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International Student Financial Worksheet by ylx48163


									              International Student Financial Worksheet

As an international student applicant, you are required to certify that you will have adequate financial
support for your first year at Heartland School of Ministry (HSM), as well as estimate support for the
following year. This form must be completed and returned to the International Student Advisor prior to the
issuance of the I-20 document needed to obtain your student visa. HSM reserves the right to increase
the cost of tuition and fees at any time. The amounts below are only estimates and may vary.

________________________________ ________________________ __________________
Last/Family                         First                    Middle

Check the semester you plan to attend: ___ Fall (Aug-Dec) ___ Spring (Jan-May) Year _____

The current estimated expenses for one year are as follows:

Tuition for 2 (two) semesters:                             $ 3,600                 $________________
Living expenses for 1 (one) year:                          $10,500                 $________________
Graduation fee:                                            $    60                 $________________

                TOTAL                                      $14,160

If you have dependent family members, the current additional estimated expenses are as follows:

Living expenses for an adult for 1 (one) year:             $ 4,000 x ____          $________________
Living expenses for a child for 1 (one) year:              $ 3,000 x ____          $________________

Calculate the total cost of estimated expenses:                                    $________________

My financial support is coming from:

Personal savings:                 $____________________
Family savings:                   $____________________
Sponsor                           $____________________
(If your sponsor is a private agency or a church, please enclose the letter or award.)

Total financial support:         $____________________

By signing this form, I certify that all the information I have given is a correct statement of my
arrangements for financing my education at Heartland School of Ministry (HSM). I understand that I
must have proof of my financial arrangements before I receive an I-20 document, and if my
guarantee of expenses is not met, I will have to return to my home country.

Applicant Signature__________________________________ Date Signed________________

It is our pleasure to commend you on your desire to seek the Lord and His perfect will for your life.
Heartland School of Ministry is a wonderful place to step into your destiny.

To apply at HSM is a two-part process for international students. The first part is the application for
admission. The second part is the international packet which must be completed and originals mailed to:

                                         Heartland School of Ministry
                                         Registrar’s Office
                                         6300 North Belt Line
                                         Irving, Texas 75063

        Application for Admission – All parts must be completed and submitted. (Including photo)
        HSM F-1 Student Immigration Responsibilities form (attached)
        HSM Personal Data form (attached)
        HSM Financial Worksheet form (attached)
        Financial Guarantee – Financial Guarantees in the form of a letter or affidavit of support, equal to
        the total cost of estimated expenses on the International Student Financial Worksheet form must
        be submitted along with the Application for Admission and other documents. An original bank
        statement from each Guarantor must be submitted to verify the amount of support to be
        provided. If the student has dependents that are coming to the United States, please note the
        breakdown on the Financial Statement Form.
        Transcripts of completed schooling, including a copy of your diploma(s).
        Proof of English Proficiency (only 1 of the following is required):
            o An official TOEFL report with a score of 500 or more on the paper/pencil test and 173 or
                 more on the computerized test.
            o A letter of certification from a school verifying your ability to use the English language
            o If the above requirements are not met you will be required to attend the Cultural English
                 class in the summer.
        Transfer form is needed if transferring from another school within the U.S. You may obtain this
        form by contacting the International Student Advisor at HSM.

       All documents must be received in the office before an I-20 can be completed.

Upon receipt of all the above documents, prospective fulltime students will be considered for admission
and notified of the decision regarding their acceptance in writing. Admission to HSM is determined by an
objective evaluation of the applicant without regard to race, color, and ethnic origin in accordance with
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

An I-20 form will be sent to accepted students. Please note that if you would like the I-20 to be sent
through Federal Express or DHL, you will be responsible for the payment upon receipt. HSM does not
cover the cost of shipping the package to you.

Depending on where it is shipped to, this could cost approximately $100. The prospective student will
present the I-20 form to the United States Embassy in the country of his/her citizenship to apply for the F-
1 student visa along with their receipt for the SEVIS Fee of $100. (See attached information sheet). A
current student visa is required for all international students to enroll at HSM. Acceptance into HSM does
not guarantee that the Consulate will grant you an F-1 student visa. Those who meet the criteria are
approved by the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service to enroll as
international students.

God bless you. Our prayers are with you that God’s will be done in your life. If you need any help, you
can call Heartland School of Ministry at (214) 687-5531 and ask for the International Student Advisor.


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