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					                                                                                                         APRIL 2008
                      Ready for the
                      ASSEMBLY LINE
                      ACS is Awarded TS-16949 Certification
                                                       In January 2008, Alcohol Countermeasure
                                                       Systems became the world’s first breath
                                                       alcohol testing manufacturer to become ISO
 WEBSITES LAUNCHED                                     TS-16949 certified. For those who aren’t
                                                       aware, the TS-16949 certification is one of the
 9TH ANNUAL ALCOHOL                                    highest standards a manufacturing company
INTERLOCK SYMPOSIUM                                    can achieve. It is proof that our commitment
      IN SWEDEN                                        to quality is second to none whilst providing
                      a gateway into the automotive OEM sector where the quality expectations are
                      extraordinarily stringent.
WHO’S WHO AT ACS?            For over a year, our team of 200 employees has been working tirelessly
                      towards international quality standards. After receiving the ISO 9001 & ISO
   NOVA SCOTIA        14001 standards in 2007, ACS remained steadfast on its target to achieve the
LAUNCHES INTERLOCK    coveted TS-16949 certification. However, the effort doesn’t
                      stop there. The requirement for continuous improvement
    PROGRAM           these standards demand will result in countless hours of
                      testing, improving and re-testing every process, part and
                      person. Are we up for it? You bet we are.
New Websites
In January 2008, three new websites
were launched.
Our main international website in
English, with new images, easier
navigation, online product info request
forms and more. It’s never been easier
to learn about our alcohol test products.
This is a simplified Russian version of
our English site. This is just the begin-
ning of ACS meeting the needs of our
international business partners.
Additional websites can be expected in
the coming months; each in the native
language of our business partners.
The consolidation of our United
States alcohol interlock websites
occurred with the introduction of This is a
portal designed to route traffic to the
appropriate jurisdiction more easily.
Rather than having to remember a
website for each state, customers only need
to remember
and will be transferred to their state of
choice in a single click.
for Success.
The Traffic Injury Research Foundation
(TIRF) is pleased to announce it will
organise and host the 9th Annual
International Alcohol Interlock
Symposium in partnership with
Vägverket, the Swedish Road
Administration. The Symposium is
scheduled for August 24th –26th, 2008,
                                             This year’s symposium will take place in Tällberg, Sweden from August 24th - 26th.
at the Dalecarlia Hotel in Tällberg,
a traditional village in picturesque         critical implementation and design
Sweden.                                      issues of interest to practitioners,
      The focus and agenda of the next       followed by discussion groups that will
symposium represents a logical extension     further explore opportunities, solutions,
from previous years. Prior symposia          and compare experiences across
underscored that interlocks are effective    jurisdictions and a range of program
in reducing DWI recidivism. Despite          applications.
this fact, interlocks are seriously under-         Participants in this event will be
utilised as a prevention measure.            encouraged to share their insights and
There is a need to ensure that               expertise regarding ways to expand and
offenders have interlocks installed on       enhance the use of interlocks to benefit
their vehicle and that they remain in        jurisdictions around the world.
the interlock program.                             Registrations can be completed
      The 9th Interlock Symposium            by visiting:
will address these issues. It will call on
participants to identify ways to improve
and strengthen program implementation,
develop leadership, encourage public
awareness and acceptance, and provide
guidance on critical issues such as
information-sharing and privacy.
The Symposium will feature a limited
number of presentations to address
COMPLIANCE                                 Ontario Interlock                           and alcohol interlocks. Design, colour,
                                                                                       durability, adhesiveness and other
MONITORING NEWS                            Contract Renewed
                                                                                       factors have been reviewed and are
                                           Guardian Interlock Services, a subsid-      being improved as needed. Please
                                           iary of ACS, was given a vote of confi-
Nova Scotia Launches                                                                   be assured all legal requirements in
                                           dence recently with the 5 year renewal      terms of icon sizes and colours will be
Interlock Program                          (with a further 3 year renewal option)      adhered to.
ACS has been awarded the contract          of its’ contract to operate Ontario’s
to implement a newly announced             alcohol interlock program. Ontario is
alcohol interlock program in Nova          Canada’s most populated province and        ALERT J4X is retired.
Scotia. With the addition of Nova          we are pleased to be part of a program      The ALERT J4X is officially retired
Scotia, ACS and its’ affiliated company,   that reduces impaired driving on such       and replaced with the ALERT J5.
Guardian Interlock Systems, will be        a significant scale.                        However, for customers who prefer the
the sole source supplier for alcohol                                                   simplicity and value of the ALERT
interlock programs in all nine             Customer Satisfaction Survey                J4X, limited stock is available with full
Canadian provinces that have interlock                                                 manufacturers warranty and long-term
programs as well as one territory.         Thank you for completing the annual         serviceability.
     The tentative program implemen-       Customer Satisfaction Survey.
tation date is June 2008 and Nova          This information is invaluable as we
                                           strive for continuous improvement in        New Head Office Address
Scotia clients can expect to have four
interlock installation centres to choose   both our products and services. The         In June 2007, letters were sent out to
from throughout Dartmouth, Truro,          common areas of customer satisfaction       all customers informing them of our
Bridgewater and Sydney. For added          were in product accuracy and reliability    new international head office in
convenience, remote monitoring             as well as customer service. The most       Toronto, Canada. If you did not
stations will be available for less        popular suggestion for improvement is       receive our letter, please make note
populated jurisdictions.                   to communicate more frequently with         of our new address and remember to
                                           customers. As requested, ACS will           inform your Accounts Payable dept.
                                           ensure customers are kept informed          The new address is: 60 International
Florida Opens New Location                 and updated on all new product              Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
With the confluence of Hillsborough,       developments and company news               M9W 6J2.
Pinellas and Pasco counties, Interlock     throughout 2008.
Systems of Florida’s new Tri-County
                                                                                       Who’s Who at ACS?
location marks the 11th full service
center where clients can access            Q U I C K FA C T S                          At the end of 2007, ACS Management
interlock services in South Florida.                                                   was structured to better coincide with
With participation rates showing                                                       the international customer segments.
                                           The Alcolab is ready!
exponential increases, this new center                                                 The company was divided into four
                                           The coin-operated ALCOLAB is in             key business units with a department
demonstrates Interlock Systems of
                                           production. This wall-mounted breath        head for each. The new structure makes
Florida’s commitment to eliminating
                                           alcohol test unit is the perfect addition   it easier for customers to have a single
impaired driving.
                                           to bars, hospitals,                         point of contact for all matters related
                                           banquet halls                               to products and services. The new
New Partner in New Mexico                  and universities.                           organizational structure consists of:
DL Interlock joins the Interlock           Orders are
Systems of New Mexico’s (ISNM)             being taken                                 Chris Wilson – Alcohol Test Products
family as our newest Alternate Service     now so reserve
                                                                                       Denise Connerty – Judicial Programs
Provider (ASP). New Mexico holds the       yours today.
                                                                                       & Compliance Monitoring
distinction of having one of the highest
per capita interlock participation rates                                               Bill Burger – Automotive OEM
in the USA. With the addition of a         Label Changes
                                                                                       John Colton – Commercial Alcohol
strong ASP like DL Interlock, ISNM         Over the next several months, you           Interlocks
is better positioned to provide superior   may notice some improvements in
service to our clients in New Mexico.      the labels of our alcohol test products