Fibroptic Model FG - Thermometers for the Glass Industry by fvu21144



                                                                                Model FG
Two-wire Fibroptic thermometer for high temperatures in the glass industry
•  Minimal services - no water cooling required                                 materials such as the crown, detect possible firing imbalance
•  Simple 2-wire 4-20mA current loop installation                               at the port arch, for example, and to give improved control
•  Accurate and reliable measurement up to 1650°C/3000°F                        of bulk glass temperatures.
•  Built-in test facility                                                       Model FG fulfils the industry's need for a simple, cost
•  Emissivity adjustment                                                        effective alternative to other types of radiation thermometers
•  No on-line calibration required                                              which normally require water cooling. It also readily permits
•  Continuous measurement - rapid interchangeability of system                  upgrade from existing thermocouple installations.
•  Calibration traceable to National Standards, backed by                       A versatile adjustable mounting assembly, complete with
   ISO 9001 Quality Management System approval                                  quick release adapter and air purge, facilitates ease of
The Land Fibroptic Model FG radiation thermometer is a                          installation and removal for inspection purposes.
fibre optics based 2-wire temperature sensor which has                          The signal processor unit is located remotely from the high
been specifically designed to solve measurement problems                        ambient temperatures encountered at the optic head, linked
and improve control of process temperatures in the glass                        by a sealed 6.1m/20ft long fibre optics light guide eliminating
industry.                                                                       the need for water cooling.
Model FG is primarily intended for monitoring and controlling                   The processor provides high accuracy linearization of the
glass or refractory temperatures in the forehearth, but also                    detector signal, adjustable emissivity compensation, a self
in the regenerator, tank and refiner. However, it can also be                   test function and a low drift 4-20mA output suitable for use
used for cost effective temperature measurement in a range                      with process computers and distributed control systems.
of other applications.                                                          Several models are available with measurement spans to
It can be used to monitor and safeguard vulnerable refractory                   suit the particular application.

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                                    PROCESSOR                                   LIGHT GUIDE                                 OPTIC HEAD
                 Conduit fitting
               M20 x 1.5P Female
                                                                                                                                       Jam nut
                                                                                                      Ø 18.5mm/0.7in               25.4mm/1.0in AF     Ø 13mm/0.5in

                                                                                6.1m/20ft length                        38.5mm/1.5in
                        27mm/                                   30mm/            Ø 9.0mm/0.35in
                         1.1in        160mm/6.3in                1.2in     Min bend radius 50mm/2.0in                        106.5mm/4.2in

FIBROPTIC MODEL FG SPECIFICATION                                                    TARGET SIGHTING DIAGRAM
Measurement ranges                                                                                                                           Target diameter mm/in
                                                                                                                            10/0.4      15/0.6   20/0.8    30/1.2  60/2.4
 FG 9.8/13C:                          980 to 1300°C
 FG 18/24F:                           1800 to 2400°F
 FG 10/14C:                           1000 to 1400°C
 FG 12/16.5C:                         1200 to 1650°C
 FG 22/30F:                           2200 to 3000°F
 Interchangeability:                  ±2%
 Resolution:                          0.1°C                                                                                 500/
                                                                                                                               0    1000/      2000/                  5000/
 Linearization conformity:            <0.5°C                                                                                19.7     39.4       78.7                  196.9
 Temp. coefficient:                   <0.04°C/°C - mid span                         Target diameter = Distance + 10mm/0.4in     Target distance mm/in
                                      <0.07°C/°C - span extremities                                     100
 Absolute:                            5°C
Output:                               4 to 20mA (linear)
                                                                                    PURGE AND MOUNTING DIMENSIONS
Response time:                        0.5s (to 98%)
Spectral response:                    0.7 to 1.0µm                                                                 Fibre optics
System test output:                   1275°C/2325°F indicated                                                      Optic head
                                                                                    77mm/ 77.5mm/

Emissivity:                           0.10 to 1.00 adjustable                                                      M16 x 1.0P                Air inlet Ø
                                      (factory set to 1.00)                                                                                  0.25in
                                                                                                                       Mounting plate
Ambient temp. limits                                                                                                                                                  Pivot

 Optic head:                          200°C/400°F
 Light guide:                         175°C/350°F

 Processor:                           10 to 60°C/50 to 140°F
Power requirement:                    24V d.c. (nominal)
                                                                                                             Purge/sighting tube         Adjustable
                                      18 to 40V d.c.                                                         Ø 33.4mm/1.3in              Angle
Over voltage protection:              250V a.c.                                                                                          Max.45°

                REGENERATOR                                   PORT ARCH CROWN                           BRIDGE WALL                     FOREHEARTH

                                                                                                                  WORKING END

                                   Continuous product development may make it necessary to change these details without notice                             ADS010_FG/1005

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