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					Virtual Earth Demo Script 1. Enter: or 2. Start with the Map Style set at Road map (top nav) and enter in the Where box an address such as 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA. 3. Click on “Local Search” or “Enter” on your keyboard. 4. Once the map appears centered over Microsoft campus you will see the address pop up in a box on the top left called “scratchpad” 5. With this view I talk to the fact that the map consumes the whole screen and seems to bleed off the edge of the screen even under the transparent top nav

6. Demonstrate navigational features: Hold down the left mouse key and drag the map around…Do the same thing by holding down the left mouse key inside the compass rose in the top left of the screen 7. Then change the map style in the top nav to “Aerial” with “no labels” and then with “labels” and talk to the advantages of being able to navigate around the geographical view with aerial photos with street/road labels plus points of interest on top of the

view. 8. Then enter pizza in the “what” box and press the green “Local Search” button…you may have to zoom out to see any pizza places around campus. You may have to move the map to center over Redmond Town Center.

9. Enter “hotels” in the “what” box and press the green “local Search” button followed by “Recreation” in the “What” box and again select the Local Search button. 10. Now you have hotels, recreational facilities and pizza locations displayed simultaneously on the map! The results for each search are “stacked” on the left hand side and you can see the details of each category by double clicking on the

header that expands the list of results selected and minimizes the previously

reviewed results. 11. Now, change locations: in the “where” box type in “1 Main Street, Seattle, WA” (or other) and then the green “Local Search” button. The map refreshes with the center of the map being over 1 main street in downtown Seattle. The address is added to the “scratchpad” – which is effectively tracking all addresses looked fro in this “session”. What you will also see is that instantly all of the local pizza, hotel and recreation locations are displayed also for that map view. 12. Explain that the Searches are active for the view. That we present search results only for the geographical view a person is looking at and that the search quires move with you as you move locations.

13. Then demonstrate this “refresh of search results” process by dragging the map down (south) towards the Seattle Qwest football and Seattle Safeco Field (baseball). When you have moved the map the search results are updated to the map view you are looking at. 14. Click over one of the search results – i.e. pizza locations and show that we have some “details” on that particular location and that we can do “drive to” and “drive

from” that location and we have an option to “add to scratchpad”.

15. Click on “add to scratchpad” to demonstrate that we can capture a set of search results which can be e-mailed, copied or blogged to your MSN Spaces. Scratchpad obviously becomes a very effective collaboration tool in sharing travel itineraries, planning trips, sharing location information and so on. 16. Click on “Permalink” in the top nav which presents a very long url which can be emailed, etc. This url is essentially a screen capture of the geographical view, all the searches that open and the scratch pad. This basically “live” view can then be shared, saved or sent.

17. Also click on “community” in the top nav to show that we are very interested in community feedback. 18. Lastly, spend quite a bit of time on “locate me” which is a client app called Microsoft Location Finder that needs to be downloaded to your machine before the demo. Once this is downloaded when you select locate me it will sniff out the wifi locations around you and correlate your location to a database of geo-referenced wifi locations and center your map view over the nearest wifi location associated with the database. This is an awesome tool that have received high praise and has immediate value to the user if they are a) lost, b) traveling, c) road warrior, etc…

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