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					                                                                                            Issue 3 • 2005/2006

Experiential Learning via Destinations
                                                                      Outside the Classroom
Destinations recognizes that all forms of experiential learning
are a valuable complement to students' academic experiences.
Learning outside of the classroom leads to positive growth and
gives students the opportunity to have hands-on experiences
that pave the way for a successful career.

There are many different forms of experiential learning. Each
type varies in length, and students can take advantage of a
variety of valuable opportunities by becoming involved.

Job Shadowing: Job shadowing allows students to spend
anywhere from half a day to three days taking part in one-on-
one observation of a worker at their place of employment. One
of the most popular job shadowing experiences is the annual
Take Our Kids To Work day. Job shadowing involves pairing a
student with a worker in a specific occupation. The experience
may be integrated with a credit course, and may be part of
another Destinations program.

Job Twinning: Job twinning allows students to spend                     Work Internship students from East Elgin Secondary school work
anywhere from half a day to a full day observing a cooperative          on improving the local environment on a recent work placement
education student at their work placement. Job twinning                                   the local field studies centre.
involves pairing a student with another student in the workplace.
The experience may be integrated with a credit course, and may      Cooperative Education: Cooperative education is a full-term
be part of another Destinations program.                            credit course that integrates classroom theory and learning with
                                                                    workplace experiences that enable students to apply and refine
Work Experience: Students can gain work experience                  their knowledge and skills through hands-on experience.
anywhere from one to four weeks. Work experience is a               Cooperative education requires a personalized placement
planned learning opportunity within any high school credit          learning plan and pre-placement orientation. Students are
course, that gives students a short-term, subject-related           monitored by their cooperative education teacher, and the
workplace experience. This type of experiential learning forms      course involves reflective learning and student assessment.
an integral part of a secondary school course, requires pre-
placement orientation, and requires a learning plan.

Virtual Work Experience: Students can gain virtual work
experience for the equivalent of one to four weeks. Virtual work
experience is a simulated learning opportunity that allows
special education students or students in rural areas to take
advantage of opportunities that do not exist in the local
economy. This type of experiential learning forms an integral
part of a secondary school course, requires pre-placement
orientation, and requires a learning plan. Virtual work
placement is facilitated through the use of computer software
and the Internet.
Labour Market Information
The plastics industry employs more than 160,000 workers,
                                                                   Destinations Gallery
generates more than $44-billion each year, and has been
designated a priority industry, yet remains largely invisible to
most Canadians.

Helpful Advice for Getting to Work
"Throughout your life and career you will encounter many
individuals. These people can be valuable resources and
references when you are seeking job opportunities. They
sometimes see positive attitudes in you that you might not see.
Don't be afraid to access your allies in your career quest."

                                                                   West Elgin student Robert Nute, butcher/owner Mark Clark, and student
Research indicates that...                                          Steve Nagy are pictured at a new and very different work placement:
                                                                     Highgate Tender Meats (Custom Butchering, Cutting and Wrapping,
A qualitative study conducted in 2002 by Lee Wallace of Car-              Country Style Sausage, Smoked Meats) in Highgate, ON .
Ed Consulting found startling consistency among survey
respondents from 20 to 70 years of age. When asked, "What
advice would you give to someone who wanted to be
successful in life and work?" the overwhelming response was
be true to yourself. Find out what you love to do and find a
way to make a living at it.
Adapted from Ontario Prospects 2005 produced by the
Government of Ontario.

Useful Websites to Explore
The Ontario Cooperative Education Association is a not-for-             Luke Dawson of Medway Secondary School feels "empowered"
profit professional organization of Ontario Cooperative                               by his recent work experience.
Education and Experiential Learning Professionals. It strives to
provide the leadership and vision needed for the optimal
professional development of its members. The Association also
develops and facilitates access to information, resources and
other supports relevant to OCEA members and other
experiential learning professionals in the province of Ontario,
while supporting excellence in the education of all students in
Ontario. Sections on the site include web resources for career
planning, learning, employment, conference information, and
links for students in all grade levels.

                                                                    Huron Park Secondary School student Marietta Melexenis learns the ins
                                                                               and outs of the bulk food industry at Bulk Barn.

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