Nursing Bras For During and After Your Pregnancy

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Nursing Bras For During and After Your Pregnancy By Amy Jarman

In today's tough economic times, investing in maternity clothes may seem more like a luxury than a necessity. However, there are a few items that you just can't do without, like maternity and nursing bras. Not only is your bust size increasing in early pregnancy, your breasts are more tender and sensitive as they change in consistency and enlarge for nursing. You will find your pre-pregnancy bras quickly become too constricting and can cause extreme discomfort and even clogged ducts during pregnancy. Finding the right bra in the right size is not a luxury but a health issue. The best way to stretch your dollar when shopping for maternity bras is to invest in nursing bras when you are pregnant. Even though your bust size is subject to change throughout pregnancy and nursing, you are better off buying nursing bras that you can use again when you are nursing. Although your bust size may be bigger the first month or two after you have your baby, you will probably subside in size by your third month when your hormone levels have adjusted. Also, you will slowly return to your pre-pregnancy size during the weaning process later on. When nursing, you will need at least 4-5 bras at any one time unless you have time to do the wash everyday. Also, it is nice to have a variety in nursing bra types in terms of support and fit. Many larger busted women find it more comfortable to wear a light support nursing sleep bra that they can also wear for loungewear in the daytime. Majamas Easy Bra is an excellent choice for a sleep bra with easy pull down nursing access. There are no clips or snaps to worry about in the middle or the night, so it is easy to nurse your baby in the dark. The Easy Bra is a simple pull over your head to wear bra without any back hooks which make sleeping on your back more comfortable as well. When shopping for nursing bras, it is a good idea to buy a style which can stretch several cup sizes for maximum wear. Bravado's Original Nursing Bra is an excellent first nursing bra as it can comfortably accommodate your changing bust size. The Original Nursing Bra comes in a range of band and cup sizes such as the Basic, Plus and Double Plus. Each of these styles comes in a Small-XL and each specific size fits several band and cup sizes. The Basic and Plus Styles for the Original Nursing Bra are both cross-over styles that can be simply pulled down to nurse or unsnapped on each side. The Double Plus is made to accommodate larger cup sizes and fits straight across like a sports bra and can be unsnapped for nursing access on each side.

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Bravado's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is an incredibly comfortable nursing bra due to the seamless soft and stretchy fabric which offers very good support. This bra features removable molded foam cups which hide nipples and breast pads for a smooth silhouette. This bra has no underwire which makes it safer for nursing and has easy to use one handed nursing clips. Investing in supportive and comfortable nursing bras during pregnancy will allow you to get maximum use from your purchases. Also, correctly supporting your breasts with the right size, structure and fabric is crucial in maintaining breast health and making your nursing journey much easier. Amy Jarman is owner of the maternity clothes ( and nursing clothes ( store selling nursing bras ( by Bella Materna, Majamas, Melinda G, and Bravado.

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Tips For Choosing Nursing Bras By Amy Jarman

In the first trimester of pregnancy most women will outgrow their pre-pregnancy bras about the same time they outgrow their pre-pregnancy jeans and pants. So, as soon as you need to buy maternity jeans and more comfortable waistlines, go ahead and buy nursing bras that fit your comfortably with room to grow. Even though you will not be nursing anytime soon, they will fit you at some point in your nursing timeline. There are a lot of different styles and price ranges in nursing bras on the market today, so it can be overwhelming for first time moms to know where to start in their search. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping: 1) Nursing bras should have plenty of stretch and fit comfortably. When you are nursing, your breast size can fluctuate up to a full cup size over the course of the day. Some bras are designed to fit several cup sizes to help account for this ongoing change. Bras that fit too tight can lead to plugged ducts and breast infections called mastitis. 2) Bras should provide support from under the breast when the cup is open for nursing. This makes feeding easier and more comfortable as well as more discreet. It also makes re-closing the bra an easier task. 3) Avoid underwires for your first nursing bra. In the first few weeks your breast tissue is expanding very rapidly. Underwires can cut into milk producing tissue which can obstruct and clog the milk ducts and lead to infection. Once your milk supply settles down after the first month or two of nursing, you may be just fine with a properly fitted underwire bra, but it is usually better to wait past the early weeks. 4) You only need to start out with 3-4 bras for the first few weeks: one to wear, one to laundry, and one or two in the drawer. It's best to buy only one of a particular style to test it out to see how much you really like it. It you do like it, buy more of that style, maybe in different colors to keep it interesting. However, you do not want to buy too many bras in the early weeks because your size is subject to change and you may find your cup size has gone down after a month or so when your milk supply has settled down. 5) Larger busted women need nursing bras with better support. Also, if you are larger busted you may be more comfortable wearing a sleep or light support nursing bra at night. When you are nursing, not only are your breasts larger, they are also heavier. So, support becomes very important for comfort and to reduce permanent sagging. 6) During pregnancy your ribcage can expand several inches, affecting your bra band sizing. After you have your baby, your rib cage will gradually return to its pre-pregnancy size even though your cup size will remain larger if you are nursing. When you are fitting yourself for a nursing bra during the last months or pregnancy or soon after you have your baby, look for adjustable hooks on your bra band in the back. You will want to start out comfortably on the tightest setting so that your bra will continue to fit you as your rib cage goes down in size you and you tighten your band setting. If you purchase a bra online or through a catalogue, follow the retailer's instructions for measuring for

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the correct size. Bra sizes can vary a bit from brand to brand, so it's important to purchase a bra that fits you correctly rather than one that is the size you think you should be. Most of all, do not wear a bra that is too tight in the cups or under the arm which could lead to clogged ducts. There are many fashionable nursing bras on the market today, but for starters go for comfort. Amy Jarman is owner of the maternity and nursing clothes ( store with a wide selection of nursing bras ( by Bravado (, Bella Materna, Melinda G & more

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