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Bankruptcy records could deter future partners or companies from ever engaging in business with you again because of your poor financial history. On the other hand, it may also demonstrate how you were able to rise above adversity. Click here to know more

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Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy By Jenne F

So you have made it through your bankruptcy and now you face life after bankruptcy. This can seem as daunting as the bankruptcy itself to begin with. There are things you can do to help rebuild your life again. You can still borrow money after bankruptcy although you may discover that it is more difficult as an ex-bankrupt is viewed as a much higher risk. For many people that find themselves in the position of having to file for bankruptcy the whole situation can have a life changing affect on them. They become more aware of the value of money and are much more careful with how they spend their money. Many people do not realize that they can borrow again after they have been through a bankruptcy. It is important to begin rebuilding your credit history again as soon as possible. Always check your credit report after bankruptcy to ensure that you have been discharged completely. You might also wish to add a note on your credit file outlining and explaining your reasons for having to declare bankruptcy. You can consider the following types of borrowing after bankruptcy: • A bank overdraft • Personal loans • Credit cards • Mortgages • Store-cards and also in-store finance A person that has declared bankruptcy will probably be charged a higher interest rate on borrowing than other people. The interest rate will vary depending on the type of loan. All lenders have to inform you of the APR . Make sure that you are aware of the cost as borrowing after bankruptcy can be excessively expensive.

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As soon as a bankruptcy order has been completed you might be able to obtain a mortgage. Although at present it is much more difficult to obtain mortgages and loans due to the current economic situation. Banks are very reluctant to lend out big sums of money. It is still achievable to obtain a secured loan, mortgage or credit but you always have to remember that the interest rate will be high for those people borrowing money after bankruptcy. Car loans are always fairly easy to obtain for people that have been bankrupt as the motor industry are always very keen on selling as many vehicles as they possibly can. You need to hunt around for the best deal. Sub-prime lenders are lenders who are licensed and who are more than willing to make loans to those people who are not able to obtain credit from the normal mainstream lenders. This could be due to them possessing a poor credit record or they could be wishing to borrow money after bankruptcy. The big disadvantage with borrowing money from sub-prime lenders is that they will charge a much higher interest rate than the normal banks and building societies. A word of advice please be careful of the loan sharks out there, they prey on desperate people who are trying to borrow money and have being refused everywhere else. They are not licensed and some operate illegally is a step by step guide on what to expect if you are considering filing for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom.

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How Soon Can You Refinance A New Mexico Mortgage After Bankruptcy By Jane Hale

How soon can you refinance a New Mexico mortgage after bankruptcy? Probably sooner than you think. There are lenders out there who will not be opposed to working with you immediately after your bankruptcy has discharged. Even so, waiting for a short amount of time could be to your benefit. Refinancing Immediately After Bankruptcy Though refinancing immediately after bankruptcy is possible, you will not be able to properly reap all of the benefits. With a fresh bankruptcy on your record, you are bound to be stuck paying a high interest rate. If the rate is any higher than the rate on your current mortgage, you may end up costing yourself more money. Unless you are facing foreclosure or need to borrow from your equity, taking time to rebuild your credit prior to refinancing your New Mexico mortgage is highly recommended. Refinancing Six Months After Bankruptcy If you started to work on repairing your credit immediately after bankruptcy, you should see some difference in your credit score within 6 months. If your credit score is high enough, this could be the optimal time to refinance. A New Mexico mortgage refinance after bankruptcy can allow you to start fresh with your mortgage, net you a lower rate, and give you a chance to rebuild your credit. Refinancing Two to Three Years After Bankruptcy Within two to three years after filing bankruptcy, your credit score should be back to normal and closer to the New Mexico average of 663. This means that you can qualify for conventional loan rates—currently at 5.63 percent. If you currently pay a rate of 8 or 9 percent, you stand to save an enormous amount of money over the life of your loan. Depending on the size of your loan, you could be saving as much as $100 to $200 every month. Just think of the extra cash that you would have to save, invest, or pay off other debts! For a list of Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance Lenders Servicing New Mexico, visit

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