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OMNI-AMP I Thermocouple Amplifier by fpf16947


									                                                                   OMNI-AMP™ I                                                        MADE IN

                                                                   Thermocouple                                                       USA

                                                                   Amplifier                                      May be use with CJ Series
                                                                                                                  Cold Junction Compensator.
                                                                                                                  See Section K.


                                                                   complete with                                        TEST
                                                                                                          ZERO ADJUST
                                                                    jumpers and

                                                               To Order Specify:
                                                               OMNI-AMP I                                 AMPLIFIER

                                                               Spare Batteries:                       –

                 Jumper jack enables OMNI-AMP I                CJ-BATT-B $3.40 ea,                                         GAIN
                     to be plugged into any                    2 batteries required,                                      AGAINST
                         readout device                        (3V lithium)                                              NETWORK

                                                Shown smaller
                                                than actual size
What Is It?
OMEGA'S® portable thermocouple signal amplifier             Where cold junction compensation is required, the
is designed to multiply small voltage signals. The          amplifier can be plugged directly into an OMEGA®
output can be used directly by most readouts, such as       CJ (Cold Junction Compensator) which is housed in
panel meters, strip chart and x-y recorders, multimeters,   a similar companion package. Also see Section K of
multiplexers, and for input to control systems.             this catalog for more details on reference and cold
Minute thermocouple output signals can be multiplied        junction compensators used with this amplifier. The
up to 100 times to drive meters or instruments which        amplifier is available in a laboratory version with
otherwise are not sensitive enough to be driven directly    built-in ice point compensation.
by the small output voltage of a thermocouple.              The amplifier is also designed to be used where
This small, compact, completely self-contained high         thermocouple meter or pyrometer input impedance
gain amplifier can be instantly employed in a               limits the thermocouple lead length or total circuit
thermocouple circuit either at the thermocouple             resistance of a thermocouple system. For example,
or at the readout device having 1000 ohms or                many thermocouple readout meters or pyrometers
greater input impedance.                                    require that the thermocouple circuit impedance be
                                                            10 ohms or less and matched to the meter. With this
Where It Is Used                                            amplifier in the circuit set at unity gain, the input
This small and powerful amplifier can be used with all      resistance of the thermocouple circuit is virtually
thermocouple alloy combinations to boost output voltage.    independent of the readout device. Thus, with a one
It can be placed directly at the thermocouple element       to one amplification setting, thermocouple leads up
output quick-disconnect jack or anywhere in the circuit     to 1⁄4 mile long can be used where previously only
between the thermocouple and the readout device. It is      short lead lengths were tolerated. Also, very fine
intended primarily for use with inexpensive moving          gage thermocouples having fast response but
coil meter devices.                                         high resistance can now be used with great ease.
Specifications                                               Temperature Coefficient:
Gain: Choice of seven fixed gains: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25,          ±5 microvolts/°F as seen at input from 30 to 65°F
50 or 100 V/V, settable by means of an externally            ±3 microvolts/°F as seen at input from 65 to 100°F
accessible rotary selector switch. In addition, an           Battery Life:
eighth switch position connects a self-contained             100 hours or more at maximum output (72°F ambient)
potentiometer for continuously variable gains                Battery Test: Light emitting diode will glow to indicate
between 5 and 100 V/V.                                       good batteries when test button is pressed
Input Impedance:                                             Batteries: Use two (2) CJ-BATT-B
One (1) megohm for any gain setting                          Size: 19 x 44 x 133 mm (1.75 x 1.75 x 5.25")
Frequency Response:                                          Weight: 227 g (8 oz)
DC to 100 Hz at a gain setting of 100 with higher           Features
frequency response at lower gain settings                 Stability: Assured through use of precision metal film
Output: -5⁄8 to + 11⁄4 Vdc into 1000 ohm                  resistors, integrated circuits and gold contact switching.
(or greater) load. (Can be used with any CJ unit)         Feedback Gain Control: Stability and accuracy are
Noise: Equivalent noise input, 5 microvolts RMS           not compromised by the use of an input attenuator
(equals 500 microvolts RMS output at 100 gain setting)    Output: May be short circuited without damage
Zeroing:                                                  Input: Overloads up to ±21⁄2 V can be tolerated
Output may be offset up to ±1/10 V at all gain settings    without damage
except unity. OMNI-AMPTM is factory-zeroed at unity gain  Comes complete with quick disconnect male plug,
                                                           banana jack adaptor and batteries

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