Demag Deleval Industrial Turbomachinary Ltd

    Business Improvement - One year industrial Placement

Two Manufacturing-engineering undergraduates are required
  for a one-year Industrial placement within the Business
  excellence department, based in Siemen’s Lincoln site.

Lincoln site is a dedicated manufacturing facility producing Gas turbines
ranging from 5 to 13 MW

The site is mainly divided in manufacturing groups (Rotor, Turbine,
Compressor and Combustion), a remanufacture department, Assembly, Test
and Packaging.

Our department, Business Excellence, supports the different manufacturing
groups in implementing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

The ideal candidate/s will be assigned to the two Business Improvement
Managers, and their main responsibilities will be supporting the various
groups within the company in Implementing and sustaining Lean
Manufacturing, being part and afterwards leading improvement teams and

The department will offer an excellent opportunity to develop the sough after
skills such us VSM, TPM, 5S, SMED, ERROR PROOFING…etc. In addition
to develop all the soft skills required in today’s business such us presentation,
leading meetings, all levels communication…etc

The ideal candidate will be a manufacturing engineering student. Apart from
that all you need is to be WILLING… to learn, enjoy, lead, participate, help…

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