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How To Choose The Perfect Corset


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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How To Choose The Perfect Corset By Amanda Cotterill

Corsets can instill dread in the hearts and minds of many women, many because of the constrictive nature of their very existence. Harkening back to times past and the constrictive women's underwear that went with it is often a thought that many women immediately perish, but the corset does, in fact, still have some value. Corsetry was once a staple in women's underwear and, although less restricting garments have replaced it, the corset has never really gone out of style. Some women enjoy wearing a corset as sexy underwear once in a while for a little extra stimulation in the bedroom and others still partake in something called "waist training" (altering the shape of the torso with the use of a corset). Whatever your reasons are, here are a few tips for buying your first corset. Shapes and Styles A corset is not a bustier. A corset is usually worn in conjunction with a blouse or dress, unlike a bustier, which you can wear on its own. Corsets don't cover as much of the bust as you might think. Most corsets stop just below the bust or only cover it halfway. Here are some basic corsetry styles available: * Over bust: the corset extends far enough to cover the breasts * Cups: contains an underwire bra with cups for added support * Half bust: only covers the lower half of the breasts, giving you a "peek-a-boo" effect * Under bust: no breast coverage at all Aside from the bust line, there are different shapes for the hips too: * Short hip: originally designed for riding, this corset allows better movement in the hip area. * Mid hip: best for day to day wear, the mid hip corset distributes the pressure from the corset evenly, yet still allows you to move freely and comfortably. * Long hip: very restrictive, but offers more tummy control
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
* Titanic Era: styled after a type of corset worn in the 1800s and places a strong emphasis on posture. This one will cure you of slouching for sure and is best worn with full skirts. * Corset dress: This full length corset is a favourite among the fetish groups. Frequently used in waist and obedience training. Does it sound extreme? It should. In this corset you won't be able to sit, and in some cases, you won't be able to walk very well either. You'll want to choose a corset in a colour that will go with anything. Black and white are the most popular choices. As time goes on and you decide you enjoy wearing a corset, you may want to invest in one or two more elaborately designed pieces. Size Waist measurements establish the size of a corset, so standard dress measurements used for women's underwear do not apply. For the most part, women are encouraged to select a corset that is about four inches smaller than the typical waist measurement. This allows the corset to be laced tighter, allowing gaps between the lacing. Because a corset is designed to craft curves, a corset should have more contour than the woman wearing it. A corset, like most sexy lingerie, can be costly, but most women find that the final purchase is more than worth it for the quality of the garment. Some corsets are made with less than quality materials, so these should be avoided at all costs. Instead of rushing into a corset purchase, it is recommended that suitable time and care is taken when determining the right corset, as you would with any other valued piece of women's underwear, so that the purchase will provide memories that will last a lifetime. Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the sexy lingerie market in the UK for many years. This article outlines the benefits of women choosing the perfect corset of the type shown on Please include this credit if you use this article.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Your guide to buying and wearing a Corset By Miss Kensington

Your guide to buying and wearing a Corset by Miss Kensington

Buying a corset will do wonders for your sex appeal. Please remember that you need to have a figure if you are too over weight you wont get the same look. I am size 36, 34, 40 and I can look good! I would start with a black satin number and once you have your confidence start to go for other colours and styles. Personally i have 8 corsets, and each one makes me feel curvy and sexy. Invest in a corset this should not be a one time, one wear purchase, you will look to pay between $150 and $300 which should last you a lifetime. My favourite corset retailer is Agent Provocateur however there are many online channels to purchase use our search function on the top right hand of this page and type the word "corset" to get corset related search results. Over the years I have perfected lacing my own corsets, however you will need some help at first but here are a few tips; Loosen the lacing at the back of the corset to achieve an even gap of approx 4 inches from top to bottoms. Make sure all the hooks are undone on the front of the corset and place the corset around your body so the lace is behind and the fastens/hooks are at the front. You should now have the lace hanging down either side e.g. left behind and right behind. Fasten the front of you corset, it should still be loose since you have not tightened the lace from behind. Once fastened pull the left and right lace from behind, pull it together slowly to avoid damage to the corset boning. Your corset should be comfortable yet supportive and you should be able to breath in and out without feeling constricted. After a few weeks of wearing the corset you can shorten the lace strings since the corset would have gelled more with your body. Please note that you should leave at least 18 inches of lace. Caring for your corset is key, if you have purchased on a quality retailer you should have received a box with tissue paper. If not purchase these 2 things and wrap your corset away after each use. You dont need to wash you corset after every use; I wear mine at least once a week and only wash every couple of months. You will find hanging your corset out on a washing line to air will be enough to keep it fresh. To wash I recommend dry cleaning or a gentle hand wash using a very mild detergent. Do not at any times wash in a washing machine or tumble dry. Please always read the washing instructions on your corset before undertaking the cleaning process. Have fun and feel sexy! Love Miss Kensington xxx

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