SOFTWARE CLUB Double Dutch Cushion by dhr53644


									              SOFTWARE CLUB
          Double Dutch Cushion
               By: Lorraine Gill, Australia

Create this beautiful pillow for your home to coordinate with a bedroom or sitting room or
as a gift for someone special. Use the beautiful embroidery designs from the Husqvarna
Viking Embroidery Library for your Husqvarna Viking Designer I, Designer II, #1+ or
Rose to make this cushion an heirloom to cherish for years to come.

FABRIC:                                     THREAD:
     1/3 yd. satin                              All purpose to match
     1 1/8 yd. home dec solid                   40 wt. rayon thread in blue, rose, pink,
     1 yd. Warm and Natural® cotton batting             & dk. green
     3 3/8 yd. home dec. piping to contrast     Bobbin thread
                                                Optional: Rayon thread light and dark
                                                        to contrast with Home Dec

NOTIONS:                               MACHINE ACCESSORIES:
     1 - 18” pillow form                   Husqvarna Viking Customizing
     4 – Matching tassels                        System 5
     America Sews Tear-A-Way™ stabilizer   Husqvarna Viking Plus Hoop™
                                           Husqvarna Viking Embroidery
                                                 Library Design 235809
                                           Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Card
                                           Husqvarna Viking Home Dec Kit
                                                 412 66 00 26

1. Open Customizing Pro System 5 either by clicking             the on the Application Bar
   or go to
   Start>Programs>Husqvarna Viking Embroidery System 5 > Customizing.

2. Click on the hoop icon       and select the Husqvarna Plus Vertical
hoop. Click OK.

education department/ckw                 Page 1                                 01/2001
                          3. Open design number 235809 from the Embroidery Library by
                          clicking          Also open design number 25 from Embroidery Card

                          4. Move design 235809 into the upper left hand corner of position 1
                          of the Customizing screen. Make sure you stay within the design area.

                          5. With the corner design still highlighted click on Copy
                          then Paste.                  Now you will have two corner
                          designs on                   the Customizing screen.

                          6. Click                     to Flip Vertical. Move the second corner to
    the lower left hand corner of                      Position 3. Zoom In                if necessary to
    get the design placed as shown at the right.

7. Click on the rose to highlight it. Note: If the rose is “under” one of the corner designs and you
    are unable to select the rose, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and click on the rose. Now it will

    be selected. Click          to Rotate 90°. Click        to Flip Vertical. The rose should now
    look like this.

8. Move the rose to the center of position 2. It is the intersection of the heavier
    central grid lines.

9. Click Copy               to copy the rose. Then click Paste.

10. Rotate the newly pasted rose 90° and Flip Horizontal. Move the rose to position 1 and
    place the center of the rose on the grid 2 squares from the right and 3 up from the
    heavier central grid line.

education department/ckw                         Page 2                                           01/2001
11. Now make sure everything is the way you want. The next step is to combine the design.
    You can not undo a combine. So double check to make sure everything is the way you

    want. Click       to combine the design.

12. Click         to save the Customized design. Save as Dbl dutch. The design will
    automatically be saved in 3 positions for the Plus Hoop. When you click on position 1
    the box with scaling handles will appear. In the upper left hand corner of the
    Customizing screen you will see the file name.

13. While position 1 is still highlighted change the first green to blue. To do that click on
    the first green to bring up the Husqvarna color palette. Then click
    on the blue to change colors.

14. Click on position 3 to highlight. Change the green to blue. The
                     corner designs are now all blue. The design
                     should now look like the picture to the left.

                     15. Click        to save with the new colors.
                     Note: If you have 3D Convert & Sort use the Color
                     Sort to sort colors to eliminate the extra color stops in
                     position 1 and 3.

                     16. Print the template for use in positioning your newly Customized
                     design by clicking on

17. Transfer the Plus Hoop design to a programmable card for Rose and #1+. For
    Designer I and II combine the 3 positions of the Plus Hoop for the Large Designer
    Hoop. Transfer to disk via the Disk Manager for Designer I. Transfer to Personal d-
    Card via the d-Card Reader/Writer for Designer II.

education department/ckw                        Page 3                                01/2001
1. Cut the satin into a 12” square.
2. Mark the center of the satin. Hoop the left half of the fabric using the template.
   Embroider the design.
3. Turn the fabric so the design you just embroidered is on the right. Using the template to
   line up the two halves, mark center, top and bottom and the sides. Rehoop the fabric.
   Embroider. Note: If you are using the Plus Hoop, the hooping must be accurate,
   as you cannot move the designs or each section will not line up properly.
4. With the Customized design centered, cut an 11” square. Seam allowance throughout is
   ½”. Snap on the Single Welt Cord foot and straight stitch in center needle position to
   sew the piping onto the edge of the embroidered square.
5. Cut the home dec fabric into four 5” x 20” strips. Sew the strips to the embroidered
   square and miter the corners. Optional: Thread your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine with
   rayon thread in the top and cotton bobbin thread in the bobbin. Place cotton batting behind the home dec

   strips and sew with a decorative stitch at one inch intervals. The sample was made using this stitch        ,
   stitch length 0.3, stitch width 3.0.
6. For the cushion back mark a 19” square using the Pillow Template from the Home Dec
   Kit. Cut out the 19”square. Optional: Place batting and Tear-A-Way under the home dec
   fabric and sew stripes and squares to form a basket weave effect using the same stitch as you did for the
   front. Drop a few embroidered rose buds from Embroidery Card 17 to compliment the roses on the
7. Snap on the Single Welt Cord foot and choose center needle straight stitch. Sew the
   piping around the edge of pillow front, slightly rounding corners. Sew the tassels at the
8. Place backing with right sides together over pillow front and sew being sure to leave one
   side open to insert cushion. Insert cushion. Sew the opening closed.

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