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					                                 SECURITY OFFICER VACANCY, AFSC 37F3
                                       176th Security Forces Squadron
                                      Second Lieutenant through Major
                                       Close: Any time after 12 Feb 08

Join the 176th Wing's Security Forces Team! We are looking for highly motivated and capable professionals
who are seeking a rewarding career. To qualify, you must possess an undergraduate degree (or, 90 college
credits towards a degree). For entry into this specialty, an undergraduate academic specialization in business
administration or management, sociology, psychology, public administration, human resource management, or
education is desirable. For the award of AFSC 31PX, you must successfully complete the Security Forces
Course. This is a drill status position. Enlisted members are encouraged to apply.

To apply submit following documents:

A. Cover Letter (any format)
B. Air Force Form AF-24, Application for Appointment (available in formflow)
C. Air Force Form AF-2030, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate (available in formflow)
D. Department of Defense Form DD-214 (if applicable)
E. Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) scores
F. One consolidated certified transcript
G. OPR/EPR if applicable
H. Letters of recommendation (limit to 5)

This information will only be used to determine whether you meet the minimum criteria for our interview
process. Application packages will not be returned.

Of those who do meet the minimums, the top applicants will be called in for the formal interview. The selection
board will then determine, from the interviews, whom will be selected for training. There is one position
available. One primary candidate will be selected along with one alternate. If a primary candidate becomes
unable or ineligible for commission, then the alternate will be allowed to process. The board will begin
interviewing on or about (To be announced).

Attached is additional information that will provide clarity to our process. For further information or assistance
contact MSgt Angela L. Hunter, (907) 249-1356.

Please return applications to:              176 MSF/DPMPC (MSgt Hunter)
                                               5005 Raspberry Road Stop 10
                                               Kulis ANGB, AK 99502-1998

Air National Guard
Officer Appointment Requirements

CITIZENSHIP. All applicants must submit proof of citizenship and be citizens of the United States
AGE. For initial appointment, minimum of 18 years old and commissioned prior to 35 birthday.
GRADE. All initial appointments are made in the grade of second lieutenant.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS. Selected applicants must be medically qualified in accordance with
AFI 48-123 and must meet the weight standards in accordance with AFI 40-502, The Weight
Management Program. Physical will be scheduled after selection.
SECURITY REQUIREMENTS. Applicants will possess a completed NAC (National Agency Check)
with a Secret Clearance or complete a Statement of Agreement prior to appointment.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS. A baccalaureate or higher degree from an educational institution
listed in the current Accredited Institutions of Post Secondary Education is required for all
appointments. Officers transferring from another service or from another component of the Air Force
and former officers must possess a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited educational
EDUCATION WAIVER. A waiver of the degree requirement will only be considered for
exceptionally well-qualified applicants. To be eligible for a degree waiver, applicants must possess a
consolidated transcript from an accredited 4-year degree granting institution. The applicant must
initiate the education waiver. The waiver request must outline a degree plan that will result in a four-
year degree by the end of the fifth year of commissioned service.

If the applicant has completed           The minimum acceptable GPA is:

90 but less than 105 semester hours or 135 but less than 157
quarter hours                                                   2.30
105 but less than 120 semester hours or 157 but less than 180
quarter hours                                                   2.20
120 or more semester hours or 180 or more quarter hours
TESTING AND TRAINING REQUIREMENTS. All applicants must be administered the Air Force
Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) at an Air Force approved testing facility prior to approval for
Pre-commissioning Training Requirements:
    Officer applicants who have not held a commission in the Armed Forces must complete the
Academy of Military Science (AMS)
    All applicants must agree to attend required formal training for the specialty to which appointed
within 18 months
AFOQT requirements are listed below.


If the applicant has                    and is to be appointed   Then the minimum score is (Note)
                                                                 Verb Quant Pilot Nav Total
A bachelor’s degree                     Line Officers             15     10    N/A N/A N/A
Not completed a bachelor’s degree       Line Officers             30     25    N/A N/A N/A

SCHEDULING TESTS. The AFOQT may be administers at the 176 Military Personnel Flight, Kulis
ANG Base, Building 37, call (907) 249-1108 to schedule the exam. It is highly recommended that
candidates prepare for this exam. AFOQT pamphlet is available at local libraries and bookstores carry
study guides for officer entrance exams.

