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               01-07   Book    Natural Beekeeping: Organic     Conrad, Ross              2007 978-1-933392-08-0 Focused on Natural Beekeeping                      240 $35.00 Bee culture              Organic Farming
                               Approaches to Modern Apiculture

               02-07   Book     New Complete Guide to            Morse, Roger A.         1994 978-0-88150-315-9 Tells you what you need to know to start and       208 $17.95 Bee culture
                                Beekeeping, The (Paperback)                                                        maintain a healthy bee colony

               03-07   Book     Beekeeping: A Practical Guide    Bonney, Richard E.      1993 978-0-88266-861-1 Good resources for the beginner                    192 $18.95 Bee culture

               04-07   Book     Hive Management: A Seasonal      Bonney, Richard E.      1990 978-0-88266-637-2 Practical advice for each season                   160 $16.95 Bee culture
                                Guide for Beekeepers

No Image       05-07   Book     Bees and Mankind (Hardcover)     Free, John B.           1982    0-04-638001-9  Intended to give the biology of bees, history of   154   $9.95 Bee Culture-History     Beeswax                       BOMBUS
Available                                                                                                       man's interest in them
               06-07   Book     Honey The Gourmet Medicine       Traynor, Joe            2002 978-0-96047-041-9 Guide to medicinal benefits of honey                     $9.95 Honey - Therapeutic use Honey -- Physiological

               07-07   Book     Nature Wars : People vs. Pests   Winston, Mark L.        1997 978-0-67460-541-1 Winston issues a wake-up call by showing           224 $24.95 Pesticides -              Insect pests -- Biological
                                (Hardcover)                                                                     how our battle against pests has become a                     Environmental aspects    control.
                                                                                                                war on nature

               08-07   Book     Forgotten Pollinators, The       Buchmann, Stephen       1996    1-55963-352-2     Two researchers delve into the little-known     313 $40.00 Pollination              Animal-plant                  Biological
                                (Hardcover)                      L & Nabhan Gary P.                                and fascinating world of pollination                                                relationships                 diversity

               09-07   Book     Beekeeping : the gentle craft    Adams, John F           1988 978-080077-200-0 All the basic info.if you've ever thought about     182   $8.95 Bee culture
                                                                                                               having your own colony of bees
                                                                               Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                                     Library Resources
            10-07   Book   Following the bloom: across     Whynott, Douglas    1991 978-081171-944-5 This unique book should appeal to a wide lay        214 $19.95 Migratory beekeepers -   Bee culture -- United      Honeybee
                           America with the migratory                                                readership and is recommended for general                      United States            States
                           beekeepers (Hardcover)                                                    collections

            11-07   Book   From where I sit : essays on    Winston, Mark L.    1998 978-8080148-478-0 Essays originally appearing as columns in          180 $21.00 Honeybee                 Bee culture
                           bees, beekeeping, and science                                              Bee Culture, the leading professional journal

            12-07   Book   Beekeeping At Buckfast Abbey    Brother Adam        1987 978-090790-837-1 Originally written By Brother Adam of               122 $17.95 Bee culture - England
                                                                                                     Buckfast in 1974, popular all over the world
                                                                                                     with those interested in the breeding of bees.
                                                                                                     The book includes a section on the making of

No Image    13-07   Book   Beeswax, 3Rev Ed                Brown, Ron          1995    0-905652-36-3    Update candle making section and more on          92 $30.00 Beeswax
Available                                                                                               wax casting and other useful wax information

            14-07   Book   Honey Bee Pests, Predators, and Morse, Roger A. &   1997 978-093602-810-1 This book is both a valuable scientific             718 $58.75 Honeybee - Diseases      Honeybee -- Predators of
                           Diseases (Hardcover) 3rd Ed     Flottum, Kim                              reference, and a practical guide for
                                                                                                     beekeepers worldwide. The causes, and the
                                                                                                     cures of a thousand problems lie inside.

