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History of Hair Extensions By Carolyn Clayton

Hair extensions might seem like a new invention but in reality hair additions have been around as far back as the Egyptian times when both men and women work wigs. Since then hair pieces have been in and out of fashion ever since. In 1800 fake hair was frowned upon and women left their hair to be natural until the Romantic era was in full swing when women wore elaborate Apollo knots. Come the mid Victorian era and hair pieces were used a lot more extensively. Then strangely in the early 20th century Edwardian women wore false hair additions to create the pompadour hairstyle which looked like a woman was wearing a teapot on her head. How that became fashionable I don’t really know! Around the 1920’s less hair was the big thing so hair pieces took a dive around that time and it wasn’t until the 1940s when long hair came back into fashion and women starting indulging again. Then in the 1960’s big hair was back with a vengeance. Coils were the in thing or the updo as better known to us were seen of many women, this was created by very extravagant human hair pieces. Wigs made from real or fake hair were commonly worn around this time too and carried on into the early 70’s. Come the 80’s and big hair was in but only natural hair. Famous singers wore wigs but that was about it. In the 1990’s hair pieces or wigs became a lot more affordable to everyone, not just the rich and famous. The famous spice girl Victoria Beckham has been credited for the latest fashion of human hair extensions. When she first got together with her now husband David Beckham it was a time when public interest in the couple was at a all time high and they were both photographed all the time and would be found on the cover or most newspapers and magazines. With this sort of publicity everything about the couple was scrutinised. At that time pictures of Victoria were on the front of every paper or magazine with many different hair styles on view. Some days she had short hair, the next she had long and it was obviously these styles were created thanks to hair extensions. She even spoke about them and explained they were created with natural human hair which caused slight controversy as to where the hair came from. Since then the trend has become much more widespread with lots of different people using them for different reasons. Teenagers looking for long hair have extensions as do older women trying to replace thinning hair. And many women use them just for special occasions. There are many different materials they are made from including a whole range of fake synthetics ones to gorgeous natural
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European hair. Permanent hair extensions can cost a few hundred pounds for each application and they only last up to around 4 months. There are lots of different methods of attaching the hair some safer than others. With permanent hair extensions usually a small group of hair strands are collected which the hair is attached to. There are different types of adhesive including wax, glue, or heat all of which are not that great for your hair. When it comes to removing the extensions chemicals are needed and these can often leave hair damaged. Another option is to have the hair weaved on. It is known as ‘wafting’ and is a much safer option as no chemicals are needed. The clip-on hair extensions come in a variety of different colours and lengths are the best option for non permanent extensions. They are very easy to use and as long as you get the right hair colour and texture of hair, no one will know your hair is fake. In fact I have sat next to a work colleague for months not realising that her long hair was in fact clip on hair extensions. It was only whilst getting ready for our Christmas works do that she pulled her hair off! I was shocked to say the least as her natural hair was just shoulder length and I had no idea. Carolyn is the webmaster of Inanch Hair Salon London, experts in Great lengths hair Extensions London.

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Common Questions About Clip In Hair Extensions Part One By Carolyn Clayton

Hair extensions have severely gained popularity during the last few years, especially because of the recent celebrity trend of having them applied. They have actually been around since the 1980’s even though during the 1980’s many people dismissed them as a fad that would never catch on and now they have come back and they have never been more popular. If you are hoping to have hair extensions applied it should be noted that there are many different ways in which this can be done. Some of the most popular ways involve bonding or gluing the extensions to your natural hair; however if you are looking for a more temporary length or volume then clip in hair extensions may be more suitable to you. Clip in hair extensions are a form of hair extensions that provide you with instant long or full hair as well as a way of adding aspects of colour to your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions provide you with a temporary solution to get longer hair whilst you are waiting for your natural hair to grow. They are cheaper than going to a salon to have extensions applied via other methods of application. Clip in hair extensions can generally be treated the same way as normal hair extensions in the sense you can cut and style them as you please however there are certain things that you can and cannot do to your hair extensions. Below are examples of some of the commonly asked questions that surround the application of clip in hair extensions. Will they damage my hair? – The simple answer to this question is no, as long as you apply and remove the extensions correctly you will not damage your natural hair. They should be clipped to your hair below the ear line so they are hidden by your hair and they should be clipped in so they are evenly spread out across your head. Can I keep using them? – You can re-use your clip in extensions as much as you want as long as you take care of them. Clip in extensions often last a lot longer than normal extensions as they are easier to care for than hair extensions which are glued or bonded to your hair. Can I keep my extensions in over night? – It is highly advised that you don’t keep your extensions in over night as it is considered not safe to sleep in them. Can I cut my clip in hair extensions? – You are able to cut and style your clip in hair extensions into any style that you want to suit your natural hair and to blend them in better; however if you are planning to cut your extensions it is a good idea to ask your hair dresser to do it for you as cutting your hair extensions requires the same amount of skill that is needed to cut your natural hair. Will my Scalp be able to breath? – Like hair extensions that are glued or bonded to your hair, your clip in hair extensions will be fitted close to your hairs roots/scalp. They should be attached in a way so that they do not block your roots or scalp so that you can feel and touch your scalp as normal. For more Information see Common Questions about Clip in Hair Extensions Part Two.

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Helen is the web master of Inanch, specialists in all aspects of Clip in Hair Extension.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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