2009 Beginners Beekeeping Course

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					                    Pennsylvania Montgomery County Beekeepers

                        2009 Beginners Beekeeping
Are you interested in raising honeybees but are a little nervous about getting started?
Have you just started raising honeybees and are interested in learning modern
management techniques? Perhaps you have been raising honeybees for a few years
and just want some refresher techniques. Or, maybe you have questions about what
your hive is doing. For the tenth year, the Montgomery County Beginners Beekeeping
Course offers classes that are timely to your seasonal beekeeping needs. The 2009
course continues the hands on beekeeping at the 4-H Center Apiary!

WHEN: Classes are usually held the last Tuesday each month from February to
September. The June and July classes are on Monday. Classroom activities start at
7:00pm. Hands on activities in the apiary start at 6:00pm. Veils are mandatory at the
apiary. Anyone who does not have a veil will not be permitted near the hives.

ATTENDANCE: The 6:00 pm activity in the apiary is optional – if you cannot attend just
come for the classroom portion at 7:00 pm.

WHERE: The Montgomery County 4-H Center, Route 113, Creamery, PA.

COST: A single student receives membership to the Montgomery County
Beekeepers Association, membership to the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers
Association, one ticket to our fabulous fall banquet, the Penn State University
Apiculture textbook, and eight great classes with hands on apiary experience for only
$80. The “family” class rate offers family membership to the Pennsylvania Beekeepers
Association and an additional banquet ticket for a total fee of $110. Additional copies of
the book will be available for purchase.

CONTACT: For more information check out our website at
www.montcobeekeepers.org or e-mail us at honeyhillfarm@verizon.net

               MCBA New Beekeepers Course

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2009 New Beekeeper’s Calendar
Tue, February 24, 2009     Hands On: Assembling Equipment
              6:00 PM      Welcome To Beekeeping
              7:00 PM        - Equipment Needed
                             - Ordering Equipment & Packages
                             - Assembling Equipment
                             - Hive Locations
  Tues March 24, 2009      In the Beeyard: Lighting smokers – bring your smokers
             6:00 PM       Preparing for Package Arrival
             7:00 PM         - Equipment Needed (Review)
                             - Ordering Equipment & Packages (Review)
                             - Assembling Equipment (Review)
                             - Hive Locations
                             - Installing Packages
                             - When to use smoke
      Sat, April 4, 2009   Packages arrive from Georgia. Special Saturday Class at Worcester Honey
                           Farms, 2011 Shearer Road, Lansdale
                           Installing Package Bees
                           Feeding Packages
                           Lighting Smokers (optional – bring your smoker)
                           * Subject to change based on weather and bees.
                           Call 610-584-6778 Jim Bobb to confirm actual time & date.
    Tue, April 28, 2009    In the Beeyard: Feeding Bees – bring veil – no gloves
               6:00 PM     Bee Equipment
               7:00 PM     Splitting Bees
Tue, May 26, 2009 6:00     In the Beeyard: Working Bees – bring veil –no gloves
                   PM      Summer Management
              7:00 PM        - Feeding Bees
                             - Supering
                             - Swarming
  *Mon, June 29, 2009      In the Beeyard: Sugar Rolls – bring veil – no gloves
              6:00 PM      Introduction to Mites
              7:00 PM      * Note: This is not the last Tuesday of the month.
   *Mon, July 27, 2009     In the Beeyard: Treatments – bring veil – no gloves
              6:00 PM      Extraction
              7:00 PM      * Note: This is not the last Tuesday of the month.
  Tue, August 25, 2009     In the Beeyard: bring veil
              6:00 PM      Bee Diseases & Treatments
              7:00 PM
   Tue, September 29,      In the Beeyard: Mouse Guards – bring veil – no gloves
         2009 6:00 PM      Fall Management
              7:00 PM       - Feeding Bees
                            - Overwintering Bees
                            - Overwintering Supers
                            - The Beekeepers Year
                      Topics subject to change based on group interest.

                                   4-H Beekeeping Club
    4-H Beekeeping club meets same days and times as above. All kids ages 8 to 19 as of January
    1, 2009 are eligible to join. Owning hives is not necessary, interested kids who cannot own their
    hives can have access to the hives at the 4-H Center. Join us for fun and educational activities.
    Contact Michaeleen at                                   or 610-409-0284 (evenings) if