            15-07   Book   Bad beekeeping                  Miksha, Ron         2004 978-141200-627-9 Encompassing a ten-year period, this true           310 $25.50 Bee culture -            Biography
                                                                                                     story evolves from the earnest inexperience                    Saskatchewan
                                                                                                     of the young man as he learns an art and
                                                                                                     builds a business.
            16-07   Book   Folk medicine; a Vermont        D.C. Jarvis, M.D.   1958  0-03-027410-9   Be fascinated about the lore of Vermont folk        182 $15.95 Traditional medicine -
                           doctor's guide to good health                                             medicine, including the chapter on "The Uses                   Vermont
                           (Hardcover)                                                               of Honey"

No Image    17-07   Book   ABC and XYZ of bee culture, The Root, A.I. & E.R.   1940                     An encyclopedia pertaining to scientific and     813 $35.00 Bee culture -            Apis mellifera
Available                  (Hardcover)                                                                  practical culture of bees                                   Encyclopedias

            18-07   Book   Secret Life of Bees, The        Kidd, Sue Monk      2003 978-014200-174-5    Escape from all the techie bee books and         336 $14.00 Fiction                  Teenage girls - Fiction    African
                                                                                                        read this quick novel where Lily is introduced                                                                  American
                                                                                                        to the mesmerizing world of bees and honey.                                                                     women -

No Image    19-07   VHS    Pollinators in Peril            Warner Home Video   2000                     "This is not a honey bee-bashing movie. The 47       $25.00 Documentary
Available                                                                                               plight of the familar honey bee (mites,     min
                                                                                                        pesticides etc.) is clearly made." -Stephen
                                                                                                        Buchmann, Ph.D. Run Time 46:26
                                                                       Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                             Library Resources
20-08   Book   Robbing the Bees: A Biography Bishop, Holley             2005 978-0-7432-5022-1 Its passionate research, rich detail, and                    326 $14.00 Honey         Nature         Cooking
               of Honey The Sweet Liquid Gold                                                  facinating anecdote and illustrations make
               That Seduced The World                                                          Holley Bishop's book a sumptuous look at the
                                                                                               oldest, most delectable food in the world.

21-08   Book   The Honey Bee (Scientific       Goud, James L. &         1988 978-071675023-9 More than a Bee book. It is well written,                      239 $32.95 Honeybee      Bibliography
               American Library) (Hardcover)   Carol Grant                                   illustrated. You'll learn bee behavior and
                                                                                             communiction methods e.g. by pheromes, by
                                                                                             the bee's dance, and although scientific in
                                                                                             nature, the reader willnot be overwhelmed
                                                                                             with the details.
22-08   Book   Backyard Beekeeper, The: An     Flottum, Kim             2005 978-159253-118-9 The complete "honey bee" resource with                        167 $19.99 Bee Culture   Honeybee
               Absoute Beginner's Guide to                                                    general information on bees; a how-to guide
               Keeping Bees in Your Yard and                                                  to the art of bee keeping and how to set up,
               Garden                                                                         care for, and harvest your own hives. The
                                                                                              second half of the book is the complete guide
                                                                                              to honey; with hundreds of ideas and recipes
                                                                                              for using honey in recipes, cosmetically in
                                                                                              facemasks and shampoos, and for medicinal
23-08   Book   A Book of Bees: and How to      Hubbell, Sue             1988 978-039455-894-3 As Hubbell recounts her experiences as a                      193 $17.95 Bee Culture   Honeybee
               Keep Them (Hardcover)                                                          beekeeper over the course of a year, we
                                                                                              learn many interesting facts about bees. This
                                                                                              is also a book about finding the center of the
                                                                                              universe, about loving the solitude and
                                                                                              quietness of spirit that comes with keeping
24-08   Book   The Queen Must Die: And Other Longgood, William          1988 978-039330-528-9 Some have said that this book has made the                    234 $13.95 Honeybee      Bee Culture
               Affairs of Bees and Men                                                        laugh and cry. It contains a plethora of factual
                                                                                              information about honey bees, but not a "how
                                                                                              to" manual. Longgod escapes from using a
                                                                                              lot of technical jargon, and explains the
                                                                                              comings and goings of the Queen Bee nicely.

