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									Part 1 Submission & Approval at Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK)

Registration & Approval

  1. Borang Pendaftaran Tempat Pekerjaan (63A)
     - online and by hand submission

  2. Borang Job Clearing System (JCS)
     - online and by hand submission
     - JTK will assist the company to do recruitment for local worker
     (1st priority)
     Note: To expediate approval, submission of job advertisement is
     advisable as prrof of efforts to recruit local wokrers being carried
     out by the company.

  3. Borang PA2/98 (60K)
     - Submission within 14 working days
     Note: This form is applicable for existing recruited foreign workers,
     but excluding company engaging with first time recruitment of
     foreign workers. *

   Registration shall be done depending on the location of factory (For
   example : factory located in Shah Alam shall register at Shah Alam)
JTK will issue 3 letters after completion of process 1-3 :

  1. Surat Pengesahan Pendaftaran Tempat Pekerjaan (63A)
  2. Surat Pengesahan Laporan tentang Pekerja Asing yang
     digajikan (60K)
  3. Surat Pengesahan JCS
Part 2 Submission & Approval at KHEDN, Putrajaya

Submission & Approval

Step 1 : Preparation of Documentation

     Submission according to industry sector : Perkilangan,
      Perkhidmatan, Pembinaan, Pertanian, Perladangan
     Original & photocopy of supporting documents as per checklist (to
      be arranged in order and binded)
     Supporting documents as approved by JTK (3 letters of Surat

Step 2 : Submission at Counter

Step 3 : Interview

     Attended by company's director or authorized personnel
     Submission of upporting documents :
      - Authorized letter from director (applicable on auhtorized
      - Identity Card (I/C)
      - EPF statement
Step 4 : Payment of Levy at KHEDN (within 24 hours)

     Levy receipt will be issued by KHEDN
     "Surat Kelulusan Bersyarat" will be issued by KHEDN based on
      approved quota & levy amount paid.
      Note: Levy & "Surat Kelulusan Bersyarat" are valid for a periof of 6
      months upon issued.

Step 5 : Calling Visa Application at Immigration
Department of Malaysia (Checklist)

  1. Application letter from company
  2. "Surat Kelulusan Bersyarat" pekerja asing
     from KHEDN
  3. Levy receipt from KHEDN
  4. IMM 12 form
  5. Payment form
  6. Calling visa application form
  7. Bankdraft (payment for PLKS, Visa and
     Processing Fee)
  8. Bank Guarantee
  9. Passport sized photo & photocopy of
  10.      Medical report from source country
  11.      Certificate of Eligibility (CE) - only
     applicable to Vietnam and Myanmar worker

Step 8 : Issuance of Calling Visa from
Immigration Department of Malaysia

     3 - 14 working days

Step 9 : Arrangement for Worker Arrival
Step 10 : Arrival in Malaysia at LCCT or KLIA (1 month entry

     Arrangement for medical checkup of worker (FOMEMA)
     Application of PLKS at Immigration department

* Foreign workers are allowed to enter Malaysia either by :
  i) Entry Visa (visa apply at source country); or
  ii) Visa on Arrival (visa apply upon arrival at KLIA)

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