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For  Health Information Management  Clinical Coding

To become a health information manager, you need to complete an accredited undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The following Australian universities offer accredited 3 or 3½ year undergraduate degrees. For information about courses and entry requirements, contact the Schools of Health Information Management in Australian Universities: CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Perth, Western Australia) HOME PAGE: http://www.curtin.edu.au/ SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: http://www.curtin.edu.au/curtin/dept/health/ DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT http://www.curtin.edu.au/curtin/handbook/courses/15/157599.html QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (Brisbane, Queensland) HOMEPAGE: http://www.qut.edu.au/ SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: http://www.hlth.qut.edu.au/ph/

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY (Sydney, New South Wales) HOME PAGE: http://www.usyd.edu.au/ FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCE: http://www.cchs.usyd.edu.au/ SCHOOL OF HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: http://www.cchs.usyd.edu.au/him/

LA TROBE UNIVERSITY HOME PAGE: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/ SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/publichealth/ HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/publichealth/courses/him/program_page.html

What is clinical coding? Clinical coding is the translation of narrative descriptions of diseases, injuries and procedures into alphanumeric codes. These codes can then be used for many purposes including the provision of information for health service planning and financing decisions. The codes are also the basis of AN-DRGs. (Australian National Diagnosis Related Groups) There is a high demand for clinical coders, and excellent employment prospects in both the public and private health care sectors. HIMAA Clinical Coder Education is highly regarded in the health information industry, and

offers an excellent entry point to an interesting career. HIMAA Clinical Coder Education courses were developed with the assistance of Federal Government grants in response to a national workforce study. Clinical Coders need a comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology as their foundation study and progress then to Introductory Clinical Coding Certificate course. After some experience there is the opportunity then to progress to the Intermediate and Advanced courses. HIMAA Education Services awards certificates for:    Comprehensive Medical Terminology Introductory ICD-10-AM coding course Intermediate ICD-10-AM coding course Advanced ICD-10-AM coding course

For further information, course brochures and application forms see our Coder Education page at http://www.himaa.org.au/education.html

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