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 (for reference only — customized to business needs)

Local Business Partner [$1,500]           Community Supporter /                       Sponsor [$5,000]
• 10’ x 10’ booth                         Product Sampler [$2,500]                    • Recognition within one festival area
• Listing on postcards                    • Recognition within one festival area      • 10’ x 10’ booth
• Listing in community eblasts            • 10’ x 10’ booth                           • Logo on any paid ads
• Listing on AKDA website                 • Listing in postcards                      • Logo on postcards
                                          • Logo in community eblasts                 • Ability to hang corporate banner at key location
                                          • Logo link on AKDA website                 • Logo in community eblasts
                                                                                      • Logo link on AKDA website

               $1,500                                  $2,500
Stage Sponsors [$7,500]
• Recognition associated with one stage
• Logo on sponsored stage signage
• Emcee recognition on sponsored stage
• 10’ x 10’ booth
• Logo on postcards
                                          Area Presenting Sponsor [$10,000]
                                          • Co-branded rights for one festival area
                                          • 10’ x 10’ booth
                                          • Logo on postcards
                                                                                      Festival Presenting Sponsor [$25,000]
• Logo in community eblasts               • Logo in festival guide maps
                                          • Logo in community eblasts                 • “Presented by” tag in marketing and publicity
• Logo link on AKDA website
                                          • Logo link on AKDA website                 • Logo on festival entrance banners at Abbot
• Logo on any paid ads
                                          • Logo on any paid ads                        Kinney/Main St. and Abbot Kinney/Venice Blvd.
                                                                                      • Emcee recognition on all four festival stages
                                                                                      • Logo on selected stage signage

                                                                                      • Two 10’ x 10’ booths (or one 10’ x 20’)
                                                                                      • Four sponsor-produced and event-approved

Sponsorships can be
                                                     $10,000                            banners displayed at key locations
                                                                                      • Logo on postcards
                                                                                      • Logo in festival guide maps
                                                                                      • Logo in community eblasts
                                                                                      • Logo link on AKDA website
paid in cash, approved                                                                • Logo on any paid ads
in-kind donations,
or a combination of
cash and approved
in-kind donations.

IN-KIND DONATIONS                                                     EXHIBITOR BOOTHS
Budget-Relieving Items Only
                                                                      Arts & Crafts Exhibitors: $450 per 10’x10’ booth space
Benefits will be awarded festivalwide for the                         Nonprofit Organizations (need proof of 501(c)(3) status): $235 per 10’x10’ booth space
equivalent of the dollar value of approved
                                                                      Community Groups / Government Agencies: $125 for one shared 10’x20’ booth space
donations, which include, but are not limited to                      located in a central festival area and accommodating up to five organizations (each receives one table)
the following:
                                                                      Food Vendors: $985 for 10’x10’ booth space. In addition, a separate cleaning deposit of $250 is
                                                                      required and will be returned within 14 days following the festival if no additional street cleaning fees
• Food and Beverages for Volunteers (225), Staff                      are imposed on the AKFA related to the food vendor’s booth space.
  (50), and Performers (100)
                                                                      NOTE: Commercial Rates Available – Inquire at (310) 396-3772 or
• Beverages-Alcoholic (beer and wine only)
• Beverages-Nonalcoholic (water, coffee, energy                       For All Categories: (1) Add $100 for a corner location; (2) A 10% late fee will be assessed if
  drinks, juices, sodas, tea)                                         payment is received after August 25, 2009; (3) The L.A. Fire Dept. fire-retardant canopies must be
                                                                      supplied through the festival, and; (4) A 10% discount is available for businesses and organizations
• Ice and Coolers
                                                                      located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard if payment is received by July 31, 2009 (does not apply to the
• Advertising                                                         required cleaning deposit for food vendors).
• Signage (production and installation)
                                                                      All exhibitors must register online at and submit any required fees. Participation
• Cultural Performances
                                                                      in previous festivals does not guarantee acceptance. All applications are subject to jury approval.
• Printing and Graphic Design
• Walkie-Talkies
• Portable Restrooms and Sinks
• Ready-to Print T-Shirts and Tote Bags                                CONTACTS                                                              ATTENDEES
• Tables and Chairs                                                    Festival Executive Producer                                           The expected 150,000 attendees
• Tents                                                                Kim Sharp • (310) 396-3772 •                        live, work and play in communities throughout
                                                                                                                                             Southern California.
                                                                       Youth & Family Courtyard Producer
                                                                       Jonathan Zeichner, Inside Out Community Arts                          They are best described as unpretentiously hip
                                                                       (310) 397-8820, ext. 110 •                  adults with disposable income who are
                                                                                                                                             environmentally conscious, are focused on health,
                                                                       Festival Marketing & Sponsorship Director                             have large social networks and/or are close to
                                                                       Melissa Richardson Banks, CauseConnect                                their families, rely heavily on the Internet, and
                                                                                                                                             freely share opinions and experiences. Attendees
                                                                       (213) 446-3467 •
   P.O. Box 1138 • Venice, CA 90294                                                                                                          tend to be pet owners, bicyclists, music aficiona-
                                                                                                                                             dos, and arts-minded.
 (310) 396-3772 •

Founded in 1984, the AKFA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes Venice throughout Southern California through an annual festival presented in celebration of community, beauty, and goodwill (Federal
Tax ID #95-4194753). Proceeds from the festival and other community activities support Venice-based organizations and efforts to improve the environment and quality of life of residents from all walks
of life with an emphasis on supporting youth and the arts. To learn more, visit

Founded in 1996, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization uses theater and the arts to promote harmony from within through its after-school programs and services (Federal Tax ID #95-4647876). Through
creative self-expression, Inside Out helps build mutual and self respect inspiring youth to make positive choices in life. They bridge diverse communities and support young people in creating real
results from the inside out. To learn more, visit

Proceeds from the sales of sponsorships, exhibitor booths, event-run concessions, commemorative merchandise, and advertising help fund the AKFA Community Grants Program, which supports
programs and services for youth and families in Venice through grants to local nonprofits.

Cash, check, in-kind donations, or credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) accepted. Sponsorship payments are tax deductible to the extent as allowed by law. With the exception of the Youth & Family
Courtyard, payments should be made to the AKFA; P.O. Box 1138; Venice, CA 90294. Sponsors of the Youth & Family Courtyard should direct payments to Inside Out Community Arts in care of Jonathan
Zeichner at 2210 Lincoln Blvd.; Venice, CA 90291.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the AKFA launched its Community Grants Program, which is funded by proceeds from the annual Abbot Kinney Festival. Now through July 1, 2009, the AKFA is
accepting applications from Venice-based nonprofit organizations in support of programs and services aimed at youth and families in the surrounding community. For more details and to apply online,

From its inception in 1984 to present day, the AKFA has invested well over $100,000 into the community of Venice. Since 2002 alone, it has made nearly $70,000 in direct grants to ten local nonprofit
organizations. During this year’s festival, $20,000 of proceeds from the 2008 festival will be awarded through grants up to $5,000 to local nonprofits.

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