a Visitor – My Account – Create An Account above.) Click Save to save any changes you’ve made to your account.


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