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                              Distance Education
                                  Programs in
                                Criminal Justice

                                                     You may
                                                   be closer than
                                                     you think.
You want to advance your career         In our criminal justice program, you

in criminal justice. Which means        complete your studies at a distance, on

                                        your schedule. We give you a head start
you want a college degree: it’s a
                                        by accepting more of your previously
must for valued positions in law
                                        earned credits toward our Bachelor
enforcement, corrections, the
                                        of Science degree with a major in
courts and homeland security.
                                        Criminal Justice. And you get to study
But how do you earn your degree
                                        today’s most relevant subject areas:
while tending to work and family?
                                        topics like counterterrorism, family and

                                        delinquency, forensic pathology, white-
Welcome to Excelsior College.
                                        collar crime, victimology, security, crime

                                        scene analysis, and more. All from an

                                        accredited college that ranks as a world

                                        leader in distance education.

                                    Convenient. Flexible. Affordable. Accredited.
                                                        Earn further credit through
                                                        a host of options.
                                                        Take Excelsior College Courses — online or via
                                                        CD-ROM — in subjects from sociology to victimology.
                                                        Or earn credit at your own pace through Excelsior
                                                        College Examinations, CLEP, and other for-credit

                                                        Use our Portfolio Assessment to earn credit for college-
Make the most of the credits                            level learning through your work, community, or
you’ve already earned.                                  volunteer experiences. With Excelsior College, you’ll
                                                        find a wealth of ways to earn the credit you need.
Since 1971, Excelsior College has been helping
students finish their degrees more efficiently          When you enroll, your team of Academic Advisors
by accepting many of the credits they’ve already        will help you develop a degree completion plan—
earned— saving them time and money. When you            the most efficient, most flexible path to your
enroll in our Bachelor of Science degree program in     college degree.
Criminal Justice, we'll consider credit you've earned

n   Excelsior College and other approved colleges           Military servicemembers:
    and universities                                        Ask about special enrollment options
n   Academy training or other programs evaluated            and reduced fees for the military.
    for college credit by ACE, National PONSI, or
    Excelsior College
n   ACE-approved military training
n   For-credit exams, such as Excelsior College®
                                                                                                                   Photo Courtesy of the Department of Defense.
    Examinations, DSST, and CLEP

Our generous acceptance of credits is a big
reason why we are top-ranked nationwide in
number of transfer students (according to
U.S.News & World Report).
Study the most pressing issues
in criminal justice today.
International Terrorism. Crimes Against Humanity.
Drugs and Society. Managing Homeland Security.
Excelsior College Courses in criminal justice cover the
gamut of today’s most relevant issues. Developed by
national experts in the field, these Excelsior College
courses allow you to delve into all aspects of criminal
justice: from cybercrime to child abuse, white-collar     As a criminal justice major, you will also select
crime to the psychology of victims. Add to that our       a concentration based on your personal or career
wealth of general education courses — including           interest to study in depth:
psychology, sociology, communications, and more.
                                                          n   Administration of Criminal Justice

                                                          n   Corrections

                                                          n   Law Enforcement and Public Safety

                                                          n   Homeland Security

                                                          To earn your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need
                                                          120 semester credits, including 30 in criminal
                                                          justice (15 at the upper level). Courses start every
                                                          two months, so you can start them whenever it’s
     “My Excelsior College degree has
                                                          convenient for you.
      given me a great foundation
      for my future aspirations in law
      enforcement and has given me
                                                          Do your career justice.
      a leg up over others in the field.”                 Earn the degree you need — to move up to the career
                                                          you want. For details:
             William V. Mortenson
                                                                      Call 888-647-2388
                                                                                   (ext. 27)
             Bachelor of Science with
                                                                          Or visit
             a major in Criminal Justice

Accredited. Affordable. Flexible.
            C E R T I F I C AT E I n H O M E l A n D S E C u R I T Y
                              with courses online or via CD-ROM

 Certificate in Homeland Security

                                                                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of the Department
 The Homeland Security Department employs over 200,000

                                                                                                                                  of Defense.
 workers, making it one of the largest federal agencies.
 Homeland security needs are still in high demand and are
 only increasing. That growth will mean new careers and
 new opportunities for security professionals not only in the
 Homeland Security Department but in other local, state, or              Those with college degrees in homeland security may
 federal government agencies as well as in private industry              find positions in Fortune 500 companies and such
 and nonprofits.                                                         agencies as:

