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									First,as a musical artist, there is no exact "formula" that can get you signed to a label & this may be disappointing for some to listen to but don't be discouraged, many record labels are always still looking for talent. Getting signed to a label can sometimes come about by being in the right place at the right time,however,there are several things you can do to maximize the possibility of attracting a major label or production company & get them interested in signing you as a talent. One of the major record labels out looking for talent right now is DTP records, a very well established hip hop label owned by southern rapper, ludacris. You can upload and send two of your songs directly to their a&r coordinator through this link -> that is a invite only submissions page and they respond back within 10 days. Be well prepared! Make sure your skills are developed to the point that they can compete with the best the industry has to offer. Don't wait to be discovered. Promoting yourself & developing your own fan base is a great way to get noticed by major labels.It helps to have an established following, a nice street team, & some strong independent sales when seeking a record deal. The more you do on your own, the less the label has to do, & ultimately the happier they are. In fact, A&R will often seek you out (eg. come to your show to listen to what all the fuss is about) if you have done a nice job of promoting yourself, if they see you working hard they will want to sign you. You must look "signable". No seven will need to sign you to a label unless you are going to make them funds. Even if they are out looking for talent. As such, you or your band must be confident, experienced, dedicated & professional. You need to stand out from the rest. Be creative. Go where your audience is. Does your music appeal to high school students? Play lunchtime shows at high schools. Or shopping malls. So get out & do live performances.Offer to play at clubs for free if they are reluctant to book you. If you win over the crowd (or bring a healthy crowd of your own) they'll have you back. To build a regional fan base, you ought to be doing shows, selling CD’s, trying to get some radio support (even if it’s college radio), & doing anything & everything else you can to get some kind of following. Put together a "street team" of fans in areas where you play who can help promote your shows, & spread the word. Not only record labels look for talent but managers and PR does to. Lots of young, diehard fans will work like crazy to be recognized, included on the guest list, & be thought about something of an insider. Use the power of the net to generate a buzz! Promote yourself online & expand your fanbase even more. Set up your own web-site where fans can download your songs. Generate a MySpace Music page & artist profile for free! Generate a blog & network with other musicians. Have people sign up to your mailing list & build your database. Regular contact with your fans is crucial if you need to retain a healthy fanbase. Give them regular news updates & information about gigs & CD releases.

Lots of artists sign up to an independent label first (or even start their own label) to create their artistry, songwriting & performance, before getting signed to a major label. Think about doing this as part of your career development. Seven common misconception is that major labels create artists. This is basically not true. You need to bring the whole package, including performance ability, to the label. Having your own fanbase, photos, press clippings or web presence to add to your "demo" will certainly look more impressive! Ok, so let’s recap. You’ve honed your skills, produced a tight product & created a strong buzz. You ought to now be well on your way to getting signed to a label.. This can be a long road, so it’s important to keep a positive mental attitude. A&R & managers get multiple demo's every day & are subject to hearing some terrible stuff. If you can offer something that sounds wonderful, along with a nice "promo" (promotional) package it should greatly increase your chances of getting signed. While every success story is different, you will find that most successful artists share a sense that their music "must be heard" at all costs, so cultivate this mindset in yourself. his belief will help you to perservere & to make connections with others who share your vision. Now just realize that labels ARE looking for talent, you just have to find them. Go ahead and submit two of your songs to DTP for review and hope for the best.

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