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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Plus Is A Plus By Kathleen Justing

With all of the attention given to the so called super models today, the healthy girls feel that they are grossly overweight. Fashion has created a line of clothing called plus sizes. Plus size clothing for women was created for women who refuse to starve themselves so as to fit the runway image. Now my opinion is one of millions, but I prefer to look at a lady that looks healthy and wholesome. The name plus size on the clothing rack might as well say “fat girls look here”. There is no need to label the rack with anything but size numbers. There are no racks labeled anorexia sizes, so why should there be a rack labeled plus size womens clothing? Girls plus size clothing is even worse. Young girls are very sensitive about their appearance and should not be subjected to this labeling. Teenage girl clothing stores need to understand the pressure that is put on young girls today to be skinny. There should be no hint of classification of sizes except for numbers. Now it is understandable to label tall girls clothing as tall girls are not abusing there bodies to get shorter. The same goes for petite girls trying to get taller. Clothing for girls should be just that, sectioned into sizes that are numbered. It may be my imagination, but it seems like plus sizes are getting smaller each year. I think all clothing in general is changing. I use to wear a size nine shoe. I know my foot has not grown, but I now buy size ten shoes because size nine will no longer fit. Sizes are changing either because clothing is no longer American made, or there is a conspiracy backed by exercise machine manufacturers or diet plan merchants to make people feel fat. Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell would probably have to shop the plus size clothing if they were alive today. You can’t find any two better looking gals than these gorgeous Hollywood stars. So ladies, if you fit the plus size clothing category, do not be ashamed. A lot of men out there thing you are beautiful. Maybe someday some advocate may come along who is tired of fighting for minority discrimination, and jump on the band wagon to eliminate plus size discrimination. For more information, try

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Presented by Daniel Toriola


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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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