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									Just another day in the life of a mom…
“MOPS has changed my life. I am a better daughter, wife and mother because of MOPS.” ---Amanda
At MOPS, every mom is welcomed, accepted and inspired to reach her potential and recognize her influence within her family and her world. MOPS believes that better moms really do make a better world. To find a local MOPS group visit today!
2370 S. Trenton Way, Denver, CO 80123 Phone: 303.733.5353 Fax: 303.733.5770

Fun Mommy Facts
Most moms will have changed 7,300 diapers by their baby’s 2nd birthday There are 2 billion moms in the world Mrs. Vassilyev of Russia gave birth to the most children – 69 children between 1725 and 1765 There are 4.3 babies born every second On average, moms take 2 minutes, 5 seconds to change one diaper vs. 1 minute, 36 seconds for dads Vacuuming the stairs is mom’s least favorite chore The average weight gain during pregnancy is 30 pounds Preschooler requires mom’s attention once every 4 minutes or 210 times a day
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That’s why moms need MOPS!

Merry Christmas

You have been given a subscription to MomSense magazine and a MOPS International Membership which includes the book Life on Planet Mom as well as the weekly encouraging Mom-E-Mail. In addition, if you decide to join a MOPS group this spring, you will not be required to pay any international membership fees.

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