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									Dual Enrollment and Huskins Courses for High School Students

Dual Enrollment The Dual Enrollment Program at SCC allows students to take college courses while they are still in high school. Courses may be taken during the day or at night as long as those courses do not interfere with the students’ regular high school courses. High school students enrolled in community college courses are exempt from paying tuition for these courses. Huskins Courses Huskins classes are community college courses specifically for high school students. SCC offers a number of courses during spring and fall semesters at each of the Columbus County high schools. Currently enrolled high school students may contact the high school counselor for a list of Huskins courses available at their school. The sole purpose of these programs is to provide expanded educational opportunities and additional educational enrichment experiences for high school students. In no way does it supplant the opportunities and experiences available at the high schools. Credits earned at SCC by qualifying students are entered on a college transcript at Southeastern. College transfer courses may also be transferred to other two- and four-year institutions. Requirements: 1. High school students must be at least 16 years old. 2. High school students must be enrolled in a secondary institution at least half-time and must be making appropriate progress toward graduation as determined by the high school principal. Admissions Procedures: 1. Listed below are the steps required for dual enrollment. The steps are provided as a guideline and, in all cases, the student should work closely with a high school counselor and Southeastern Community College Admissions staff in the admissions process. 2. Complete and return the Southeastern Community College Admissions Application. 3. Take the college placement assessment in the Counseling Center. Placement assessment dates and times are available in the Counseling/Admissions Office or at Students who score at least a 450 on the SAT Math, 480 on the SAT Critical Reading, and 480 on the SAT Writing are not required to take SCC’s placement assessment. 4. Request official high school transcript, if the student has taken the SAT or ACT. 5. Submit a dual enrollment form signed by the student, parent/guardian, school counselor, school principal, and SCC advisor.
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Dual Enrollment and Huskins Courses for High School Students
Page 2 Courses Available to Dual-Enrollment Students: Students who are dually-enrolled may take any SCC campus or on-line course numbered 100 or above. English High school students wishing to enroll in ENG 111 must have completed senior English (the fourth year of high school English instruction) and must take SCC’s English placement assessment or score 480 on the reading and writing sections of the SAT before registration. Mathematics Students must take SCC’s math placement assessment or score 450 on the mathematics section of the SAT before registration and have met the prerequisites for each course. Natural Resources Dually-enrolled students should be interviewed by the division dean and faculty to determine their past experience and academic work prior to enrollment in any recreation course except for REC 100. Social Sciences High school students enrolled at SCC may take history and foreign language courses and some humanities courses. They may be admitted to sociology, psychology or philosophy courses by permission of the instructor. Some of the courses in the social sciences require the placement assessment or a SAT score of 480 on the reading section of the SAT. If students are unsure of what courses to take, they are encouraged to discuss it with their college advisor. The following are examples of courses that dually-enrolled students may wish to take during their first semester of college: ACA 115, ART 111, COM 110, COM 120, COM 231, DRA 111, MUS 110, PED 110, REL 110, and SPA 111. These courses have no prerequisites.

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