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					BLESSED SACRAMENT CATHEDRAL                                                                                     GREENSBURG, PA

                                               FOURTH WEEK OF ADVENT
                                                  LITURGICAL SCHEDULE

                                                                         Saturday, December 20 - Advent Weekday
                                  Coat of Arms                               5:30 PM Clarence Gaffney (Wife)
                                                                                       Donna Dudek (Kasievich)
                                                                         Sunday, December 21 - Fourth Sunday of Advent
                               The Most Reverend                            7:00 AM Emery Miller (Family)
                           Lawrence E. Brandt, JCD, PhD                     9:00 AM Lynn Thomas (Family)
                                                                             11:15 AM George Billeck (Wife)
                              Bishop of Greensburg                          7:00 PM Gertrude Bell Hoke & Rose Sperber
                                                                         Monday, December 22 - Weekday
                                                                            8:00 AM Vincent A. Finoli (Family)
    Parish Office Hours: Monday-Friday    9:00 AM-4:30 PM                   12:10 PM Veronica Piscar (Family)
    Contact Information                                                  Tuesday, December 23 - Weekday
         Parish Office…………………………….(724) 834-3710                             8:00 AM Albert Rosatti (David)
                                                                             12:10 PM Mary Guerrieri (Family)
         Fax……………………………………….(724) 834-1518
         Cathedral Formation Center………… .(724) 834-3710                  Wednesday, December 24 - Weekday
         Aquinas Academy……………………...(724) 834-7940                           8:00 AM For the Parish
         Greensburg Catholic Cemetery…...….(724) 836-4384                   12:10 PM No Mass
                                                                                      Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord
    Website:                           Wednesday, December 24 - Vigil of Christmas
                                                                            5:30 PM Vigil Mass
                                                                         Thursday, December 25
     Fourth Sunday of advent                                                12:00 MN Mass at Midnight
                                                                                         For the Parish
               December 21, 2008                                             7:00 AM Mass at Dawn
                                                                             9:00 AM Special Intention - Christmas Flower Donors
Say Yes To God                                                                11:15 AM Mass during the Day
         Imagine Mary’s bewilderment when the angel Gabriel
greeted her with the familiar words, “Hail, Mary, full of grace.         Friday, December 26 - Saint Stephen, first martyr
The Lord is with you.” But despite her confusion she                         8:00 AM No Mass
                                                                             12:10 PM Margaret Smith (Family)
responded openly with a resounding yes to God. The Lord is
with each one of us, too. How do we respond to God? Here are             Saturday, December 27 - Weekday
some ways you can cut through your own spiritual confusion                   8:00 AM Herman A. Vallozzi (Children)
and bewilderment this Advent in order to say yes to God:                               No Sacrament of Reconciliation
• Go out of your way to listen to someone who has recently                   5:30 PM James & Sandra Stack (Family)
    experienced a death in their family. In your quiet listening         Sunday, December 28 - Feast of the Holy Family of
    you can be a source of grace to them.                                                                 Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
• Contribute to a fund that helps poor families have a better                7:00 AM      Frank & Anna Falat (Daughter)
    Christmas.                                                               9:00 AM      Madeline Guarino (Family)
• Participate in parish programs that help those in material or                           Philip Lisac (Zyvith)
    spiritual need.                                                          11:15 AM     James & Josephine Iannuzzo &
• Spend at least 20 minutes in quiet prayer each day.                                                           Harry Cole (Family)
• Write a letter to a distant loved one who might be lonely.                 7:00 PM      Donald Porter (Family)
• Keep the birth of Jesus at the heart of all that you do during
    this season.                                                         Be Love
• Look closely at each one of your Christmas decorations                            The Advent wreath is now fully
    and ornaments this season. Be mindful of their deep                  alight with the warm glow of love. It urges
    meaning to you, both in the spiritual lessons they represent         you not to be loving not to be beloved. . .but
                                                                         to BE LOVE. Love itself came to earth on
    and in all the family memories they contain.                         Christmas Day. Emmanuel was born. God,
• Every time you receive a Christmas gift, no matter how                 who IS love, dwelt among us, giving us the
    small, use that occasion as an opportunity to practice               ability to be love in this world. Be love!
    gratitude and love.                       - Tom McGrath                            “God sent his Son. . .” Galatians 4:4

FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT                                                                              DECEMBER 21, 2008

              FROM THE PASTOR                                                       Exploring the Word
                                                                     Next Sunday’s Summary - December 28, 2008
              A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS                                Genesis 15:1-6; 21:1-3
     Christmas is different this year. The economic                Abraham is running out of hope, but God never loses
downturn is painting a different picture of the season.            sight of the promise.
Volume is down in purchasing, in crowds, in parties                Psalm 105:1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 8-9
and in Christmas cheer. Prices are discounted,                     God’s covenant is binding for a thousand
enticing us to spend. The tone is quieter and a bit                generations.
slower.                                                            Hebrews 11:8, 11-12, 17-19
      Many miss the excitement and glitter this season             Faith took Abraham on the ultimate journey into the
brought in the past. Especially for us Americans, the              clearly impossible—but for God.
world’s foremost consumers, prosperous times can                   Luke 2:22-40
make us feel energized and confident about life and                Simeon sees in the child Jesus the fulfillment of his
what we do in our living. A downturn changes the                   nation’s hopes and the crowning of his own.
mood and brings thoughts of uncertainty and doubt.
What will happen to us? Will we have enough to
sustain ourselves? What will have to change in these
different times?
                                                                                   PARISH NOTES
      Perhaps we are being asked to see something
different in this changed landscape. Instead of the               Parish and Cemetery Offices Closed
stacks of consumer goods and choices about what to                        The Parish and Cemetery Offices will close on
buy, we are asked to look at ourselves and at what                Wednesday, December 24 at 12:00 NN and will be
                                                                  closed on Thursday, December 25 and Friday,
really has been already purchased for us in Christ’s
                                                                  December 26.
coming to save us. God remains faithful and generous
in His forgiveness and love. God shares the human                 Bishop Brandt presiding
condition of sin and limitation. God paints a picture of                  Bishop Brandt will preside at the Cathedral for
a new heaven and a new earth that we can help to                  the Midnight and 11:15 AM Masses of The Solemnity of
create with His guidance and powerful persistence.                the Nativity of the Lord.
      So as we turn away from the malls this year,                In Sympathy
maybe we can turn to God with a new attitude and                           We commend to your prayers the soul of Louis
trust. We have tried it our way, and it has not worked            Skatell, Sr. May God welcome him into the joy of
as we had hoped. God’s way is different—principled,               everlasting life. May God bring comfort and peace to
patient, prudent and humble. At one with the needs of             his family.
humanity, the Word became flesh and dwelt among                   Wednesday - A Day of Prayer
us, to work with us for better lives for everyone. Lives                   Beginning on January 7, 2009, Wednesday’s
that may have poorer portfolios but richer souls,                 will become a special day of prayer here at the Cathedral.
shaped by a vision where God’s Kingdom sets the                   Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place
agenda for how to celebrate any season, Christmas                 following the 12:10 PM Mass. We will pray Evening Prayer
included.                                                         at 5:30 PM. Beginning at 6:00 PM the Our Lady Family
      So let’s not worry about a different Christmas this         Prayer Group will pray all 4 mysteries of the rosary.
                                                                  Closing of Exposition will begin at 7:30 PM.
year. Let’s worry that we know the right difference to
                                                                           This Day of Prayer will take the place of the
make to celebrate the true meaning and message of
                                                                  Eucharistic Day which was held on the first Thursday of
this holiday.                                                     the month.
     Christmas blessings to all--blessings that are not                    We all have much to pray for: prayers of
for sale anywhere, but are given in faith to all who seek         intercession and thanksgiving. Plan to stop by the
to believe and serve.                                             Cathedral on Wednesday and spend some time in prayer.

                   Merry Christmas!                               Friday - December 26 - St. Stephen,
        Monsignor Statnick, Father Bill and the                   First Martyr
        Staff of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral                      He is the first recorded martyr of the New
                                                                  Testament and patron saint of deacons. Like
                                                                  him, may we learn to forgive our persecutors
                                                                  and pray “Lord, Jesus, receive my spirit!”

