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How To Sharpen Hair Scissors? By Kristy Klien

Just like the servicing of machinery, the cutting tools also require proper servicing and sharpening from time to time. If these tools are not sharpened or repaired at a right point of time, they may become hostile and can even damage the subjects on which they are being used. So the case is with hair cutting scissors that these also need proper servicing in terms of sharpening and repairing at regular intervals. If a set of scissors is not serviced at a proper time, the chances are that it can ruin and damage the hair while cutting and styling, which will carry a wrong impression on the customer about your credibility. Though, every hair stylist or user of the scissors knows the importance of sharpening them but not everybody knows if when and how to get them sharpened? The sharpening is a process, which helps turning a dull blade into a razor sharp cutting instrument. This can be a simple one step job or it even can be a whole process containing different steps for sharpening the high quality hair cutting instruments. Since, there are many kinds of sharpening methods, but they often depend on the type of scissors you are using. As in the case of German instruments, the sharpening can be performed using a high quality sharpening stone. On other hand, the Japanese type of scissors can only be sharpened using a specialized machine operated by experienced qualified technician. That is why the Japanese products are required to be returned either to the manufacturer or an approved service center for sharpening. There is a usual process involved into sharpening the hair cutting scissors. The steps taken for sharpening the scissors are mentioned as below: 1. The first step to sharpen the hair scissors involves proper examination of the scissors. The blades of the hair scissors are examined so as to see if there are any nicks or burrs. Then, the ride line is examined to determine the appropriate sharpening process. The technician checks the blade to finger rest for any damage. The tips are checked to see if they close properly. Also, the tension is tested for its strength and accuracy. Then, the functioning of the hair scissors is also tested on a tissue paper and a human hair to detect any problems or flaws. 2. After the examination of the hair scissors all the problems are corrected related to twisting and bowing of the blades. Now the hair scissors are ready for convexing. The technician re-establishes the outer convex curve of the hair scissors using a flat disc honing machine. During this process, all imperfections in the ride line edge are corrected, which include nicks, burrs, or incorrect curvature.

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3. The exterior surface of the blades is polished after the convexing is completed. Also, any scratches or damages to the surface metal are corrected. 4. The ride line is required to be absolutely perfect otherwise all work done to the blade is useless. It is the thin flat surface inside the edge of blade which runs while cutting. The ride line is given the finishing with oil stone and water stone technique of different grits. Then, the ride line is again examined by touch and visual magnification to determine the accuracy of re-assembling. If still, there remains any flaw the blade is returned to the oil and water stones to perform more honing. 5. The technician cleans each blade and other parts of the scissors before re-assembling. The tension is adjusted and the tips are checked for proper closure. Now, the hair scissors are tested for final quality. It is also tested on human hair to establish proper functioning of the scissors. If there is found any imperfection, it is corrected again and the hair scissors is polished to be delivered finally. Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools

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How To Cuy My Own Hair? Easy Steps To Cut Your Own Hair And Save Money By Jack Sinclair

Do you come up with a question on How To Cut My Own Hair So I Could Save particular Money? Then, this article will reveal you how to cut your hair correctly and give you the skill to save time and money for the remainder of your life. If you really consider cutting your hair and or your family's hair, I suggest you to read everything you can on the basis of haircutting techniques first, so that the philosophy to understand before you start cutting hair distance. Learning the basics will help you understand how to accurately position your hands, use your fingers as guides, as well as an understanding of cutting corners, elevation and the creation of layers. The first consideration is to get a good pair of scissors cutting hair. Try to get a pair with a bag for security and to keep them well hidden from the people. (Not only that, they will be very strong, you do not want to cut ice poles, craft paper or little finger). The most ordinary hair scissors on the market are made for use with the right hand, you may have to go to a beauty store where you left. Numerous advantages can be obtained when using thinning scissors for cutting hair. No matter what kind of scissors you contain if they are kept razor sharp. Besides, please be certain to keep your scissors maintained with proper servicing - sharpening and repair - at regular intervals. You will also need a pair of other basic components of your haircutting toolkit. There is no golden rule, when the buy of cutting hair, but I would advise you to hold a number of of the Clippers and scissors in hand to see if you feel at ease. Combs, brushes, a mirror and cutting head are all needed tools. Plastic capes are the best, as the hair will fall to the ground, making it easier to clean. You can use an old over-sized shirt as a cape, or even a plastic tablecloth with a hole in the middle. Talc, and clip a giant spray of water bottles are also quite handy. Oh ... And not forgetting a good static broom or dust-buster to help with cleaning. More advice is that always use really sharp scissors. Prepare the hair first by carefully combing or brushing all the snarls and tangles. Make sure that your hair is not hidden behind the ears or nape of the neck. Practice your hairstyle with a cut head dolls or starting block.

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