AFFILIATION COMMITMENT. All non-prior-service officers incur an eight-year Military Service
Obligation (MSO). In addition to the MSO, all officers incur a service commitment for formal training.

  AF Form 24        Application for Appointment
  SF 88             Report of Medical Examination (approved by ANGRC/SG)
  SF 93             Report of Medical History
  AF Form 2030        USAF Drug Abuse Certificate
  AF Fm 357         Family Care Certification (if applicable)
  DD Form 214         Certificate of Release/Discharge for Active Duty (if applicable)
  Certificate of AFOQT Scores
  Statement of Agreement for military obligations and service agreement
  Consolidated Certified College Transcripts
  Justification for Selection of Non-College Graduate (if applicable)

Applicants are ineligible for appointment when one of the following conditions exists
    Questionable moral character, history of antisocial behavior, alcoholism, frequent difficulties with
law enforcement agencies, history of psychotic disorders, transsexualism and other gender identity
disorders, exhibitionism, transvestitism, voyeurism and other paraphilias, or homosexual conduct.
    Moral disqualification (convicted or adversely adjudicated of offenses as indicated in AFI 36-
2002, atch 3) or involvement with narcotics or illegal drugs.
    Appointment is not clearly consistent with interest of national security under AFI 31-501 as deter-
mined by the appointing authority after completion of the minimum investigation.
    Conscientious objector or person with personal beliefs or convictions that preclude unrestricted
    On active duty in another uniformed service.
    Under restraint imposed by civil or criminal court or subject of a subpoena ordering attendance
on some specified future date (includes those relieved from restraint on the condition of appointment).
    Disenrolled from an officer training program as defined in AFI 36-2012, Record of Disenrollment
From Officer Candidate -Type Training-DD Form 785.
    Previously applied for appointment but was not selected, or was selected for appointment but
declined acceptance.
    Not available for active duty 30 calendar days from the date of acceptance of appointment when
appointment depends on immediate entry on active duty.
    Not available for active duty 30 calendar days from the date of the order calling the person to
active duty in time of war or national emergency declared by the President or the Congress, or when
otherwise authorized by law.
    Cannot qualify for retirement under Title 10, U.S.C., Section 8911 (active duty retirement) or
Section 12731 (Reserve retirement), before or on removal from an active status, unless the person
acknowledges in writing that retention for retirement is not possible.
    On the retired roll of any of the uniformed services.
    Discharged with other than an honorable discharge certificate or with other than "Honorable" on
DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge From active duty, or DD Form 2l5, Correction
to DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty.
    Released from active duty or discharged for failure to meet acceptable standards of conduct or
duty performance, unsuitability, misconduct, personal abuse of drugs, for the good of the service, for
security reasons or court-martial convictions.
    Discharged for failure to meet minimum Reserve participation requirements.
    Discharged for physical disability or hardship reasons or failure to respond to official
    Eliminated from the Inactive Status List Reserve Section (ISLRS).
    Dropped from the rolls of any uniformed service because of confinement to a state or federal
penitentiary or correctional institution or due to absence without authority for 3 months.
    Received severance pay, or separation pay, or adjustment pay, or Voluntary Separation Incentive
(VSI) or Special Separation Benefit (SSB) pay when released from active duty or discharged from any
uniformed service.
    Resigned in lieu of court-martial, reclassification, elimination, or any form of corrective or
disciplinary action.
    Nonselection for promotion for the second time (regardless of selection for continuation on active
duty); or after initial continuation on active duty, not subsequently continued due to nonselection or
    Regular officer resigned with more than 18 years of active duty.
    Retirement eligible Regular officer.
    Retired as a Regular officer.
    Has any family members under age 18 incapable of self-care (regardless if whether applicant is
single, married, married to a military member, or has a common law spouse).