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Menopause is not a disease. It is a natural process in the life of a woman. Menopause that occurs in women younger than 40 is considered to be premature ovarian failure. Menopause also occurs when a woman's uterus and ovaries are surgically removed. Click here to know more

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Herbal Remedies For Menopause By Mary Davis

People becoming educated about the efficacy of herbal remedies for many medical conditions ranging from migraines to skin conditions. Many women have found more success using herbal remedies to combat their menopause symptoms than they did with prescription drugs suggested by their physicians. There are many different options available to women seeking herbal menopause remedies. It is important to learn which ones are most effective and provide the most relief for your particular symptoms. Menopause symptoms are resultant from decreased estrogen and progesterone production in the ovaries. These hormone fluctuations can wreak physiological havoc on a woman. Among the symptoms a woman may experience are hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, unexplained weight gain, exhaustion , and insomnia. Contain these symptoms is often very difficult and stressful. Prescription drugs can alleviate some of these symptoms; however, the prescription medications have drawbacks. Some have side effects so serious that they can be worse than the symptoms themselves. For example, some of the prescriptions made to treat hot flashes cause itchy rashes that cover the body. Other prescription medications have long term side effects, including diseases such as cancer. Often treating your symptoms with a safe, natural, herbal remedy is the optimal method for coping with menopause. When you begin searching for an appropriate menopause symptom remedy, it might surprise and overwhelm you to see the vast quantity of available products. It can be difficult to Choose the right product. There are several people you might want to consult as you begin searching. Begin with a visit to your gynecologist. They will be able to advise you as to which herbal remedies are safe and appropriate for you. Moreover, they can also share information with you as to which methods have been effective for their other patients and which have not. In addition to your doctor, you might speak to a consultant in your local herbal store. More than likely, they have talked to other women who coping with the same symptoms. Based on this knowledge, they may be able to point you down the right path.

Black Cohos is one of the most popular herbs used to alleviate symptoms of menopause. This herb is effective for a number of different menopause symptoms including anxiety, hot flashes, and night sweats. The extensive studies on this herb suggest that is very effective. Pasque Flower has also shown itself to be a beneficial herbal remedy for coping with menopause symptoms. It offers a mild
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sedative-like effect. An herbal combination called MellowPause might also be helpful for some symptoms. It has a soy base, and mixes the power of Black Cohosh and Pasque flower to help you fight hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and insomnia. Menocore is yet another herbal combination that deals with the same symptoms. It contains a mixture of different natural herbal products. One final product that might be successful on your symptoms is Triatone. The ingredients include Isoflavones, Black Cohos, Dong Quai, Chasleberry, and Licorice Root. This product not only alleviates many symptoms, but it may also leave you with an overall sense of well-being. You might also desire to contact your local natural food or herb store and to find out what natural supplements they carry. In addition to their side-effect free effectiveness, they tend to cost far less than the available prescription options. Mary Davis contributes to several web sites, including http://dukof.com and http://femik.com

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Herbal remedies for menopause and its alternative treatment By Adrianna Smith

Herbal remedies for menopause and its alternative treatment Menopause is a situation in which the menstruation of a woman stops for one year and ends her reproductive cycle. This is just a normal occasion in a woman’s life. It occurs in every woman when she achieves her late thirties to early fifties. Menopause happens under the influence of hormonal changes in the body. When a woman reaches this period, there are physical and chemical changes that happen and many women practice mood swings, depression, anger, hot flashes, cold sweats, vaginal dryness, urinary changes such as dribbling or repeated urination and burning, and changes in both menstruation and xxx drive. If this happens, the woman must take excellent care of her health and nutrition. Those who encourage themselves well make it through this stage in a good manner. Menopause is the shutting down of child bearing ability of the woman, and as women go through menopause, their bodies do not produce sufficient amounts of the female hormones. Many women have to undergo uncomfortable menopausal symptoms; but many herbal remedies have been known to relieve menopausal symptoms. Thinking of going through hormone replacement therapy to help ease your menopausal symptoms? Have you considered trying some herbal remedies first to see if they help? Rather than go for a drastic option, the use of herbal remedies may be worth a try as they are natural and comparatively safer. In fact, there are many herbal remedies that can help deal with the various menopausal symptoms that you are having. These include herbal remedies to alleviate your existing condition of night sweats, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness, loss of xxx drive, memory loss, depression and sudden mood swings. Menopause is often referred to as the change. It is often a difficult period for the sufferer as well as those around. Also, it can get depressing as weight gain is a possible outcome during menopause. Here are some of the alternative herbal remedies for menopause:-Ginseng: this is the most popular herb used by women who are experiencing menopause. Although there are many types of ginseng – e.g. white and red, Siberian, American etc. they are all used for increasing/boosting the immune system functions and for relieving stress. The constant use of ginseng can help women improve their feeling of well-being. However, studies have shown that ginseng does not relieve hot flashes, which is a common occurrence with menopausal women. -Valerian root: This herb has been used as a sedative but it is known to have side effects. The constant use of this herb has been known to cause heart problems and delirium! -Black co-hose: this herb is only helpful for short periods, it is very effective for treating hot flashes and night sweats for up to six months (or less). This herb will no longer work after six months of use. Before you try any of these herbal remedies, consult with your doctor. You have to make sure that the herbal remedies for menopause do not interact negatively with the other medications that you may be on. Also, you would need to ask your doctor or herbalist for the recommended dosages of herbal

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remedies for your specific case. What is useful is to know that hormone replacement therapy is not the one and only solution if you want to ease your menopausal symptoms. There are many herbal remedies out there that can help you alleviate your suffering! Menopause is often referred to as the change. It is often a difficult period for the sufferer as well as those around. Also, it can get depressing as weight gain is a possible outcome during menopause. Himalaya menosan is very useful herbal remedies for menopause treatment and an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

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