Engr 0020 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 1 Spring by igt11325


									                Engr 0020: Probability and Statistics for Engineers 1
                              Spring 2009 - MEA 3

Using Statistics to Make Decisions – Part 1 - Individual Assignment

Consider the following situation:

1. Your supervisor asks you to go along with a decision that you know is wrong.
   Describe a situation in which you might agree to go along with that decision.
   Describe a second situation in which you would not go along with that decision, even
   if it were to impact your job. How do you decide when to go along?

2. The City of New York is considering requiring all taxis to be hybrids. The claim is
   that they will average over 10 miles per gallon more than the fleet of conventional
   vehicles. How would you try to prove this claim? What statistical tools could you

Please submit to the TA with your name on top of the sheet at the beginning of
recitation, Friday, April 3, 2009

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