BLESSED SACRAMENT CATHEDRAL                                                                                       GREENSBURG, PA

  BSC Youth Ministry                                                           Weekly Financial Reporting December 7, 2008
                                                                          Beginning Operating Balance:          $7,112.96
        Pancake Breakfast                                                 Offertory Deposit:                   $22,814.00
         January 4, 2009                                                  Candles Deposit:                        $690.00
                                                                          Other Income Deposit:
   following 7:00, 9:00 & 11:15                                              Immaculate Conception Collection   $2,678.00
  AM Masses in the church hall                                               Funeral Income                       $175.00
                                                                             November DLA Refund                $4,081.50
                              Please support the                             Concert Series Donation              $100.00
        Please join                                                          Office Personnel Deposit           $5,000.00
                              Youth Ministry here at
                                                                             Blue Books                            $68.00
           Us!                Blessed Sacrament                              Oplatki                              $240.00
                              Cathedral.                                     Donation                              $50.00
                                                                             Interest Income                       $14.82
                                                                          Total Deposits                       $35,911.32
                                                                          Parish Expenses Paid:                $28,500.75
Scripture Sharing
                                                                          Ending Operating Balance:            $14,523.53
       There will be NO Scripture Sharing on Christmas
Eve. Our next session will be on January 14.                                  Weekly Financial Reporting December 14, 2008
                                                                          Beginning Operating Balance:        $14,523.53
Donut Sunday                                                              Offertory Deposit:                  $16,335.00
       There will be no Donut Sunday next weekend.                        Candles Deposit:                       $335.00
The next Donut Sunday will be on January 25.                              Other Income Deposit:
                                                                             Funeral Income                      $175.00
                                                                             Concert Series                      $497.30
Faith Formation                                                              Blue Books                           $37.23
        There will be no classes December 21, 28 and                         Oplatki                             $193.82
January 4. The next class will start on January 11.                          Christmas Flowers                 $1,845.00
                                                                             Cathedral Care Maintenance        $1,784.00
Liturgical Minister Schedule for January/February                            Faith Formation                      $35.00
                                                                             Youth Formation Flower Sales       $614.00
        Liturgical Schedules for January & February,                         Senior Group                       $336.00
2009 are available in the sacristy for those who do not
                                                                          Total Deposits                      $22,187.35
receive the schedule through email.
                                                                          Parish Expenses Paid:               $13,823.79
                                                                          Ending Operating Balance:           $22,887.09

   Liturgical Ministers Schedule       December 27/28, 2008            Kid’s            Our Advent journey to Jesus is almost complete
 5:30 PM Altar servers: B Miller & K Lent                              o     as we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent this week,
         Lectors: N Zola & J Simon                                     r     in anticipation of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We
         EM: B & T Laskey, J Mondock, R Zuzik, D Foreman,                    light the last purple candle on our Advent Wreath, we
                                                                       n     open the last few doors on our Advent Calendars, and we
                   1 EM needed
                                                                       e     pray and seek the sacrament of Reconciliation as we
 7:00 AM Altar servers: T Willcox & R Bauer                            r     prepare our hearts and souls for Christmas. In this week’s
         Lectors: J Lucas & C Seamens                                        Gospel from the book of Luke, Mary learns a very special
         EM: J Mucci, T Rendulich, G Sweeney, J Szymkowiak,
                   M Timm                                              message from the Angel
                                                                       she is to be the mother of
 9:00 AM Altar servers: T Katonka & D Nemanic                          Jesus! Mary, a young
         Lectors: E Nemanic & B Rua                                    woman at the time, was
         EM: M Cardella, K Colonna, M Gornick, K & J Hawk,             surely frightened and
                   K Scarpaci                                          nervous about what was
 11:15 AM: Altar servers: B Burke & P Harris                           ahead of her. But her love
                                                                       for God was so great that
           Lectors: C Cabaniss & B Lupinacci
                                                                       she said “Yes” to this
           EM: M Atherton, G Williams, X & M DeBroeck, J Geary
                                                                       special role. Let’s do the
                    T Roshkosh
                                                                       same this week, by
 7:00 PM: Altar servers: J Shaffer & J Marin                           looking around us and
          Lectors: K Garris & R Sandolfini                             saying “yes” when we are
          EM: D Stevenson, B Davis, J Kedzierski, C Marin,             given the chance to be the
                   P Secosky                                           light of Jesus to others!

FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT                                                                                       DECEMBER 21, 2008

                  THIS WEEK AT BSC                                                         CATHEDRAL STAFF
                                                                         The Reverend Monsignor Roger A. Statnick, Pastor
Sunday, December 21                                                             ext.12;
1:00-4:00 PM: Youth Christmas decorating & party [Church & Hall]
1:00-6:00 PM: Art & Environment [Church]                                 The Reverend William G. Berkey, Parochial Vicar
Monday, December 22
5:00-9:00 PM: Art & Environment [Church]                                 John Sittard, Director of Liturgy and Music
                                                                                 ext. 21;
Tuesday, December 23
No GS Level I classes                                                    Sue Gimigliano, Director of Business Services
6:00-7:30 PM: Coping with Loss Grief Support [Formation                         ext. 14;
                                                     Center]             Sandi Kocian, Coordinator of Social and Care Ministries
Wednesday, December 24                                                          ext. 11;
Parish Office closes at 12:00 noon
                                                                         Cindy Cope, Coordinator of Office Services
Thursday, December 25                                                           ext. 16;
Parish & Cemetery Offices Closed
                                                                         Linda DeFrancesco, Financial Secretary
Friday, December 26                                                              ext.23;
Parish & Cemetery Offices Closed
                                                                         Julie Stauffer, Receptionist and Art & Environment
                                                                                  ext. 10;
                                                                         Jamie Capar, Parish & Cemetery Secretary
                                                                                ext. 27;
            Regional Christmas Mass Schedule
                                                                         Ximena DeBroeck, Coordinator of Faith Formation; K-12
 Our Lady of        Christmas Eve      4:00 & 7:00 PM &                         ext. 34;
 Grace                                 Midnight Mass                     Sara Thomas, Coordinator of Faith Formation;
                   Christmas Day       8:30 & 10:30 AM                           pre-school & primary
 Church of          Christmas Eve Vigil: 5:00 & 10:00 PM                         ext. 26;
 Saint Paul         Christmas Day 10:00 AM                               David Koynok, Maintenance Coordinator
                                                                                ext. 24; Contact Parish Office
 Saint Bruno        Christmas Eve Vigil: 5:00 PM
                                  Midnight Mass                          Jan Brubaker, Custodian
                    Christmas Day 10:00 AM                                      Contact Parish Office

 Holy Cross         Christmas Eve Vigil: 5:00 PM
 Youngwood                        Midnight Mass                                         CATHEDRAL DIRECTORY
                    Christmas Day 10:00 AM                                                 Parish Pastoral Council
                                                                               Andy Benedict                Mike DeBroeck
                                                                               Julie Ebersole               David Fidazzo
                                                                               Maria Gerstel                John Mickinak
                                                                               Jim Mondock                  Paul Niemiec
                                                                               Dave Schmidt                 Sandy Tangretti
This Christmas With Your Help, We Can Create Hope.                             Mark Winwood

Poverty never takes a holiday. In                                                               Finance Council
a much more critical way than                                            Ed Nemanic………………………….…….……..724-836-1091
ever before on this Christmas,                                                Jim Annas, Jr.  Margie Barish
families in your community will be                                            Michael Gibala  Tim Henry
hungry, children will go to bed                                               Judy Komarinski Paul Schimizzi
cold or without shelter, or an                                                Nazzi Zola
elderly person in need of a helping hand. Please give
generously to Catholic Charities through the Children and                                  Parish Social Ministry
Family Services collection and help those in need have a                 Carol Artuso, Nursing Homes & Homebound...412-558-2689
happier holiday and a more hopeful new year.                             JoAnne Hudock, Min. of Care-Prayer Chain……...724-834-1718
                                                                         Ruth McDonald, Min. of Care-Callers…………..724-836-0588
724-837-1840                                                             Carol Ross, Min. of Care-Visitors……………….724-834-4390                                             Gil Siard, Min. of Care-Drivers…………………..724-834-2728
   The Adoption Center • The Counseling Center •                         Bobbie Skergan, Min. of Care-Meals…………...724-836-4721
 Emergency Financial Assistance • Comprehensive                                             Garden Maintenance
 Information and Referral • The Pregnancy Center •
           Pro Life and Social Ministry                                  Paula Korber, Garden Group……….……….….724-837-3814