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Bringing in the Honey: A Beekeeping Short Course
                                                                                                                          Directions to Oxbow Meadows
Anyone can be a beekeeper, whether you live in the                    2009 Short Course
                                                            Saturday, March 28th, 9:00am - 3:45pm &             From the north: Take interstate I-185 S to Exit 1B
city or in the country. Keeping honeybees is a                                                                  (Victory Dr/US Hwy 27/280) and veer right (west)
fascinating pastime that can be beneficial and                Saturday, April 4th, 9:00am - 3:30pm
                                                                                                                off the exit. At Ft Benning Blvd (second light) turn
enjoyable in several ways.                                           at Oxbow Meadows                           left. At Torch Hill Rd (first light) turn right - travel
                                                                Environmental Learning Center                   one block and turn left onto South Lumpkin Rd.
You can keep bees for the deli-                                    3535 South Lumpkin Road                      Oxbow Meadows will be on your right, past Oxbow
cious fresh honey they produce,                                       Columbus, Georgia                         Creek Golf Course.
for the value of their services as
                                                               Fee: $89/full, $49/1st or 2nd Saturday           From the southeast: Coming into town on U.S.
pollinators, or just for the fun of
                                                                  (includes lunch each Saturday)                Hwy 27/280, turn left at Fort Benning Blvd (second
learning about one of nature's                                                                                  light). At Torch Hill Road (first light) turn right -
most interesting insects.                                       Questions? For more information,                travel one block and turn left onto South Lumpkin
                                                                 call Jim Harris 706.563.4186 or                Road. Oxbow Meadows will be on your right, past
Bees require very little care, take up only a small              Duane Johnson 706.563.3716 or                  Oxbow Creek Golf Course.
space, and the cost of starting is much less than                  Richard Pate 706.324.2775
comparable hobbies.
                                                      To register: call Continuing Education 706.507.8070

Short Course Agenda 2009
Saturday - March 28                                   Saturday - April 4
9:00-9:15am    Welcome                                9:00-9:45am      Beehive Management
               Earl Cheal (CVBA President) &                           Jim Harris
               Amy Waite (Oxbow Meadows)              9:45-10:30am    Diseases & Pests of Honeybees
9:15-10:00am      Introduction to Beekeeping                          Bill Owens (Master Craftsman Beekeeper)
                  Duane A. Johnson                    10:30-10:45am   Break
10:00-10:45am     Biology of Honeybees                10:45-11:30am   Package Installation
                  Duane A. Johnson                                    Jim Ellis
10:45-11:00am     Break                               11:30-12:15pm   Honey Removal
11:00-11:45am     Health Benefits of Honey                            Jim Harris
                  Dr. Brenna Murphy                   12:15-1:00pm    Lunch (provided)
11:45-12:30pm     Lunch (provided)                    1:00-2:45pm     Honey Extraction
12:30-1:15pm      Beehive Equipment                                   Jim Harris
                  Mark Eckman                         2:45-3:30pm     Panel Discussion
1:15-2:00pm       Honey Plants                                        “Ask the Speakers”
                  Duane A. Johnson
                                                      3:30pm          End of Short Course
2:00-2:15pm       Break
2:15-3:00pm       Frames & Foundation Assembly
                  Betty Beegle                                    Join the Chattahoochee Valley
                                                               Beekeepers Association & learn more               Oxbow Meadows
3:00-3:45pm       Pollination                                           about beekeeping!
                  Jennifer Davidson
3:45pm            End of Day

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