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Quick and Easy Ways to Create an Info-product By Jody Gabourie

Having an information product is the best way to do something once and get paid for it over and over again. It is the way smart business owners and solo-preneurs stop trading time for money and start trading all that great, valuable knowledge in their heads for money! So what exactly is an information product? It is basically a product that relays some kind of information to people. It can be an ebook, a CD, a workbook, a how-to report, a book, a video, a whitepaper, a DVD and on and on. Really, it is only limited by your imagination, what your target audience wants and where your expertise lies. The essence of an information product is that you take your knowledge, experience, expertise and wisdom and put it into some kind of product that you make available to as many people as possible. So where do you start? Here are 3 ways for you to inexpensively and quickly create an info-product: 1) Offer a teleseminar or teleclass - record it using audioacrobat - offer the MP3 or burn some CDs and offer it with a transcript if you want This is a good choice if you are starting from scratch and aren't already doing any training or workshops. 2) Use an existing training program or workshop - record the training or program and offer with or without the transcript - if you already have a recording, then just package it up with an introduction and sell as an MP3 or CD, or as a higher end product that includes both the transcript and audio
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- if you've only got the written version, record it yourself using audioacrobat Choose this one if you are already delivering some content to people and you can take advantage of an existing program or booking. 3) Re-purpose existing articles, reports and blog posts - collect the best ones, add an introduction and sell as an ebook - record some of the articles and add an MP3 or CD to charge more This is works well when you have lots of existing content (i.e. articles and blog posts) that is still relevant and "fresh". As you can see, creating information products - especially "beginner" ones - can be inexpensive, quick and pretty painless! Take a look around your office and see what opportunities and existing information you can take advantage of to make simple, yet valuable, information products that you can offer to your prospects and clients.

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How to Create a Fitness Info Product in 30 Days or Less By Bedros Keuilian

If you really want to get a message across about your fitness business, you need to create a fitness info product. This can be an audio program or a video of some sort. You may even find that creating something such as an eBook could make a great instructional tool for those wishing to become more physically fit. However, you have to make sure you create it quick. Actually 30 days or less is the ideal period of time in which you should create your fitness info product. The elements of a fitness info product Your fitness info product is informational. It has information in it that your customers need, but you can’t give away the prize. You have to make them want more when they get to the end so that they will buy any other fitness info products that you have, and ultimately get into your personal training program. So here are the things that your fitness info product needs to have: • An introduction that tells the customer what is in it for them. You have to identify their pain by telling them what the problem is they are trying to solve. You then have to tell them that you have the solution. • You then have to tell your customer throughout your fitness info product what it is they need to do to have a better life. You can present them with tips and even instruct them in some of the things that they need to do. • Make sure you don’t give away the ultimate prize in the end. Let them know that there is more to having the ultimate lifestyle. If they like what they have received so far, they will look to you for even more answers regarding how to improve their lifestyle. • In the end, you provide them with the option to acquire more fitness info products. Each product can touch on a different area. That is a great way to make them want more. Types of fitness info products So if you want to create your fitness info product in 30 days or less, it is important for you to think about what sort of product you are making. Here are three of the most common fitness info products you may make: • An eBook – An eBook is a great way to instruct people on how to improve their lifestyle. Some individuals prefer an eBook over an audio recording or a video. They would rather read at their own pace and follow the tips in the book as they go. • The audio product – An audio product is something that can be created in a day and processed in less than a week. As a matter of fact, this makes a great fitness info product for the fact that you can

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create a series within 30 days. Individuals will download these and play them on their iPods, play them in their cars, and so much more. • The video product – A video product is also a fitness info product that can be created in a short period of time. You can actually create a short video series within your 30 days. At the end of each one, make the customer want more so that they will purchase the next video. You can show various demonstrations in your videos and can cover a wide range of topics. Just make sure you are not too revealing. Use one or all of these to help you create a great fitness info product in 30 days or less. You could have yourself an empire that supplements your income before you know it. Bedros Keuilian is a personal training marketing expert and has helped thousands of personal trainers create a six figure income and nineteen of them have gone to create seven figure annual incomes. Learn More at

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