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Engineered Load Testing Capabilities

Engineered load testing of project equipment is fundamental to their safe
ongoing performance and integrity. As an independent third party our staff
is able to test equipment under engineered procedures to the highest
standards. As a competent and independent third party we are able to carry
out or witness load testing on behalf of clients in the region.

Our unique skill base allows us to engineer, design, load and test various
equipment and structures in an integrated way that doesn’t drain your
project resources while remaining within budget guidelines.

                                 •	 Winch and Foundation Load Testing
                                 •	 Bollard Pull Testing
                                 •	 Padeye Testing
                                 •	 NDT
                                 •	 Site Inspection and Testing (SIT)
                                 •	 Crane Load Testing

Our staff are trained to work safely in all environments and all supervisors
actively engage in and reinforce safe work practices through site risk
assessments, toolbox talks and HAZID’s prior to commencing work.

                               ONA Marine is committed to the improvement
                               of quality and respect for the environment
                               through implementation of our company
                               ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

For more information on our load testing capabilities please do not hesitate
in contacting the team at ONA Marine.

                                                                                        PH: +61 (8) 9335 2100                                                                   FAX: +61 (8) 9335 2022

                                                                         Address: 18 Rous Head Rd. North Fremantle 6159

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