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COURSE PREREQUISITE: COMP110 and BUSN110, concurrent enrollment in BIS210L. Prof. Dr. Astrit Mehmeti M. S. C. S.

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 1-3 PM or by appointment and before and after class. Students are also SEMESTER: Summer 2002 DAY: TUESDAY AND THURSDAY

to discuss course related matters over the phone at (773 929-8500 ext. 2254 or Internet E-Mail at: astrit@chi.devry.edu

TEXT: Grauer, Robert T. and Maryann Barber. "Exploring Microsoft Access 2000 Prentice Hall, 2000.
Barron A. and C. Lyskawa. "Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Standard Edition." Course Technology 2000. "Microsoft Project for Windows, Step by Step" Microsoft Press.

COURSE_POLICIES: The final grade will be determined by the total number of points earned during the entire
session on the basis of: (0.20) Final Exam LAB FINAL GRADE + (0.20) Midterm Exam + (0.10) homework & classroom participation (0.70) Lab assignments + (0.20) quizzes (0.20) Group Term Project + (0.20) Group Term Project. (0.10) Portfolio + (0.10) Portfolio All the homework and programming assignments are to be fully documented and turned in as announced in class according to the DUE DATE. NOTE: You are encouraged to take notes. The exams and the homework will be based on the materials covered in class.

Course Description:
This course focuses on developing advanced competencies taught in COMP110 - Computer Applications for Business and introduces additional business software at the personal computer level. Students are exposed to the general concepts of database design at its use in business problem solving. The course also covers general concepts of project planning and the use of project management software and provides a general introduction to World Wide Web creation and design.

BIS-210 Lab Description
This course maximizes hands-on lab activities. Concepts and applications relating to database management, project planning and control, and Web page creation and design are reinforced through business case studies. / 0-4-2


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1. Given a business case, use Microsoft Project, or similar project management software, to plan and manage the completion of a project. 2. Given an existing database, create a simple query. 3. Given an existing database, create a data entry form. 4. Given an existing database, create a report. 5. Given business information, create a database containing a minimum of two tables. 6. Given an existing database, modify the structure of the included tables and forms. 7. Given a database, develop a one-to-many query. 8. Given a database, develop a main form and subform that will update records. 9. Given database, design management level reports. 10. Given a business case, develop a web page to meet the needs of the business. 11. Use basic systems analysis concepts in the pursuit of the above. 12. Communicate both orally and in writing in order to attain the above. 13. Be familiar with career options in business information systems and begin to plan for career development.

ACADEMIC ETIQUETTE: Attend every class session, if it all possible.
Be on time or a little early. Come to class prepared, and bring all appropriate materials. Be courteous, and treat your professor and each other with respect. Complete all assignments as directed and on time. Pay careful attention. Follow instructions promptly. Speak only when recognized or given permission for small group discussion. Leave the room only when excused. Save negative feedback for private conversation. Observe of these guidelines will make this course more enjoyable and more productive for all of us.

Weekly Schedule
(This schedule may be adjusted as the course requires) Week Lecture 1 Intro to BIS, Intro to Course, Intro to Database Concepts Database Concepts, Intro to Access, Essential Tables and 2 Forms 3 Reports and Queries 4 Subforms and Multiple Table Queries 5 Many to Many 6 More Many to Many 7 Project Management, Microsoft Project Project Management, Microsoft Project 8 Exam 9 Project Management, Beginning Web 10 Microsoft Project, FrontPage 98 11 Web Page Design 12 Web Page Design 13 Review and Recap 14 Projects due, Portfolios due 15 Final Exam Lab Lab 1 Lab 2 Lab 3 Lab 4 Lab 5 Lab 5 Grace Period Lab 6 Lab 7 Lab 8 Lab 9 Project work Project Work

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