 Careers can be found in areas such as law enforcement,                  n   Citizen and Immigration Services
 protective services, private and public security, border                n   Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
 and transportation security, emergency preparedness/
                                                                         n   Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
 management, infrastructure protection, and intelligence
 analysis… just to name a few.                                           n   Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
                                                                         n   U.S. Coast Guard
                                                                         n   U.S. Customs Services
                                                                         n   U.S. Marshals Service
        “Excelsior gave me credits for my
                                                                         n   U.S. Secret Service
         military training and took credits
         from my associate’s degree. There                               As a student in the 16-credit program, you’ll take six
                                                                         courses developed by national experts in criminal
         was plenty of time to complete my
                                                                         justice. These courses cover the entire spectrum of
         certificate and degree. There was                               homeland security, including:
         no pressure. There is no excuse
                                                                         n   Terrorist threats
         with online classes.”
                                                                         n   Counterterrorism strategies
                Doretha Evans                                            n   Successful security planning and threat assessment
                Graduate                                                 n   Emergency management, and
                Certificate in Homeland Security                         n   Disaster planning
                Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts

As with the Bachelor of Science degree program, you can take these certificate courses according to
your schedule, within the course term, with no travel required. And you can apply the credits earned
toward an Excelsior College degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Homeland Security.
C er t i f ic a t e in Cr iminal P r o f iling and Inve s t ig a t i ve A nal y s i s
                                    Online, Flexible, and Convenient

     Certificate in
     Criminal Profiling and
     Investigative Analysis
     The field of Investigative Criminal Profiling is gaining in
     popularity, and as it grows, there will be a need for criminal
     justice professionals to have an expertise in this area.          your skills as a homicide detective or police officer;
     Excelsior College has developed a Certificate Program,            and to gain an important investigative tool as a private
     which will be most beneficial to those looking to enter           investigator. Those students who want to focus on other
     the field or prepare for a promotion. You may also apply          aspects can apply their CPIA intelligence to fields such
     the credits earned toward an Excelsior College degree in          as psychology, parole and probation, corrections, rape
     Criminal Justice.                                                 counseling, teaching, and fiction writing.

     Through the Criminal Profiling and Investing Analysis             This six-course program (totaling 16 credits) is suitable
     (CPIA) program, you will gain a more specialized                  for anyone interested in criminal profiling as a career,
     knowledge within the criminal justice and law enforcement         those with academic credentials but who seek knowledge
     arena. This will give you an opportunity to develop the           and understanding of the field, and those with an indirect
     skills and abilities necessary for a criminal profiler; to hone   interest in CPIA.

                                                                           You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the
                                                                           skills needed to succeed, studying subjects such as:

                                                                           n	 Crime Reconstruction

                                                                           n	 Forensic Pathology

                                                                           n	 Investigative Criminal Profiling

                                                                           n	 Serial Rape and Homicide Investigation

                                                                              and, coming soon:
                                                                           n	 Behavioral Analysis of Violent Crimes

                                                                       As with the Bachelor of Science degree program, you can
                                                                       take these certificate courses according to your schedule,
                                                                       within the course term, with no travel required. And you can
                                                                       apply the credits earned toward an Excelsior College degree
                                                                       in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Criminal Profiling
                                                                       and Investigative Analysis.

                                                                                                                           enroll09-133; 12/09
                                                                                                                                      EX: 0303
                                                                                                                        Photo Courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security

            Earn your degree
            from a world leader.
            As an accredited world leader in distance
            education, Excelsior College has helped busy
            working adults earn their college degrees for
            over three decades. With more than 130,000
            graduates, we empower you to fit learning into
            your life with distance programs that let
            you study whenever and wherever you choose.
            As a result, you benefit from a flexible—
            and affordable— way to earn your degree.

            Excelsior College is accredited by the
            Commission of Higher Education of the Middle
                                                                                                   Earn an associate degree.
            States Association of Colleges and Schools.
                                                                                                   Ask about our Associate in Science degree
                                                                                                   with an area of focus in Criminal Justice.
                            Call 888-647-2388                                                      With the credits you have previously
                                            (ext. 27)

                               Or visit                                           earned, you may have already met many
                                                                                                   of the requirements — and be closer than
                                                                                                   you think to your college degree.

Located at 7 Columbia Circle • Albany, New York 12203 • 518-464-8500, Excelsior College
is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of
Colleges and Schools • 3624 Market Street • Philadelphia, PA 19104 • 215-662-5606.
The Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by
the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).
All the College's academic programs are registered (i.e., approved) by the New York State
Education Department. Excelsior College admits students of any race, color and national
or ethnic origin. Excelsior College is a Title IV eligible educational institution (Federal Code

EX0301 enroll09-088; 9/09

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