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					Product Technical Update sheet 32
Date 09-10-2006

Title: VRF size 18 Pipe size correction.

Please note that there has been a revision to the pipe sizes for Size 18 VRF fan coils,
size 18 units are now supplied with 1/4 and 1/2 connections, previously they were
listed as having 3/8 5/8 connections.

All new versions (since 09/07/2006) of LATS software are now corrected for this

To check your LATS version open LATS then click help on the top toolbar and select
About LATS

The version number will pop up in a window, check you have the latest version if not please remove the version you have and replace it with this version.

A new version of the quick selection guide book will be available shortly with
amendments made to it.

If you have any further questions please email me


Graham Hendra

                     Product sheet 32 VRF Fan coils pipe sizes