How To Switch To Digital Picture Frames -- And Love It!

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Display your photos in style. Picture frames are particularly popular because they offer a modern and more convenient way to keep memories live. Click here to know more

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How To Switch To Digital Picture Frames -- And Love It! By Karin Peters

When you stop to think about it, it's amazing just how much trouble our parents went to, to get photos of us when we were kids. Back then -- and we're only talking a few years here -- you had to get film for the camera, take the photo, send the film to the developer, have prints made, then put the print in a frame. The entire process involved lots of driving around, a week of waiting, and quite a bit of expense. And all for just ONE photo in the frame that would sit on the table, desk, or hang on the wall. Today, as digital photography has swept the industry and changed our daily lives in the process, digital picture frames are completing America's transition from old film-based photography. Now you can have your favorite photos display on a digital picture frame that can hold and display up to hundreds of photos. The photos can change from one to another at the rate you choose. Your digital picture frame can also show movies and play music. Keep in mind, your hundreds of photos fit on a small card, replacing the drawer or box that once held all your paper photos. It came to my mind one day, why take all those pictures if you can't display them? The digital picture frame solves that problem by letting you display a vast selection of photos. Digital picture frames have become wildly popular with everyone from grandparents separated by distance to Moms and Dads who are traveling. Many of the frames are small enough to fit in a suitcase or even a pocket. Frames can sit on a desk or be mounted on the wall for vertical or horizontal viewing. When choosing a digital picture frame, keep in mind various factors like clarity of the picture, display stability, reliability, and the reputation of the manufacturer. It pays to shop around when buying your digital picture frame. Quality, selection, and prices vary widely between retailers. I usually find the best deals are to be had online. Often you need several items to complete your digital picture frame setup. Your system may require a memory card and card reader. You'll save money by purchasing these items in a kit where all items have been discounted.
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Finally, make sure your digital picture frame is easy for you to use. Some people are perfectly at home configuring computer systems and may want a more complex frame setup. Dealing with the complexity can give you more options. But chances are, you probably just want to plug your digital picture frame in and have it work with as little fuss as possible. Many of the top systems have been designed with simplicity in mind. It may be time for you to make the switch to digital picture frames. In short, they're a revolution in the way we enjoy photos of our loved ones. Karin Peters is an expert on Digital Picture Frames and founder of   See her hand picked selection of top Digital Picture Frames with notes on which are the best values for you.

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Digital Picture Frames: What Do You Put In Them? By Chad Barker

Digital picture frames are the newest rage in picture frames. Unlike the traditional types, these are ideal for displaying many photos all at once. Although you may not realize it, a digital model of picture frame will help your home to be filled with all of your favorite photos but it won’t allow the home to feel crowded or overwhelmed. In fact, you may have a hard time determining which photos to display and which not to! What do you put in your digital picture frames? When you are adding photos to these digital units, consider these points. • Only include photos that are positive and bring a smile to your face. Or, present those that help you to remember good memories. • Display a wide range of shots. You can go from a close up shot to being in a distant shot. Keep the photos spontaneous and interesting. That’s going to help keep interest in the photo. • You can design an entire digital picture frame collection with black and white photos that are easy to make with most computer picture software. • Use the software tools that you have on your computer to help you to crop and cut photos so that they really can bring out your desired look. You can do this in a number of ways for each picture that you put up. • Colors are great for digital photo frames. Liven up all of the colors in your collection and then add them to your framing unit for a number of great shots that pop! Digital picture frames do have one qualification about them. You have to make them beautiful, elegant and just what you want. Design each picture or put in your favorite photos and enjoy the random pictures that flash before you. Whatever you do, enjoy what these photos can do for you. Chad Baker has worked for many years as a photographer and has written amazing articles on picture frames, poster frames, photo gifts and many other useful topics related to photos and how to make them look more beautiful. You can read more of Chad’s articles about picture frames at

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