25-08   Book   Sweetness and Light: the        Ellis, Hattie            2005 978-140005-405-3 British food writer Ellis leaves the tedious details          256 $23.00 Honeybee      Bee Culture
               Mysterious History of the                                                            of bee taxonomy to the experts, but satisfies
               Honeybee (Hardcover)                                                                 readers with the fact that bees probably evolved
                                                                                                    from an ancestor of the carnivorous wasp. She
                                                                                                    then reveals the state of modern beekeeping by
                                                                                                    visiting apiarists and letting them talk about their
                                                                                                    bees, which they do, quite happily, relating tales of
                                                                                                    the delightful symbiosis of human and bee.
                                                                                                    Ultimately, it's all about the honey. Entrancing
                                                                                                    anecdotes, accurate details and meticulous
                                                                                                    research add up to a sweetly satisfying read. 20
                                                                                                    b&w photos.

26-08   Book   Hive and the Honey Bee, The     Compliation. Edited   Rv 1997 978-091569-809-7 Rev. Ed. Reference book on honey bees and 1324 $36.00 Bees                             Honey          Bee
               (Hardcover)                     by Joe Graham                                  beekeeping. 22 chapters, 33 world-famous                                                              Culture
                                                                                              authors, 100s of photos & drawings, and
                                                                                              many special features: new 52-page U.S. and
                                                                                              Canadian honey plants table, updated
                                                                                              Africanized honey bee information, parasitic
                                                                                              bee mites management, business practices,
                                                                                              marketing, hive products, bee behavior,
                                                                                              pesticides, and more.
                                                                        Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                              Library Resources
27-08   Book   What Do You Know?                 Collins, Clarence H.   2003 978-093602-816-3 Everything you've ever wanted to know about               421 $40.00 Honey Bees               Beekeeping           Beekeeprs
                                                                                                 Honey Bees, Beekeeping, Beekeepers and the                                                                      and The
                                                                                                 world they inhabit. All in an easy to use Question &                                                            World
                                                                                                 Answer format. There are over 400 pages and                                                                     They
                                                                                                 just over 2550 questions, and answers, in this
                                                                                                 book. They cover every aspect of honey bee
                                                                                                 biology, colony management, pollination, and the
                                                                                                 products of the hive.
29-08   Book   The Hive: The Story of the        Wilson, Bee            2006 978-031234-261-6 The Hive recounts the astonishing tale of all             320 $24.95 Honeybee                 Bee Culture          Animals &
               Honeybee and Us (Hardcover)                                                    the weird and wonderful things that humans                                                                         Civilization
                                                                                              believed about bees and their “society” over
                                                                                              the ages. It ranges from the honey delta of
                                                                                              ancient Egypt to the Tupelo forests of modern
30-08   Book   The Pesticide Question            Pimentel, David &      1993 9-78041203581-4 Pesticides have contributed impressively to                448 $48.00 Environmental            Economics            Ethics
               (Hardcover)                       Lehman, Hugh                                 our present-day agricultural productivity, but
                                                                                              at the same time they are at the center of
                                                                                              serious concerns about safety, health, and
                                                                                              the environment. Scientists, economistes,
                                                                                              legal expertsa and Philosophers demonstrate
                                                                                              that presticide use is an issue that converns
                                                                                              us all.
31-08   Book   The Archaeology of Beekeeping Crane, Eva                 1983   0-7156-1681-1                                                            360 OOP     Bee culture - history

32-08   Book   The Classroom                     Hayes, Jerry           1998    0-915698-10-2    Excellent source of information for beginners.         310 $11.50 Beekeeping               Quesiton & Answers
                                                                                                 In question and answer form. Illustrated.

33-08   Book   Cheating Monkeys and Citizen      Dugatkin, Lee          1999                     Here biologist Lee Dugatkin outlines four              208 $25.00 Social behavior in       Animal behavior-     Cooperativ
               Bees (Hardcover)                                                                  paths to cooperation shared by humans and                         animasl                  evolution            eness
                                                                                                 other animals: family dynamics, reciprocal

