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									Image-Pro Training Courses
We offer a range of training courses to cover all your image analysis needs from basic image manipulation to advanced image analysis, from explaining camera technology to image enhancements and from creating settings files to writing macros. Our basic training course is a must for new users, and the fluorescence and customisation courses are a great way to explore the extended functionality in Image-Pro. Basic Measurement Course The Basic Measurements training course is targeted at new users, users who haven’t used Image-Pro for a while and users who have recently upgraded to the latest version of the software. In it we cover the basics of camera technology and image manipulation as well as image analysis and measurement. This course is run monthly due to the high demand for basic training. Customisation Course The Customisation course is targeted at users who have been on the Basic Measurement training course or who already have a good understanding of image analysis and experience of Image-Pro. In it we teach users to get more out of Image-Pro by simplifying workflows, using settings files and data collection tools and using macros to analyse multiple images or get additional information not available through standard tools. Fluorescence Course Our Fluorescence course is targeted specifically at users of fluorescence live cell imaging systems who have been on the Basic Measurement course or who have experience of using Image-Pro and want to know more about manipulating and analysing fluorescent images. In this course we cover advanced camera technology and multidimensional set handling, image enhancements and basic deconvolution, tracking tools and 3D measurements. Moor Hall All our training courses are held at a dedicated conference centre in beautiful surroundings, in a suite equipped with PCs with the latest version of Image-Pro and all the advanced modules. Catering is included in the price of the course and accommodation is available at a discounted rate if you wish to stay overnight. Course Format All sessions are hands-on and interspersed with opportunities to ask for help with specific analysis needs. The training course is run with groups of 4-8 attendees, allowing every attendee time to ask questions and get one to one attention from the trainer ensuring that everyone gets as much as possible from the sessions. Each attendee will also be provided with a full print out of course content with plenty of space for additional notes. Useful info Please use the link below to find out more about Moor Hall and to get directions. Courses start at 10:00 am and finish at 4:30 pm. Attendees should aim to arrive 30 min early and allow up to 30 min at the end of the course for questions. Course Prices The course is priced at £395 for the first attendee and £250 for additional attendees or courses. To book a place call +44 (0)1628 477025 or go to

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