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In hair care, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty. Good hair care will not be achieved if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge and equipment. Proper hair care prevents hair loss and other hair problems Click here to know more

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Hair Shampoo - Information And Tips By Ann McKee

Shampoo is a probably the most common hair care product used to clean hair. It basically removes oils, dirt, products and other pollutants from the exterior of the hair and scalp. If not formulated correctly, shampoo can strip your hair and scalp of too much of the natural oils. This is another reason it is not recommended you use regular soap for cleaning your hair as soap is made to bond with and remove oils. Shampoos, especially those, made for daily use are formulated so that they are mild on the hair and do not leave it too dry. Shampoo to treat dandruff, which is considered a medical condition, is regulated just like other over the counter drugs. Baby shampoos are made to mirror the pH of the human eye so they do not irritate the eye during bathing. You can also get the double formula shampoo and conditioner all in one which is supposed to clean and condition at the same time. Then you have the shampoos geared to your type of hair: dry, oily, normal. But it gets more complicated now. You can get shampoos geared towards the result you want, There are shampoos that volumize, moisturize, strengthen, purify (not sure what that means), anti-frizz, color enhancing (specific for blondes, brunettes & redheads), and more recently ones for restoring and time renewal. Tips * Always shampoo wet hair. Lather & massage. Remember lots of suds does not necessarily mean it is doing a better job. * Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat. This is a myth. Repeating will not get your hair cleaner; you will just use twice the amount of shampoo. * You do not need to shampoo every day, specially if your hair is dry. Every other day just wet your hair and use conditioner * Which one to pick? All shampoo cost pennies to make. The extras are just branding and perfumes. Try one of the drugstore shampoos first before you invest upwards of $20 for a fancy shampoo. * If you are using a special thickening shampoo be sure to use an anti-residue shampoo once a week. Thickening shampoos work by depositing product to adhere to your hair so it just looks thicker.
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Hair Loss Shampoo By Terje Brooks Ellingsen

Did you know that nearly 30 million people around the world suffer from hair loss? That's why this is considered to be a billion dollar industry because both men and women feel social embarrassment. Even though thousands of hair loss products are available on the market, hair loss shampoo is the widely used product. Hair loss is very often heritable. It may also occur due to aging or hormonal imbalance. Since hair loss is heritable, it may be from your father's side or mother's side. There is a common view that the hair loss is mainly from mother's side but it is not true. Different hair loss treatments are available for different hair loss patterns. One among them is hair loss shampoo. Many people suffering from hair loss are using hair loss shampoo, because it is the easiest way of treating hair loss. But in a lot of cases not the best! There are numerous varieties of hair loss shampoos available in drugstores. One among them is Dr.Proctor's hair loss shampoo, which consists of natural ingredients, no chemicals are added. Statistics show that this product is the favorite hair loss shampoo. The second most popular hair loss shampoo is called Life Extension Shampoo. Find out more about Thinning Hair Other commonly used hair loss shampoos are Viviscal, Hair Genesis, Thymuskin, Revivogen, nisim, and Tricomin. A research study confirms that Thymuskin hair loss shampoo is 95% effective in female and 67% in the male pattern baldness. Viviscal shampoo is also very popular. It treats thinning hair, hair loss, and proclaims overall health of the hair. Viviscal is also available as tablets, scalp lotion and conditioner apart from hair loss shampoo. Viviscal is extracted from marine, which provides the essential amino acids to the hair follicle to keep it healthier. Hair Genesis is not only available as hair loss shampoo, but also as an oral supplement, topical serum, and conditioner. This natural hair loss product helps to block the DHT by using the botanical DHT blockers to impede hair loss. It has to be used for at least 3 months before any positive effect is seen as a result of this treatment. How does a hair loss shampoo work? Hair loss shampoo cleans the hair follicle from debris, dirt, oil, and other wastes. These hair loss shampoos have thymus peptides that will diffuse deep into the hair follicles to remove the adhered dirt. Hair Renew is one of the hair loss shampoos that are specially made for women. This hair loss shampoo cleanses the scalp, neutralizes the DHT in the scalp and also nourishes the hair follicles. DHT in the hair follicles blocks the available nutrients to the hair follicle which results in hair loss. Be careful in selecting a hair loss shampoo, because some shampoos may harm your hair and may even provoke more hair loss than preventing it. Find out more about Thinning Hair Remedies at

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