34-08   Book   Bees and Crop Pollination -      Stubbs, Constance &     2001    0-938522-96-5    This book discusses the fact that bee                  160 $52.00 Pollination by insects   Bees
               Crisis, Crossroads, conservation Drummond Francis                                 populations have been steadily declining in
                                                                                                 abundance and species richness since the
                                                                                                 mid 1980’s. This is not solely an agricultural
                                                                                                 problem, however, as pollinators form the
                                                                                                 base of all terrestrial ecosystem food webs.
                                                                                                 Their health affects our health.
35-08   Book   Apiculture for the 21st Century                          1999
                                                 Hoopingarner R. & Connor L.    1-878075-11-x    A carefully constructed review of current              120 $25.95 Honey bees breeding      Bee genetics         Mites
                                                                                                 research efforts; essential to any serious
                                                                                                 apicultural library
                                                                        Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                              Library Resources
36-08   Book   The Healthy Taste of Honey;        Lonik, Larry          1981    0-931715-08-3     Honey's anti-bacterial property makes it          169 $11.95 Honey                   Antibacterial Properties   Honey
               Rescipes Anecodetes & Lore                                                         useful in preventing infections. Honey is                                            of Honey                   Recipes
                                                                                                  predigested, making it healthier than other
                                                                                                  types of sugars. Local honey minimizes
                                                                                                  attacks of hay fever and allergies.

37-08   Book   Silent Spring                      Carson, Rachel        1962    0-395-68329-7     How a courageous woman took on the                368 $13.00 Nature                  Environmental Science      Pesticides
                                                                                                  chemical industry and raised important                                                                          and wildlife
                                                                                                  questions about humankind's impact on
                                                                                                  nature. Today our impact on the environment
                                                                                                  is more harmful than ever, and Carson's
                                                                                                  message is just as important.
38-08   Book   Travels in the Genetically         Winston, Mark L.      2002    0-674-00867-7     [A] balanced report of the facts and myths        288 $27.95 Environmental Science   Genetics                   Genetically
               Modified Zone (Hardcover)                                                          about genetically modified organisms, from                                                                      modified
                                                                                                  seed production to consumption, and the                                                                         foods
                                                                                                  strong feelings that emerge from all players in
                                                                                                  this debate.

39-08   Book   Honey: A Connoisseur's Guide       Opton, Gene           2000    1-58008-177-0     With this illustrated guide in hand, you'll be    144 $14.95 Cookery (honey)
               With Recipes                                                                       able to comb the aisles of your local farmers'
                                                                                                  market, expertly picking through jars of
                                                                                                  clover, orange blossom, alfalfa, and
                                                                                                  eucalyptus honeys. The over 80 delectable
                                                                                                  recipes offer an array of ideas for
                                                                                                  incorporating honeys of all varieties into
                                                                                                  cookies, cakes, and main dishes.
40-08   Book   Honey in the Comb (Hardcover)      Killioin, Eugene E.   1981    0-915698-08-0 Though some people believe the Honey in               148   $9.95 Beekeeping
                                                                                              the Comb was mainly for the commercial
                                                                                              comb honey producers, beginners have
                                                                                              gleaned a lot from the original text, and it is
                                                                                              still used as a reference on bee behavior,
                                                                                              biology, and practical truths about
41-08   Book   Coming Home to Eat: The            Nabhan, Gary Paul     2002 9-780393-32374-0 Issuing a "profound and                               336 $14.95 Cooking and Food        Environmental Studies      Sustainabl
               Pleasures and Politics of Local                                                engaging...passionate call to us to re-think                                                                        e Living
               Food                                                                           our food industry", Nabhan reminds readers
                                                                                              that eating close to home is not just a matter
                                                                                              of convenienceQit is an act of deep cultural
                                                                                              and environmental significance.

42-08   Book   End of Agriculture in the          Blank, Steven C.      1998    1-56720-165-2     This book brings to light the broad range of      232 $45.00 Agriculture             Government & Business Economics
               American Portfolio, The                                                            events and issues which make the end of                                                                    - Theory
               (Hardcover)                                                                        American agricultural production an
                                                                                                  impending reality.

43-08   Book   Antibacterial Activity of Honey,   Molan, Peter C.       1992    0-86098-207-6     This is a reprint from the International Bee       76 OOP    Antibacterial (Honey)
               The                                                                                Research Association. It discusses the nature
                                                                                                  of the antibacterial activity, and this review
                                                                                                  has been prepared to bring together what is
                                                                                                  know about this activity of honey.
                                                                                    Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                                          Library Resources
            44-08   Book   Magic School Bus, The: Inside a Cole, Joanna              1996 9-78059-044684-6 Written for ages 4 to 6, but an excellent             46 $15.95 Juvenile literature     Honey bees              Beehives
                           Beehive (Hardcover)                                                             introduction for anyone that knows nothing
                                                                                                           about honey bees.

