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Afternoon, Evening & Weekend Options! • 4 GREAT choices timed for the Spring ‘10 SATs • Classes meet at AHS unless noted

1. SAT PREP with Arlington Teachers -- $149 “Most highly rated of all SAT Prep courses by AHS graduating seniors”
These 6-session SAT Prep courses taught by top Arlington teachers brush up your skills and introduce test-taking strategies to improve your performance. Sessions now include a pre-test with individual analysis of where improvement is needed and a post-test to measure progress. Students MUST come to the first class with The Official SAT Study Guide available at bookstores, including The Book Rack, Medford Street, Arlington. Limited to 20.

SAT Math REVIEW with Octavia Brauner (must bring calculator)
CODE: SSAT2 $149 6 Thursdays @ 7-9pm 3/18-4/29 (no class vacation week)

SAT Verbal REVIEW with Paul McKnight
CODE: VSAT $149 6 Tuesdays @ 7-9pm 3/16-4/27 (no class vacation week)

Use the form on reverse side of flyer to register for these courses ONLY. Or call 781-316-3568 to register.

2. Afternoon REVOLUTION SAT Prep -- $499
11-session course includes 5 full-length practice tests, a curriculum focused on life-long study skills and beating testing anxiety; personalized homework and individual attention. Any student who does not improve by at least 200 points can take the course again for free. For questions or to enroll, call 1-877-REV-PREP or go to $499

5 Tuesdays & 6 Thursdays @ 3:30-6:30pm (7:30pm on practice test dates OR 5 Tuesdays & 6 Thursdays @ 3:30-6:30pm (7:30pm on practice test dates)

1/26-3/11 3/16-4/29

3. Evening KAPLAN SAT Prep -- $499
12-session course includes 4 full-length practice tests, essay writing, grammar and math strategies and a personal study plan. Call 1-800-527-8378 for information and to register with KAPLAN.

CODE: SABS10000 3/11-4/29


6 Tuesdays & 6 Thursdays @ 6-8:30pm (10pm practice test dates)

4. Weekend KAPLAN SAT Prep -- $499
Same as above. Call 1-800-527-8378 for information and to register with KAPLAN.

CODE: SABS10037 on practice test dates) 2/28-4/17


6 Saturdays @ 9-11:30am AND 6 Sundays @ 2-4:30pm (6:30pm

NOTE: This weekend course ONLY meets at Arlington Heights Nursery, 10 Acton St.; enter REAR door off parking lot; all others meet @ AHS

USE this form to register for COURSES WITH AHS TEACHERS ONLY! CALL Kaplan or Revolution Prep directly to register with them. Return registration to Arlington Community Education, Arlington High School 869 Mass. Ave. Arlington 02476 Phone: 781-316-3568 Fax: 781-316-3381
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