Thermocouple Contacts for MTC Connectors by mgb63241



MTC Series
                                              Shown 5x Actual Size                      Pins
   Crimp-Type Attachment
   Contacts are Color Coded
   Accessories Available
   High-Performance Design
OMEGA® push-in crimp style
contacts are manufactured from
thermocouple alloy materials and                                       Thermocouple Type                  Pin and Socket
are generically color-coded for easy         Material                    (ANSI Symbol)                 Quantity Discounts
identification. Contacts are crimp-          Iron/Constantan                   J                 1–10 units . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Net
terminated outside the connector             CHROMEGA®/ALOMEGA®                K                 11–24 units . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10%
assembly and inserted into the               Copper/Constantan                 T
                                             CHROMEGA®/Constantan              E                 25–49 units . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15%
appropriate cavity by means of an            OMEGA-P®/OMEGA-N®                 N                 50–99 units . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20%
insertion tool. They can be readily                                                              100 and up . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25%
removed from the connector                                                                                            AVAILABLE FOR
assembly using a special removal            Thermocouple Alloy and Gold-Plated
tool. Sealing plugs are available to        Copper Contacts for Multipin Connectors                                  FAST DELIVERY!
seal unused positions in lieu of              To Order (Specify Model Number)
pin or socket.
                                                            Pins         Coding     Price             Sockets   Coding      Price
                                              Alloy Type    (Male)     Color Letter Each              (Female) Color Letter Each
Assembly                                        Iron (+)    MTC-IR-P     BLK M       $15              MTC-IR-S  BLK M        $25
Tools                                        Constantan (–) MTC-CO-P     YEL N         25             MTC-CO-S  YEL N          25
                                               Copper (+)   MTC-CU-P    RED C          20             MTC-CU-S  RED C          20
                                            CHROMEGA® (+)   MTC-CH-P    WHT P          17             MTC-CH-S  WHT P          25
                                             ALOMEGA® (–)   MTC-AL-P    GRN R          17             MTC-AL-S  GRN R          25
                      MTC-RT                 OMEGA-P®(+)    MTC-OP-P Orange OP         20             MTC-OP-S Orange OP       25
                      tool,                  OMEGA-N®(–)    MTC-ON-P    Blue ON        20             MTC-ON-S  Blue ON        25
                      $62.                                             Color Bands                             Color Bands
                                            (Uncompensated) MTC-AU-P-A BLUE, RED,    0.85             MTC-AU-S RED, BLUE, 1.25
                                                                         VIOLET                                    BLK
                                            Sealing Plugs, Model MTC-HP, $0.50 each.
  MTC-IT                                    * For use with non-thermocouple wire in the same body.
  insertion                                 Grommets available. Consult Sales Department for price and delivery.

                                                       crimping tool
 To Order                                              MTC-CT,
 Specify Connector Body, Contacts and                  $395, shown
 Backshell (See Note 1).                               smaller than
 Example: Cord-to-Cord connectors                      actual size.
 for 6 type J (Iron-Constantan)
 thermocouple circuits (pairs).
                                            Easy-to-Use Ratchet Action! Specially designed MS standard crimping tool MUST
 Male Connector Assembly                    be used to crimp wires properly to pins and sockets. Ratchet action ensures a complete crimp
 1. Body: MTC-12-MC                         every time.
 2. Pins: (+) Pos. Alloy, MTC-IR-P, 6 ea.   Important Notes                                    requiring: 6 positive alloy pins or
          (–) Neg. Alloy, MTC-CO-P, 6 ea.                                                      sockets and 6 negative alloy pins
 3. Backshell: MTC-12-SHL                   1. MS standard assembly tools are
                                               required to crimp and assemble                  or sockets per body.
 Female Connector Assembly                     connectors properly. Order with              3. Order bodies in mating pairs.
 1. Body: MTC-12-FC                            first purchase.                                 Style MC mates with both
 2. Sockets:                                                                                   style FF and style FC.
          (+) Pos. Alloy, MTC-IR-S, 6 ea.   2. Match pins and sockets to
          (–) Neg. Alloy, MTC-CO-S, 6 ea.      thermocouple alloys–Example:                 4. Backshell cable clamps are
 3. Backshell: MTC-12-SHL                      A 12-cavity connector carries                   recommended with each cord
                                               6 thermocouple circuits (pairs)                 style connector.
One Omega Drive | Stamford, CT 06907 | 1-888-TC-OMEGA (1-888-826-6342) |                
                                UNITED KINGDOM
                                Manchester, England

  UNITED STATES                      FRANCE         
  1-800-TC-OMEGA                 Guyancourt, France
    Stamford, CT.                   088-466-342

      CANADA                    CZECH REPUBLIC      
   Laval(Quebec)              Karviná, Czech Republic
  1-800-TC-OMEGA                    596-311-899

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Deckenpfronn, Germany              Amstelveen, NL
    0800-8266342                   0800-099-33-44

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