            45-08   Book   Life of the Bee, The            Maeterlinck, Maurice      1954          n/a         Maeterlinck's great classic reveals the          168 OOP     Honey bees             Honey bee habits
                                                                                                               incredible, complex story of the bee whose
                                                                                                               society provides a lesson in the law and order
                                                                                                               of the universe.

            46-08   Book   Apimondia '99 Vancouver,        Proceedings               1999          n/a         This is the book of all symposium                309 OOP     Beekeeping Education
                           Canada                                                                              discussions, 30 topics in all, focussing on
                                                                                                               beekeeping in the new millennium.

No Image    47-09   VHS    Four Seasons of Charlie Mraz,   Produced by Green         1986          n/a       This is a VHS video telling the story of Charlie 58   $29.95 Beekeeping
Available                  The                             Mtn Community TV                                  Mraz and his experience with Bee Venom           min
                                                                                                             Therapy and how it has helped so many
                                                                                                             people with their fight against MS, Arthritis
                                                                                                             and a host of other ailments.
            48-09   Book   Fifty years Among the Bees      Miller, C.C            2006 ed   978-048644-728-5 This book has as much practical advice as         336 $14.95 Bees
                                                                                                             the most modern books, despite the fact that
                                                                                                             it was written nearly 100 years ago. Filled with
                                                                                                             humor and humility.

            49-09   Book   Bees In America: How the Honey Horn, Tammy                2005 978-0-8131-9163-9 Author Tammy Horn points out that we are            333 $17.00 Bee culture --United    Honeybee --United
                           Bee Shaped a Nation                                                              drawn to bees because bee society is                           States --History        States --History
                                                                                                            perfectly engineered. There is no waste;
                                                                                                            honey bees utilize time and space to perform
                                                                                                            specialized tasks that preserve a highly
                                                                                                            structured social system. Horn argues that
                                                                                                            honey bees' natural behavior reflects
                                                                                                            American virtues and values, finding them
                                                                                                            embedded in our cultural symbolism from
                                                                                                            colonial times to the present.

            50-09   Book   Kendal the Baker Bee            Hartigan, John A.         2007 978-1-59663-788-7 This is a values-packed fantasy for ages nine       156 $10.95 Fiction, all ages       Humor                   Life
                                                                                                            to ninety. Neither genius, training nor athletic                                                               Lessons
                                                                                                            ability makes a hero. Follow Kendal, an
                                                                                                            ordinary drone, as he makes his mark in a
                                                                                                            hive of 40,000 industrious female worker
                                                                                                            bees. From his earliest days, he’s bent on
                                                                                                            being productive. But going to bakery school
                                                                                                            comes first. It’s only then that Kendal the
                                                                                                            Baker Bee moves on to prove his worth in his
                                                                                                            colony and to do good deeds wherever he
            51-09   Book   A Recipe for Bees               Anderson-Dargatz, Gail    1998 978-0-385-72048-9 Reminding us of the dignity that can be won         305 $13.00 Farmers’ spouses --     Bee culture --Fiction   Beekeeper
                                                                                                            from hard circumstances. This novel is a rich                  Fiction                                         s
                                                                                                            immersion in the sensory world of lif on a far.
                                                                                                            Full of vitality, wisdom, and great charm.
                                                                                       Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                                             Library Resources
No Image       52-09    Book   McKay's Bees                      McMahon, Thomas       1979    0-380-53579-3  Bees! Thousands upon thousands of madly              174 $16.00 Frontier and pioneer life --Bee culture --Fiction      Beekeeper
Available                                                                                                     reproducing bees, and eac on laboring for the                   Fiction                                                s --Fiction
                                                                                                              production of rich, golden honey. LA Times
                                                                                                              calls this book "A swift, original and delightful
                                                                                                              piece of writing"
               53-09    Book   Sound of Language, The            Malladi, Amulya       2008 978-0-345-48316-4 Soon after arriving, Raihana finds herself in a      256 $13.95 Fiction                     Afghans                    Denmark
                                                                                                              language school, struggling to learn Danish,
                                                                                                              which she thinks sounds like the buzzing of
                                                                                                              bees. To improve her speaking skills,
                                                                                                              Raihana apprentices herself to Gunnar, a
                                                                                                              recent widower who is steadily withdrawing
                                                                                                              from the world around him, even neglecting
                                                                                                              the bee colonies he worked so hard to
                                                                                                              cultivate with his late wife.

