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									Departmental Induction
    Introduction

    Departmental Information



          Structure & Objectives

    Terms & Conditions of Employment

          SDPR System

          Absence Reporting Procedures

          Annual Leave Entitlement and Procedures

          Public Holidays

          Special Leave

          Medical Appointments

          Hours of Work

          Probationary Period (if applicable)

    Health & Safety Information

          Fire Procedures

          First Aid/Emergency Procedures

          Departmental Health & Safety

          Smoking Policy

    General Information





OD/Departmental Induction Checklist                 2

As you may be aware the HR Department offers a core induction session to all new
members of staff. This session provides general information about the University that is
applicable to all staff. In addition to the core induction session, the Academic Practice
Unit provides information specifically for new members of academic staff. However, new
staff members also require a ‘department specific’ induction to ensure they receive any
important information which neither HR nor APU can provide.         This pack has been
developed to assist departments in providing this departmental level induction for new
members of staff.

The pack is designed to provide guidance to Line Managers on the information that must
be given to new members of staff when they commence employment at the University.
The pack also indicates some of the information that the staff member will receive from
the HR Department. The pack can be passed on to the member of staff (or tailored to
meet their particular situation) for their reference throughout their employment at
Glasgow Caledonian University.

OD/Departmental Induction Checklist                                                     3
Departmental Information

New members of staff should receive introductions to all staff and be
given an overview of the work each section within the department is
responsible for.

Provide a tour of the department.

Explain the following aspects of the department to the new member of

                 the details of the member of staff’s role, and how it fits into the
                  departmental structure and the overall University mission.

                 the departmental objectives/business plan and its link to the overall
                  University’s objectives and mission

Terms & Conditions of Employment

Provide an introduction to the Staff Development Performance Review
system (SDPR) and explain its significance.

Explain the following departmental aspects of the new member of staff’s
terms & conditions of service:

  Absence Reporting Procedures

  Annual Leave Entitlement & Procedures

                 Explain whom the member of staff should approach to request annual leave,
                  and any departmental policy on leave. If the member of staff has any
                  questions about their entitlement they can telephone the HR Administration
                  team on extension 8890.

  Public Holidays

                 Explain   that   public    holidays   vary    for   academic/research    and
                  support/professional staff. Details of public holidays will be made available
                  via HR.

  Special Leave

                 Advise the member of staff whom they should speak to if they require any
                  special leave.

  Medical Appointments

                 Explain that as far as practicable, appointments should be made in the
                  employee’s own time. If this is not possible the employee should arrange
                  time off with his/her Head of Department.

OD/Departmental Induction Checklist                                                           4
  Hours of Work

                 The University’s hours of work and lunch-break arrangements are explained
                  in the member of staff’s contract of employment.

                 Explain the departmental policy on Tea & Coffee breaks.

                 Explain that overtime is only        applicable to certain members of
                  professional/support/manual staff.    Explain the departmental policy on

  Probationary Period

                 If appropriate, the probationary period is discussed with the member of
                  staff when they report to the HR Department on their first day.

Health & Safety Information

  University Health & Safety policy

                 Ensure the new member of staff receives a copy of the University’s Health &
                  Safety policy.

  Fire Procedures

                 Explain who the Fire Warden for the Department is and how they can be

                 Explain that Fire Drills will take place throughout the University at regular
                  intervals. In the event of a fire alarm, the member of staff should leave
                  their office and immediately vacate the building, following the directional
                  signs for his/her nearest fire exit.

                 Explain where department staff should assemble in the event of the fire
                  alarm being raised.

  Departmental Health & Safety

                 Explain any Health & Safety hazards and procedures specific
                  to the department including who the H&S Co-ordinator is and
                  how they can be contacted.

                 Explain that if an incident /accident or near miss occurs it must be reported
                  on an incident form available from the Occupational Health & Safety
                  Section. Extension 8214.

                 Explain that any electrical equipment brought into the department by the
                  member of staff must be PAT tested by the Estates department before use
                  to ensure electrical safety.

  Smoking policy

                 Explain that the University operates a non-smoking policy and that smoking
                  is not allowed within University buildings or at the entrances to the

OD/Departmental Induction Checklist                                                           5
                  buildings. Smoking shelters are provided for members of staff and students
                  to use.

General Information

Make sure the new member of staff is also aware of the following
general information:

                 Explain any departmental security arrangements.

                 Explain that any confidential information should be stored in a cupboard or
                  filing cabinet which should be locked at the end of every day both for
                  security reasons, and to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act

                 Explain that a Staff Identification card should be obtained within the first
                  week of employment. Via a signed memo from their Line Manager and
                  should be taken to Stephen McColgan in Academic Administration, 1 st floor,
                  George Moore Building, between the hours of 2pm – 3pm.

                 Energy Conservation – in order for the University to run as efficiently as
                  possible all lights and equipment should be switched off when not in use
                  and as far as possible all recyclable products or equipment should be placed
                  in the appropriate recyclable areas and explain where these areas are

                 Estates Department Help Desk Extension: 3999 – the help desk has been
                  set up as a means of communicating maintenance, repairs and queries on
                  all matters relating to the services they provide.


                 Explain the Team Briefing process and its significance and also who the
                  member of staff’s briefer is.

                 Explain when departmental meetings are held.


                 Ensure an e-mail account has been set up for the new member of staff.

                 Allocate the new member of staff a copy of the policy on the use of e-mail
                  and the Internet. Explain the importance of maintaining password security
                  and should they divulge the password to anyone else, they will be
                  accountable for the use of their account by that person.

                 Explain that the member of staff should telephone extension 8888 if they
                  experience any IT problems.

OD/Departmental Induction Checklist                                                          6

                 Salary details and payment dates are covered when the new member of
                  staff reports to the HR Department on their first day.

                 Explain the expenses procedure and how to claim expenses back.

                 Details on the relocation allowance (if applicable) are covered when the new
                  member of staff reports to the HR Department on their first day.

                 Provide Finance Procedures for purchasing items, tenders process, staff
                  development costs, invoices etc. (if appropriate).

                 Explain the procedures for travelling on University business (if appropriate).
                  Provide details of the University’s preferred travel suppliers and the process
                  for booking travel arrangements as well as information on insurance for
                  travelling whilst on business.

Line Manager Signature ………………………………….                        Date ……………………….

Member of Staff Signature         ……………………………….. Date ……………………….

OD/Departmental Induction Checklist                                                            7

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