We the independently owned and operated petroleum marketers and

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					    Please look for our
         Serving                                                                                        ™
 signs on gasoline pumps
      and store doors
          in your
      neighborhood!                                                                   We the independently
                                                                                      owned and operated
                                                                                      petroleum marketers
                                                                                        and convenience
                                                                                       store operators of
                                                                                      Florida are proud to
                                                                                       be your neighbors
          For more information on
       “Neighbors Serving Neighbors”                                                    we take pride in
           please contact FPMA:
                                                                                       giving back to our
                                                    Florida Petroleum Marketers and
                                                    Convenience Store Association

          Florida Petroleum Marketers &                                                    throughout
                                                    209 Office Plaza Drive
                                                    Tallahasee, FL 32301

         Convenience Store Association
   209 Office Plaza Drive ~ Tallahassee, FL 32301                                            Florida.
         (850) 877-5178 or (800) 523-9166
               Website: www.fpma.org
               Email: fpma@fpma.org

Proudly Serving Our Members For Over 50 years!
Neighbors                                         As your neighbors we are in control of...           FPMA members do not stand alone ~ not in
Serving                                                                                              your neighborhood & not throughout the state.
Neighbors                                         Bringing you the best services we possibly can.
                                                                                                    The following is a partial list of various types of companies
is the trademarked logo                   ™
                                                                                                    that support FPMA..
                                                  Providing you with the best prices possible
used by independent
                                                  through healthy competition.
gasoline retailers and                                                                              ABOVEGROUND TANKS – SERVICE
convenience store operators throughout Florida.                                                     ACCOUNTING SERVICES
                                                  Being good neighbors and helping out in our       AUTOMATED FUEL MANAGEMENT
                                                  neighborhoods throughout Florida when and         BANKS (large and small)
For many years these independent businesses       were we can…                                      CAR AND/OR TRUCK CLEANING
have been proud to be your neighbors and have                                                       EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES
taken pride in making significant contributions   We are...                                         CASH HANDLING EQUIPMENT
to their local communities.                       Neighbors who provide a “Safe Place” for          CHECK COLLECTION AND VERIFICATION
                                                  neighborhood children to turn to in time of       COMMON CARRIERS (transporters)
                                                                                                    COMPUTER CONSULTANTS/SOFTWARE
In the past they have kept a low profile and      need…                                             CONSTRUCTION/RENOVATION
worked hard to look just like the big outlets                                                       CONSULTING FIRMS
that are owned and operated by the major                                                            CONVENIENCE STORE SERVICES
corporations. We are now ready to stand up                                                          E-COMMERCE
& be counted as the good neighbors we are!                                                          ENGINEERING
                                                                    We are...                       ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES
                                                                    The same neighbors who          ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORIES
                                                                    are the last to close in        FINANCE ORGANIZATIONS
             We may not be in control of what                                                       FUEL ADDITIVE COMPANIES
                                                                    times of hurricanes –
             market traders do to the price of                                                      INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
                                                                    many times we are the
             crude oil…                                                                             INSURANCE
                                                   only place for our neighbors to get groceries    LEGAL SERVICES
                                                   and emergency items they may need to             LOTTERY
                                                   weather the storm.                               MANUFACTURERS
   We may not be in control of                                                                      MFG. REPRESENTATIVES
   the world’s unrest…                             We are...                                        PERSONNEL/HUMAN RESOURCES
                                                                                                    PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT
                                                   Your neighbors who support,
                                                                                                    EQUIPMENT REMOVAL
                                                   local charities, schools,                        TESTING COMPANIES
             We may not be in control of           churches, little leagues, and                    PETROLEUM PRODUCTS
             labor strikes aboard that cause       many other good causes within                    REAL ESTATE
             America’s oil supplies to run low.    our communities throughout Florida.              SECURITY/SURVEILLANCE
                                                                                                    INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
                                                                                                    SIGNS, CANOPIES, DESIGN & LIGHTING
                                                                                                    TANK LINING
   While it is true we are not in control            We will be right here in the                   TANKS TRUCKS/TRAILERS
   of what causes the price of gasoline               neighborhood doing what                       TELEPHONE SERVICES
                                                            good neighbors do…                      UNDERGROUND TANKS - SERVICE
                         to rise or fall…                                                           and more....