846 foreigners prevented from illegally entering Japan under biometric ID system by biometricmanagement


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									846 foreigners prevented from illegally entering Japan under biometric ID system
Nov-28-08 A total of 846 foreigners have been prevented from illegally entering Japan over the past year following the introduction of biometric identification systems at airports across the country, according to the Ministry of Justice. The ministry, which released a report on the system's first year results on Friday, added that the number of visa overstayers is down 35 percent, compared to the previous year. "Those illegally entering the country to work are being prevented, and the efficiency of border measures is increasing," it said. A total of 748 people were expelled for trying to re-enter the country during the 5-year period following a previous deportation, including 290 Koreans, 137 Filipinos and 83 Chinese. A further 98 — 18 Filipinos, 16 Iranians and 10 Sri Lankans — were deported for using false passports. There have also been a few cases of immigration identifying suspects wanted by police in connection with crimes through biometric information. As only the second country in the world to implement a biometric identification system for those entering the country -- after the United States -- the immigration service was also geared up to handle crowds of people refusing to be fingerprinted or photographed. So far however, there has been only one case of this happening, that of a man from the Middle East. "As the system becomes more widespread, it's gaining more acceptance," said immigration authorities. (Mainichi Japan) November 28, 2008 FindBIOMETRICS.com has comprehensive information on biometric information solutions provider, please visit us.

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