Real Palanca Autllentic Pala1lca are granted to confident prayer

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					Real Palanca
When anyone takes up the work oftlle conversion and Christian renewal 'of persons and the evangelization ofhllman groups, it is fundamental that the entire process be built lIpan the Grace of God. This is the foundation of all human efforts to Christianize the world. This Grace can only be obtailled through trusting, constant and humble prayer. The Cursillo method depends on the Grace of God and receiving that Grace is requires Paiallca. ~ut just what is Palanca? On our weekends we heard Palanca described as a lever, to be used to lift someone up to God. Recently, I heard Palanca described as a "seesaw", where a group of people gather at one end to lift up another higher than themselves. This visual idea of people lifting others as they themselves are brought low, seems to emphasize the Christian ide3:l of humility that we recognize as one of the supernatural qualities of a Christian leader.
Pala11ca - What It Isn't

In this modem age,. we seem to think the ,best so,urce ofinfonnation is The Web ... so :out of curiosity, I Googled "Palanca','and was' am'azed at tIle thousands of "hits" that came, ' 'up. But I quickly recognized that thereis much more mis-information "out there" ~ .. ·Palanca isn't ,Pillow Palanca (trinkets for the' bed), Conference Room Palanca (gifts to:, distribute in. the Rolla Roam), Kitchen'Palanca (snacks or decorations for the dining room), or Banners. Palanca is not letters, 'cards,. flowers or .gifts for individual candid'ates. Palanca is not the Italian flute maker Carlo Palanca and is' definitely not Pedro Palanca" the erotic artist. But various Cursillo-based movements - Tres Dias, Vida Nueva, Walk to Emmaeus and others, seem to put much more emphasis on such 'trinkets' or 'nice things' as a visual representation ofPalanca than we do. These "niceties" are simply False Palanca, under the guise of nice things. The letter we may all write to a candidate on the 3-Day Weekend is NOT Palanca. A letter is merely a vehicle in which we may share the real Palanca being dOlle for the candidate. But there is no need to write a letter about our Palanca. And Palanca will bring God's Grace, whether we tell anyone about it or not ... but I'm betting that Palanca during the 3-Day weekend and the Palanca letter vie may write - whether for the team or for an individual candidate - is the first thing we think of when we think ofPalanca ...

Autllentic Pala1lca
Bishop Hervas, Olle of the founding fathers of Cursillo, wrote this in the Original Leaders Manual: "We should have the intimate and absolllte convictionthat everything in the Cursillo is the work of God's Grace. It is necessary, therefore, to pray and sacrifice oneself for the spiritual and apostolic success of the same. The miracles of God's Grace

are granted to confident prayer, accompanied by sacrifice, not to knowledge or experience."

Authentic Palanca involves prayer, self-sacrifice and works of mercy, which we devote to the success of Cursillo. (Repeat)
Just about anything we include on our Piety sheets can be offered up as Palanca prayer: Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Holy Communion, praying the Rosary (Palanca Rosary), reading Scriptures, Stations of the Cross, Liturgy of the Hours, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, visits tO,the Blessed Sacrament ... tonight I'd like to discuss the acts ... What examples of self-sacrifice can you share that you have offered up as Palanca? What works of mercy have you offered up as Palanca? It is importal1t to remember that these acts of piety do not stand alone. Prayer without sacrifice is not Palanca. Works of mercy must be combined with prayer to be considered authentic palanca. Remember, Authentic Palanca involves prayer, self-sacrifice and works of mercy that we offer up for the success of Cursillo.

Did I say 'Palallca involves prayer,. self-sacrifice ,and, works of m ercy for tlte success'of the 3-Day weekend? We must/always'rememberthatP,alanea offerings sl10uldnot be: limited to the'Three Day'Weekend~ ~':" ""
I'm sure,all of you do Palanca forthe,candidates:and,-team' during the ,three day weekend. But .ho:fvv mallY Of'yTOU do Palallca for the.. prospective carldidate'you'dlike to 111al<e a weekend - I'm talking about trusting, confident'and' constant prayer - the ,operative word~: being constant ... How many of you continue to do Palanca for the babe chicks after the weekend? How many of you do Palanca for the success ofUltreya? For the School of Leaders? For the growth and perseverance of the Group Reunion? How many of you do Palanca for the success of cursillistas in penetrating their work environments, penetrating the schools their children attend? In Christianizing the leaders in our community? If I leave you with only one action item today, I hope it is to expand your application of Palanca to areas beyond the Three Day Weekend ... So I ask you to identify some aspect of the
Cursillo movement you will promise to regularly focus on in your Palanca ...

One other grain of wisdom I gleaned during my study for this presentation. We are most likely to remember to pray for someone or something when we have a "trigger moment". For instance, I always remember to pray for all my family when we are asked to submit our petitions each time we attend Mass. And recently I read that someone uses the stop light - the red light at an intersection - to trigger his prayers for other drivers.

What trigger can you use to remind you to.pray for Cursillo? And, To what aspect of Cursillo would you most like to devote your Palanca?

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