The ROMAN EMPIRE and its Legacy by luckboy


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									History 201.001

Winter 2010

Professor Ray Van Dam

The ROMAN EMPIRE and its Legacy
This course is a survey of Roman history from the consolidation of the Roman empire in the second century B.C. to the rise of its political heirs in the Mediterranean world in the eighth century A.D. Topics to be discussed include Rome’s overseas expansion, the civil wars during the late Republic, Augustus and the Principate, the administration of a large empire, the impact of Christianity, the conversion of Constantine, heresy and the imposition of orthodoxy, barbarian kingdoms, Justinian’s reconquest, the rise of Islam, and the coronation of Charlemagne as a barbarian Roman emperor. Readings include many ancient texts in translation and a modern atlas. Classes consist of lectures by the professor and discussions led by the GSIs; an honors section is available. Final grade is based on two tests, written exercises, and participation in discussions.

Mon/Wed 12:00-1:00


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