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									EMTM 695                                                                                        V. Kumar

                                                    Assignment 7

1. Describe the limitations of linear control theory and the applications of the PID controller.
   Consider as examples the following systems for your discussion.
   • A linear slide or track (single degree of freedom) for translating a robot system to a desired
      position along an assembly line, before the robot performs the operation. (The robot does
      not move when the slide is moving).
   • Independent PID controllers for the six motors of a six-axis robot manipulator.
   • Independent PID controllers for the flaps, ailerons, stabilizer, and rudder of an unmanned
      airborne vehicle.

2. A single degree-of-freedom precision slide controlled by a PID controller has the response
   shown in the figure for a desired displacement of 1 cm. What would you suggest (in terms of
   changing the gains) to get the system to:
   a) decrease the steady state error to 0.1 mm?
   b) reach the final position of 1 cm in 0.5 seconds?


                    Position (cm)




                                          0   0.5         1         1.5    2
                                                      Time (secs)

3. What are the current trends and challenges for industrial robotics in terms of:
   (a) robot design;
   (b) intelligence in robots and other intelligent machines; and
   (c) system integration.

     I have attached copies of articles by Akeel (Fanuc), Holland (GM), and Carlisle (Adept), and a
     WSJ clipping for your references.

4.    Complete the evaluation form – see
        http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~exen695/admin/Evaluation00.doc [.pdf].
EXEN 695          V. Kumar

Assignment 5   May 13, 2000

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