               54-09    Book   Fruitless Fall (Hardcover)        Rowan Jacobsen        2008 978-1-59691-537-4 The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the          288 $25.00 Honeybee --Diseases --            Colony collapse disorder
                                                                                                              Coming Agricultural Crisis. Rowan                         United States                     of honeybees --United
                                                                                                              Jacobsen was a guest speaker at our VBA                                                     States
                                                                                                              Winter Meeting Jan 2009. This book is an
                                                                                                              eye-opening, attitude-changing, and
                                                                                                              exceptionally engaging examination of
                                                                                                              America’s most overlooked multi-billion-dollar
No Image       55-08    Book   Honey Bees and Beekeeping:        Delaplane, Keith S.   1993                   Workbook. Designed to teach novices the        138 $19.95 Bee Culture                       Honey bees
Available                      A Year in the Life of an Apiary                                                basics of beekeeping and to give more
                                                                                                              experienced beekeepers expanded
No Image       56-08    VHS    Honey Bees and Beekeeping:        Delaplane, Keith S.   1993                   2 VHS Films. In eight half-hour TV shows and 4 hrs $59.95 Bee Culture                       Honey bees
Available                      A Year in the Life of an Apiary                                                the accompanying book, Dr. Keith Delaplane,
                                                                                                              one of the nation's foremost entomologists
                                                                                                              and director of the University of Georgia
                                                                                                              Honey Bee Program, guides you through
                                                                                                              each step, from buying tools and selecting
                                                                                                              healthy bees, to harvesting and selling honey.

No Image       57-09    Book   Beekeeper's Handbook, The 3rd Sammataro, Diane and Avitabile, Aphonse
                                                                                    1998 978-0-8014-8503-9 For two decades this book has guided                    190 $27.95 Natural History             Entomology                 Gagricultur
Available                      Ed.                                                                         thousands of beginning and advanced                                                                                       e
                                                                                                           beekeepers in the how-to's of this
                                                                                                           entertaining and profitable pastime.
No Image       58-09    DVD    VBA Workshop April 2007                              2007          n/a      Unpacking Winterized Honey Bees                             $10.00
No Image       59-09    DVD    VBA Workshop May 2007                                   2007          n/a         Reversing Supers w/Mike Palmer                        $10.00
No Image       60-09    DVD    VBA Workshop June 2007                                  2007          n/a         Supers and Bee Diseases w/Steve Parise           90min $10.00
No Image       61-09    DVD    VBA Summer Meeting 2007                                 2007          n/a         Guest speaker Peter Borst Chemical Free            $10.00
Available                                                                                                        Beekeeping. Also speaking, Mike Palmer, Bill
                                                                                                                 Mares, Ross Conrad, and Bill Mraz
No Image Available      DVD    Beekeeping w/Gib Geiger,        Geiger, Gib             2009          n/a         Watch Gib take you through the process of    30min $10.00 Beekeeping                     Desease                    Life
                               Eradicating American Foul Brood                                                   eradicating American Foul Brood from his                                                                            Lessons
                                                                                                                 apiary in Waitsfield, VT.
                                                            Vermont Beekeeping Association
                                                                  Library Resources
63-09   Book   BEES                       Steiner, Rudolf   1998 978-0-8801-0457-9 In 1923 Steiner said "We must wait and see       144 $18.95 Anthroposophy   Bees-Miscellanea          Nature
                                                                                   how things will be in fifty to eighty years of
                                                                                   time, for by then certain forces which have
                                                                                   hitherto been organic in the hive will be
                                                                                   mechanized." Steiner has accurately
                                                                                   predicted the state of the honey-bee today.
                                                                                   This book is a fascinating discussion for
                                                                                   anyone interested in beekeeping and nature.

64-09   Book   Secret Life of Bees, The   Kidd, Sue Monk    2008 978-0-14-311455-0 Escape from all the techie bee books and         336 $15.00 Fiction         Teenage girls - Fiction   African
                                                                                   read this quick novel where Lily is introduced                                                        American
                                                                                   to the mesmerizing world of bees and honey.                                                           women -

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