Maternity Swimsuits & Swimwear - Pregnancy Exercising in the Pool

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Maternity Swimsuits & Swimwear - Pregnancy Exercising in the Pool By Amy Jarman

Are you sick of going to the gym and finding it harder to keep up on the treadmill and elliptical as your belly expands? Even exercise machines become awkward as your belly expands and your risk of injury increases as your ligaments and joints loosen during pregnancy. Well a great way to mix up your workout with something completely safe and weightless to your expanding load, is swimming. Whether you opt for lap swimming or water aerobics, you will get great exercise and muscle tone in this low-impact activity that won't stress your joints. Depending on your style and the type of pool exercise you are planning on, there is the perfect maternity swimsuit that should meet your needs in the pool. Here are a few suggestions: Lap Swimmers There is no substitute for the sleek one piece swimsuit. Prego Maternity makes a very supportive and comfortable Empire Top Swimsuit that comes in solid black or navy. This suit has wide adjustable straps for excellent bust support and is overall very stretchy with 20% lycra. A lower cost option for more recreational swimmers is Prego's Texture Heart Maternity swimsuit which comes in solid black. This suit offers a shelf bra, is very stretchy and the straps and back design form the shape of a heart. Aqua Aerobics If you are looking into taking a water aerobics class during pregnancy, you won't be quite as concerned about speed through the water as you will be mostly exercising in place. Your swimsuit style options are limitless depending on what you prefer. If you want to hide your belly at all costs, then the BabyDoll style might be best for you as they are longer, covering the hips and bottom and also have over the belly bottoms to continue covering your belly in the water when you may get some skirt fly away with your water movements. Tankinis, Halterkinis and Hipkinis are also fun options for this type of exercise. All of these suits are 2 pieces that cover or skim the belly and come with bikini bottoms. The Tankinis are tank style over the shoulder straps and the Halterkinis tie around the neck, showing a little more back. The Hipkinis are often are adjustable ties on the bikini bottoms which are great if you are a smaller or larger on the
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bottom than the top or simply like the style. Lounge If you are really just pool lounging, splashing a bit in the water or beach walking, then the Minis are a fun choice. The Prego Strapless Mini is a 2 piece suit that covers the hips in a pencil skirt style and comes with an optional detachable string halter tie around the neck for a different look and added measure of support and security for swimming. The mini suits are always flattering and allow you to get a great unobstructed tan across the shoulders and back. If you are very daring and ready to show off your expanding belly, then you can go for the maternity bikini. There are a lot of great styles out today in the maternity bikini and a wide range of color choices including some fun patterns by Bellabumbum. Maternity bikinis come in a little bigger cup sizes for the bust and a more comfortable and stretchy waistband on the bikini bottoms so you are not cutting into your popping belly. So, keep your workouts fun by hitting the pool during your pregnancy and enjoy exercising in a maternity swimsuit that is both functional and stylish! Amy Jarman is owner of the maternity store ( selling maternity swimwear ( and maternity swimsuits (

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Which Maternity Swimsuits Should You Consider? By Sam Ness

? Did you think that mothers-to-be are not interested in nice beaches where they can spend quality time in the sun and bathe in the cooling water of the sea? Paradoxically, even those whose doctor has prescribed total rest and caution to the effects of the sun rays feel the need to rebel against such rules and taste a bit of adventure on a fine beach. Thus, the necessity of purchasing an appropriate type of maternity swimwear comes to mind. Maternity apparel is cut in a different manner. Do not take maternity clothes for big size clothing - it is not the same. If you think you can just pick a bigger size than your regular when you are pregnant, you might be disappointed. Maternity wear is designed to conform to certain transformations that have nothing in common with usual weight gain. Nothing is simple about bathing suits. Insist on having an extended waist shape in your maternity bathing suit, that is very different from your "normal" kind of beachwear. Of course, with some women, special attention should be paid to size as well. Whilst during the first period of pregnancy you'll get by using the regular size, in the second you'll need plus size maternity swimwear. Not surprisingly, a plus size maternity swimsuit is harder to design and produce than the regular kind. You know how difficult it is to find swimsuits that make you look great. Thus, the material and colour selection is very important if we want to look slimmer. Have a look at this very type of maternity swimsuits on the web to get an idea of what they imply. In spite of all this, there is a great selection of nice-looking plus size maternity swimsuits out there, so you won't need to worry about your looks, even in the ninth month of pregnancy. We all know (or think we do) how we look during this special time of our lives and even if we have a tendency towards exaggeration, our friends or family can sense the changes better than we do. You may ask for advice from your husband or mother before starting to shop for maternity swimsuits; just do not worry about the availability of proper styles to choose from. If you cannot find what you are looking for in your local department store, you will have a better chance to pick the right item in an online store. There are a lot of online shops selling maternity swimsuits for all body shapes, in a wide range of fashionable styles. There are some stunningly attractive maternity swimsuits offered at low prices, if you know where to look. Since it does not matter which shop you order from, you can ponder on the price while checking different shops without thinking of geography. Most of them will ship maternity items to all parts of the world for quite reasonable fees.

Maternity swimsuits are available online if you know where to search. Make sure that you know how to select the right option for your pregnancy beachwear. Sam Ness offers practical tips and advice at

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