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Jewelry, especially rings, is one of the best gifts one can give to a loved one. Jewelry, unlike food, lasts long and can be worn multiple times especially when there is an occasion or an event to attend to. Click here to know more

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In 2009 Purple is the Royal Choice For Jewelry By Ron Peterson

It's known to be President Obama's favorite color. Up and down the spring runways in every incarnation, purple reigns as the royal color when it comes to fashion and jewelry in Spring 2009. From violet to eggplant, lavender to fuchsia, the shade is one of spring's fave hues. If you're not likely to splurge on the season's hottest, pricey fuchsia suit, why not invest in some fun purple jewelry to pair with spring's fashions. Fortunately, the rich hue looks great on nearly everyone, its tints of red and blue flattering most skin tones. The Royal Connection Tyrian purple, the original color from which purple gets its name was a color of dye made from a mollusk that only the very wealthy could afford, hence its association with royalty. The word "purple" comes from the ancient Greek word, "porpura," the name of the dye manufactured from the sea snail. The shade is also referred to as imperial purple. The shade of purple used during Medieval Europe was bluer than its predecessor. Referred to as royal purple, it was similar to the royal blue worn by aristocracy. Not surprisingly, purple came to represent positions of honor and valor in American history. George Washington created The Purple Heart in 1782, the military's oldest and most admired decoration. One thing is for certain, the bold color is statement-making and perfect for those who want to make an entrance this season. It's also said to be a color that fosters peace of mind, something we could all use a little of this year. How to Wear Purple Jewelry Amethyst Of course, one of the most popular types of purple jewelry is the amethyst. The beautiful gemstone is available in a variety of hues. Try a combining an amethyst pendant jewelry necklace and matching ring set in silver or amethyst tear-drop earrings. For the girl who loves to be treated like a princess, the Journey Amethyst drop pendant jewelry necklace goes beautifully with this spring's feminine fashions. Tanzanite Having recently made its mark in the jewelry world, tanzanite jewelry is a rare gemstone that was discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro, a king of mountains. Its breathtaking origin is the only
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known mining site for tanzanite. It was introduced to the market by Tiffany & Co. in 1969. Occurring in a wide range of sizes and colors, tanzanite most often displays overtones of purple. The intensity of purple depends on the size of the stone. Smaller gems tend to be lavender, while larger tanzanite gems display deeper blues and purples. Tanzanite pendant jewelry necklaces and matching earrings in white gold are a lovely way to wear the trend. Those who want to celebrate mom as queen this Mother's Day might choose a dragonfly-designed pendant jewelry necklace or ring in tanzanite. Purple Sapphire Discovered in the early 19th century, the Midnight Star Sapphire is the largest violet purple sapphire in existence. Weighing in at 116.75 carats, the stone comes from Sri Lanka. Star sapphires of this color are quite rare, and a stone of this huge size is rarer still. Owned at one time by J.P. Morgan, the stone now resides at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. While such a magnificent stone may not be in the budget for most, the look of purple sapphires is replete with magnificence and royalty. Less inexpensive stones can be worn in the bold and popular right-hand ring look for a truly regal touch. Set in sterling silver, a purple sapphire ring is simply stunning. Displayed in princess-cut, purple sapphires are equally spectacular in a set of drop earrings as well. Or choose a sapphire and CZ pendant jewelry necklace set in gold for an eye-catching combination. Lewis Jewelers is proud to carry the full line of Pandora Jewelry - bracelets, charms and beads are only a part of the collection. Contact Lewis Jewelers, 2000 West Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48103, 877-88-LEWIS or visit

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Choosing And Caring For A Tanzanite Pendant By Lyn Davis

Tanzanite is a very highly prized stone found only deep in the mines of Tanzania, Africa. There is speculation that the mines will soon be depleted and no other sources of Tanzanite has been discovered. Legend has it that the Masaai tribe discovered tanzanite after lightning had struck the plain brown stone, turning it a dazzling shade of violet. It is said that the Masaai traditionally give tanzanite as a gift when a baby is born. Brought to consumers by jewelry legend Tiffany and Co. shortly after it's discovery in 1967, tanzanite has been a popular choice for jewelry ever since. A tanzanite pendant can be a beautiful addition to your jewelry box. Ranging in size from one to usually no more than ten carats, a tanzanite pendant can be delicate and small or bold and big. The larger the stone, the more it will usually cost per carat. Tanzanite has the amazing capacity to display shades of purple, blue, and even green and red, depending on it's cut and the way the light hits the stone. The most valuable stones are the ones with the deepest saturation of color. Take care not to expose your tanzanite pendant to prolonged heat or elements such as seawater. Never put your tanzanite pendant in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Your jeweler can advise you of the best way to clean your tanzanite, or they can simply do it for you. If your tanzanite pendant becomes smudged, simply polish gently with a soft cloth. Tanzanite is preferred in pendants and earrings because of it's Moh's scale ranking. Coming in at 6.5, tanzanite is not as durable as other common gemstones. Tanzanite rings are more likely to be damaged than a harder gemstone. Pendants and earrings do not usually take as many jostles and hits the way rings might in everyday situations, so tanzanite is a fine choice for these types of jewelry. For more information visit or

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