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Provincial Power in the Assyrian Empire


Provincial Power in the Assyrian Empire

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									Ancient Near Eastern Studies Lecture Fall 2008

Provincial Power in the Assyrian Empire:
Bradley J. Parker

A Microhistory of a Provincial Administrator
Associate professor of history, University of Utah

Thursday, 30 October 11:00 a.m. 2113 JKB
Bradley J. Parker is an associate professor of history at the University of Utah, where he is currently serving as the graduate director at the Middle East Center. Parker also directs the Upper Tigris Archaeological Research Project (UTARP) and excavations at Kenan Tepe (southeast Turkey). His recent publications include “Ašipa Again: A Microhistory of an Assyrian Provincial Administrator,” Studia Orientalia 106 (edited by M. Luukko, R. Mattila, and S. Teppo, 2008); “Toward an Understanding of Borderland Processes,” American Antiquity 71(1):77–100; “Archaeological Manifestations of Empire: Assyria’s Imprint on Southeastern Anatolia,” American Journal of Archaeology 107(4):525–557; and the Mechanics of Empire: The Northern Frontier of Assyria as a Case Study in Imperial Dynamics (2001). Recipient of the 2007 ASUU Student Choice Award, sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of Utah, Parker received a PhD in Near Eastern archaeology from UCLA (1998).
This lecture is co-sponsored by the Department of History at BYU.

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