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Laser Skin Care Options By Stacey Landry

Surgery has been a popular means of treatment that people have turned to for combating the signs of aging. One simply has to think about the term celebrity and one of the things that immediately comes to mind is cosmetic surgery. As often revealed by magazines and newspapers, some procedures are more successful than others. Skincare surgery procedures usually do not produce the desired results with a single surgical procedure. In addition, scarring is often the result, especially if the patient's skin is not in a relatively healthy condition to begin with. The power of laser technology is probably the next-best alternative to surgical procedures in correcting serious skin problems. Laser skin treatment works by applying the destructive force of the laser beam on the outer layers of the skin. The most popular laser skin care treatments include laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, and laser scar removal. The benefits of these procedures are that they produce less bleeding, less bruising, and less post-surgery soreness than their surgical counterparts. If you feel that your skin condition warrants this level of skin treatment, then it is wise to first do extensive research on the topic. Do not just rush to the nearest cosmetic surgeon and demand the procedure. It is very important that you fully understand what is involved, what to expect both before, during and after the treatment. You also need to understand the risks and potential for complications. Laser skin resurfacing works by burning away the outer layers of the skin. The new outer layers of skin that the body produces consist of new cells that can provide you with a smoother and rejuvenated skin. The process of skin resurfacing yields longer lasing results compared to other alternatives of laser skin care. There are side effects to laser skin resurfacing. It produces swelling, sun sensitivity, skin redness and lightening of the treated skin. Laser scar removal treats all types of scars, such as scar tissue growth or tattoos, by reducing the appearance of these scars of up to 80 percent. Something to keep in mind is that the lighter your skin, the more successful a laser scar removal could be. The procedure tends to produce discoloration of darker pigmentation skin resulting in noticeable skin tone differences between the scar area and the
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surrounding skin tissue. With laser hair removal the hairs are destroyed at the root level by the power of the laser beam. This procedure can be applied on any area of the body where you have unwanted hair. It generally provides lasting results that means you won't need waxing, tweezing, shaving and other painful ways of getting rid of body hair. Laser skin treatment procedures may be costly and produce temporary discomfort, but on the benefit level they produce lasting results and are far less invasive than traditional cosmetic surgery. Stacey Landry contributes skin care advice to (, a site dedicated to providing comprehensive skin treatment and antiaging guidance and advice.

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Modern Skin Care Options: Acne Laser Removal By Lisa Ortega

Having acne trouble is a major concern for many and appears to be a growing trend in the medical skin care world. For many, acne is an issue which creates psychological as well as emotional stress and treatments abound throughout the dermatology field. There are a number of options for those seeking a way to heal their skin in an effective and safe manner. For some, acne laser removal is an option which involves the use of the latest laser technology to remove the outer epidermis laser of the skin. This treatment thus also involves removal of scarring on the face, which can result as the acne is treated. Usually, dermatologists will recommend that the skin be cleared up as much as possible prior to the use of laser treatments. If the patient believes that their skin is ready for acne laser removal as a last resort, a dermatologist will perform the procedure. It is important to note that only certain laser types are used on acne and that the success rate is not as high as some other treatment options. Every patient’s skin type and acne is unique and so the treatment may or may not offer the desired results. With this in mind, it is important to ask plenty of questions and to find a way to better understand the treatment option prior to starting it. If acne laser removal is considered a good option for the removal of the acne, understanding the procedure and its side effects is important. Benefits and risk are a part of every skin care procedure and patients are responsible for understanding their treatment. After laser treatments are performed, the skin will likely be red, swollen, irritated, and will need to be cared for in specific ways post-treatment. Staying out of the sun is one great way to protect the skin, as is aloe vera gel and cool compresses. Lasers involve the use of high pulsed light and so the skin will likely feel a bit sun burned and require gentle care. No harsh scrubs or washing should be done while the skin is healing. After a treatment, patients can continue their day as normal but the skin may require a few hours or so, to a few days, to feel back to normal. Everyone’s skin is unique and so it will handle the treatment differently. For most, acne laser removal is an option which is desirable because it is minimally invasive and does not require the habitual use of creams and gels. More invasive treatment options have higher risks and longer healing periods while topical applications can be difficult to remember to apply. Many dermatologists will often advise their patients to seek what treatment feels the most reasonable and the most effective. They can of course make recommendations as well if they think a patient’s skin will respond better to a particular treatment. Another important consideration that a dermatologist can discuss is the financial commitment associated with laser treatments. It is always best to get a clear idea of the financial cost associated with a treatment prior to following through with it. Visit for more information on acne laser removal and for more information on a dermatologist in your area.

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